Anyone Fancy Entering this Competition?

100 euros doesn’t seem much of an incentive. Also, you have to get to the presentation in Brussels under your own steam. Here is my proposed definition. You are welcome to enter it under your own name. If you win, good luck.

“A Libertarian is someone who wants to be left alone, who wants to leave others alone, and who wants others to leave others alone. All else is a matter of detail.”

The Mises Book Circle “Definition of Libertarianism Prize”, sponsored by Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP


Early in 2011 UKIP ran a “Definition of Libertarianism” competition with a cash prize via the Mises Book Circle, but it lacked a strict timetable and lapsed, and there was no winner. So my apologies to all who have enquired as to the result of that competition, the new competition will be strictly run, and will properly complete.

The new competition

The new competition will start today, on sending of this email, and will fully complete on Tuesday 30 October 2012, at the meeting of the Mises Book Circle, when Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP, will present the prize of EUR100 to the winner, who must be personally present and participate throughout the meeting and accept the prize as awarded.

Rules for entry

  1. Define (in English) “Libertarianism” using no more      than 100 words
  2. Email the entry to      (and no other email address) by the deadline of Monday 29 October 2012,      5pm
  3. Entrants shall be personally present to read their definition      aloud at the Mises Circle meeting on Tuesday 30 October, from 6.00 to 7.00      pm in the European Parliament, room A1H1 (those not having a security pass      must alert us to arrange timely sign-in on the night)
  4. Entrants shall personally participate in the proceedings as      required on the night
  5. The winner shall be present in person to receive the prize of      100 euro (a single note, serial no. S18620540809 has been allocated) from      Godfrey Bloom at the end of the meeting which will conclude the      competition
  6. The organisers of the competition shall not enter a definition
  7. Any or all entries may be subsequently published in varied      formats, with or without attribution to the entrant, and entrants shall de      facto give consent for publication by entering the competition
  8. Previous entries may be re-submitted, but are not re-entered      automatically

Michael Jose (UKIP Policy Advisor, ASP 4F147), shall be entirely responsible for the proper running of the proceedings and final adjudication in all matters of procedure, and timely award of the prize

Issued: Wednesday 29 August 2012



  • I ought to be able to do that.

  • Actually that is not a bad definition. As long as one remembers that it means “leave alone” as in “not aggress against the body or goods of” not “leave alone” in the ship wreaked on a desert island sense.

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