Sock Puppetry 101 (More on Fake Charities)

by Dick Puddlecote

Busy times at Puddlecote Towers so content will be sparse, but this IEA ‘bite-size’ infographic on state-funded Sock Puppetry was worth reproducing, I thought (click to enlarge).

Government lobbying government is a phenomenon which should be more widely known, so please do share generously.

2 thoughts on “Sock Puppetry 101 (More on Fake Charities)

  1. I generally agree, but it may be that “government lobbying itself” might not be quite the right conceptual model, since it implies that the State has deliberately hired these groups as sock puppets. I think another useful concept is instead that the State has fallen into the grip of these groups and has ended up in a kind of abusive relationship in which it is forced to do their bidding; as with ASH gloating over getting John Reid sacked when he dared to question their remorseless attacks on smokers. In that paradigm, it’s not dissimilar to the relationship between the Government and the Unions in the 1970s.

  2. It is all quite barmy – and not confined to Britain.

    Even the Swiss now have a Constitution that does not really reflect the opinions of Swiss people (they voted for it – after a big media campaign some years ago, but did nor really want an end to the link with gold or the “we celebrate our diversity” P.C. language of the document) it was written by PC people – many of whom funded by the government (i.e. by the Swiss taxpayers they despise).

    There are some places where the P.C. elite do not seem to be control Liechtenstein is one example. But such places are few and far between – they are fortresses, outside “the world is getting dark”.

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