New book by Libertarian Alliance Author

N.G. Meek: Conservative Party Politicians at the Turn of the 20th/21st Centuries.
(London, Civic Education & Research Trust, 2012, 390 pages, ISBN 9781471700804.)

The book is an objective, quantitative, multi-focus analysis of the attitudes, behaviour and background of Conservative politicians at the turn of the 20th/21st centuries. Respondents were MPs, Peers, MEPs, Scottish MPs, Welsh and Greater London Assembly members, and local councillors in Scotland, Wales and England. Topics include: business, labour relations, welfare and the economy; the environment; Britain, Europe and the wider world; the United Kingdom, ethnicity, citizenship and national identity; society and culture; the conduct of politics; the political parties; religion; the 2001 Conservative Party leadership contest; and general political ideology.

There is a foreword by Dr Syed Kamall MEP.

It is already on the shelves of leading academic institutions. It is now available for sale from Amazon and other online retailers priced £55:

One thought on “New book by Libertarian Alliance Author

  1. Nothing personal against the author but I wouldn’t give you 55 pence for it. 55pence is more than all the Blulabour stalwarts recounted within are worth.

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