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Check back frequently, I will be adding to and improving this page.

Suggestions for inclusion may be submitted to the above e-mail address. One high priority document has not been located. Between the end of WW II and 1950 Naval Intelligence created a classified archaeology report about prior civilizations on the North American Continent. Talk to your family members who served during WW II and Korea to determine the title and author of the document. I suspect it contains maps that we need.


Activating this Post Apocalypse Recovery Project begins an effort which there is no documented evidence has ever been done before in all of human history. The purpose is to manage information, knowledge and resources to minimize the intentional disruption of social stability caused by the engineered collapse of civilization and minimize the recovery time to develop new stable social processes among the survivors. There will be survivors.

One natural question is why do this now. The reasons are complex, but include factors such as the amount of time required to comprehensively change the reality model shared by the general population. One key component of engineering the destruction of civilization is creating reality models in the general population which manipulate them to act contrary to their own individual and collective interests. Creating these self-destructive social processes world-wide takes a specific number of years. There is not enough time left before the collapse for the black souls to plan, organize and implement creation of new self-destructive reality models to counteract the intended consequences of the Post Apocalypse Recovery Project. The main goal is to rebuild in a manner that will destroy their plans to still be in power after their engineered collapse. The future release timing of additional critical information, some of which has also never existed before in human history, will be determined by the amount of time required for the black souls to mount effective countermeasures. Some steps will take place after the black souls enter their survival bunkers.

The destruction of our current civilization is being social engineered by seriously evil people. If you want some comprehension of their delusions and rationalizations, read the Georgia Guidestones content. Alexander Solzhenitsyn nailed what the Georgia Guidestones are about, “In order for men to do great evil, they must first believe they are doing good.” The real reason is that they enjoy feeding off the misery, pain, suffering and enslavement of other human beings. Most of their “benevolent” goals could be implemented now, but the changes to accomplish them are blocked as part of the destruction process. These are the people Christian mystic author C. S. Lewis referred to as “bent.” Debate and discussions of who, what, where, when and why are for other venues. This web page has one purpose and that is to organize and disseminate information so ordinary people who survive outside the bunkers can reestablish the foundations of civilization with out dependence on the black souls who will be attempting to regain control when they emerge from their bunkers.

There is one commonly held distorted belief that will play an important role in the aftermath of collapse. The logical proposition that “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is inaccurate. The error is that dependency corrupts. In the aftermath of collapse, the people managing the social destruction plan on emerging from their bunkers with the only resources every one will need to survive and recover. That is only potential power. It will only become actual power if the survivors develop dependency on their resources. If the black souls emerge and discover that no one needs to depend on their buried resouces, they will have no actual power. For future reference, never forget that it is dependency that corrupts both parties of the power/dependency social contract!

The black souls obviously may try armed force to impose their will, but they will be small in numbers and starting from small geographical strongholds. Gunpowder has long been the propellant for weapons, but has the disadvantage of requiring resources obtained from a shrinking number of natural sites. For survivors who understand the importance of the decentralization strategy, building electric, steam powered and other widely distributed energy source weapons is the only effective strategy for preparing defenses against weapons stored in the underground bunkers. A mixed alternate weapons technology strategy, including seizing their weapons, has an advantage. An additional tactic will be disseminated later. Start designing and testing alternate weapon propellant technology now.

In case anyone is curious about how I came to be in charge of this, I was independently requested to undertake different aspects of the Post Appocolypse Recovery Project by two of the genuinely honest people in the intelligence services who actually tried to protect the interests of the United States and its citizens. The first was Rev. James Hatley who became a minister after serving in a key intelligence position during WW II. He became a minister because he wanted to be remembered for something other than death and destruction. The second was William Pawelec. Both men are now deceased. Both were men of integrity and great foresight, who independently ascertained what was being done to the United States and the World. Both their names should be recorded for posterity for their respective roles in beginning the Post Apocolypse Recovery Project. For the future historical record, should there be one, I began preparing for this in 1978. This project is not being funded by any government, corporate or private group. That would be too many people who knew. I have never been compensated by anyone for working on this. Other than one confidentiality agreement which I continue to will honor, I am under no restrictions on the development and use of information determined to be relevant for the Post Apocalypse Recovery Project.

For those who are curious about why now, my original plan was to begin this the middle of 2012, but it is necessary to start now because the black souls only control about 60% of their planetary destruction engine now. They are in the process of loosing control. As a result, events I was preparing for are happening sooner that expected. It is necessary to begin now to ensure some chance of success for this effort.

This just the beginning. Essential information that has never existed before will be released later. Some will be in the form of a book, sales of which will finance some additional steps. Many of the optimum rebuilding options were selected as most efficient without regard to currently being contrary to special interest groups. There are many documented instances of special interests supressing innovations contrary to their economic or power interests. A prime example is the resonance frequecy technology for killing cancer and disease organizims developed by Royal Rife in the 1920’s. It was perceived as contrary to the medical establishment by the California branch of the AMA. Rife lost a power struggle with the California AMA and his work was distroyed and suppressed. There are numerous examples of inventors selling their major innovations to corporations which placed everything in a vault never to be seen again.

Another important insight overlooked in the wars and shouting matches of the previous two centuries is that the philosophy of Capitalism is also an essential destruction tool introduced to humanity by the same black souls who produced communism, socialism, and all the other isms used to create human conflict. The philosophy of Capitalis was one of their most successful enterprises. It was so successful that in the minds of many, the principles of Capitalism are the default rules of commerce or that Capitalism and commerce are interchangeable. They are not. It is not the purpose here to advance any economic philosphy. The goal is to provide basic knowledge and the most accurate reality simulations that currently exist that will be useful in jumpstarting the next civilization and keep the survivors from falling under the control of the next wave of black souls.


You have been set up to become dependent in the Post Apocalypse World.

You have been programmed to live as savages in the post apocalypse world. Through the propaganda functions of the movie and the television industry, the post apocolypse world reality model you have been given to expect and work with is the Mel Gibson Road Warrior model. This has been amplified in zombie apocalypse movies and “reality” television shows like Survivor. This is probably not the result of a conspiracy among the producers of such shows, it is a conspiracy among the top money people who select movies and television shows from among the many idea proposals they are presented which advance their blackhearted agend.

There is critical information about violence that those who want you to kill for them will not tell you. First and foremost, there are permanent spiritual consequences for killing. If you kill another human being, you had better make certain that it is consistent with the will of God. Since you are probably not an Angel of Death, it may be hard to tell. Second, no one has probably explained to you the importance of disciplined violence to civilization. It is important for you to understand the distictions between savages who kill for emotional gratification, soldiers who follow some military code of discipline, and warriors who follow a spiritual code of conduct. I have addressed the historical roots and role of disciplined violence in this article which you may download, print or forward to others : Differentiating Savages, Soldiers and Warriors: The importance of Disciplined Violence to Civilization (and Why Nearly All Feminists Are Savages)”. March 31, 2002 REVISED May 19, 2006

The historical truth is that human beings have survived past natural and man-made catastrophic events by cooperation. If you are wise, you will find people you can trust now and work together on cooperative survival plans. If you survive the engineered collapse living alone on the side of a mountain in a concrete house disguised as a rock, the nefarious black souls will have you. If you want any alternative existence for the rest of your life after the collapse, you will have to depend upon the resources they took underground with them. You will have to take prudent steps to survive, but if you prepare only for the Road Warrior post apocolypse reality model they have provided for you, you might be better off having died. You have no idea what kind of existence they have planned for you, your children, and your wife. These are people who knowingly and with malice aforethoght destroyed a civilization. They are not going to be exactly filled with the milk of human kindness.

The knowledge of how evil enterprises work used in providing specific warning and advice in this material does not come from being a participant in black operations. I chose at the beginning of aquiring the skills I now posess to only work on white projects. My knowledge was acquired analyzing and identifying the methods and procedures used to accomplish organized crime, organized science fraud, and the dark applications of intelligence resources. I have a comprehensive inventory of the specific methods and procedures used to commit black deeds. To my personal knowledge the last time they were used by good honest men to further the genuine interests of the citizens of the United States was World War II. They key to not developing dependency upon the “services” of the black souls is decentralization! If I copied all the information at the following links it would be plagerish and you would be totally reliant on one source, which would be contrary to decentralization. You must develop your own “how to” long lasting instructions from the following essential basic knowledge. Carve it in a cave wall if you own one. One of the things I want to accomplish with this website phase is communicate the need for everyone intent upon surviving and recovering some level of civilzation to memorize and store printed critical information and obtain critical tools with the knowledge of how to build and utilize them.

First and formost among the intellectual tools are manual mathematics calculators. This will get you off dependency on batteries and electricty for electronic calculators and computers. In planning, constructing and storing the devices and related printed information it is important to think in terms of a 100 year use or printed information survivability life. The supporting printed material should be on acid free paper printed with light fast ink.

Manual Calculating Devices

Early Calculating Devices

Slide Rules

Eric’s Slide Rule Site

Slide Rules

Basic Slide Rule Instruction (with illustrations and photographs)

Functional Virtual Slide Rule to Practice With

Derek’s Virtual Slide Rule Gallery (This has seven functional virtual slide rules, some with functions on both sides. It might occur to a prudent person to print copies of one or more slide rules in case you, or whomever you pass along the information to, might need a template for building one from scratch at some point in the future.)

The Oughtred Society

Dedicated to the preservation and history of slide rules and other calculating devices.

How To Build A Slide Rule (Includes PDF file and other format scale templates. Note that some of the circular slide rules may be small enough to fit inside a CD case for better preservation.)

Build Your Own Slide Rule!

Scales For Building Your Own Slide Rule

Make Your Own Circular Slide Rule

Purchasing Slide Rules

The Slide Rule Universe

Amazon (Very limited. Search for “slide rule.”)

ThinkGeek Slide Rule (Includes explanation video.)

Slide Rule Online Links


It will be vital to restablish defensible communities as quickly as possible. Within the United States, the collapse may be followed by or include invading combined Mexican-Chinese armies and possibly Russian Military invading Alaska, if they have ramaining viable military capacity. During World War I the intercepted German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmerman telegram documented an offer bargan with Mexico to return the Western States they want if Mexico would help invade the United States ( The Chinese made the same offer to Mexico and it was accepted. There is a treaty between China and Mexico to that effect. Chinese arms have been prepositioned inside the United States with armour, artillery, and munitions stored in caves in the Mexican mountains. Even if they are not used by surviving Chinese military forces, they will fall into the hands of the current drug cartels which helped smuggle the arms into Mexico.

1. Oxford Textbook of Public Health Online

Fifth edition of the Oxford Textbook of Public Health. Access is restricted to institutions or other means that require a password. You will either have to find a legal way to access the book or purchase a copy. Click on “Browse the contents of the book.” to begin the access process.

2. Public Health Management & Policy

An On-Line Textbook

Eleventh Edition

May 2010

By the graduate students in MPHP439

(Masters Program in Public Health)

Instructor: Duncan Neuhauser

Webmaster: Alberto.Santana

With A New Section on Environmental Health Professor Dorr Dearborn

This textbook is in the public domain and may be copied without permission.

[Parent website]

3. Four priority public health methods instructions should be the design and contruction of pit privys, the design and construction of sewage septic tanks and disposal fields, the design and construction of sewage processing facilities for larger population concentrations, the design and construction of large scale drinking water filtration and treatment facilities.

These will be essential elements in the recovery process because survivors using them all will be less susceptible to the intentional release of new diseases that nefarious individuals might have stored in the freezer in their underground bunkers. The intentional destruction of civilization might not kill enough people to meet the goals stated on the Georgia Guidestones.

One important step in the construction of a septic tank disposal field will determing the water absorption rate of the soil you are considering building the disposal field in. Test the absorption rate by diging a five foot hole and filling the hole with water. Measure the volume of water as you pour it in. Time the rate at wich the water drains from the hole. The slower the soil water absorption rate, the lager the disposal field must be. High clay content soil should be avoided. Once you know the amount of time it took to absorb your measured abount of water, you calculate the square feet of disposal lines you need to construct for the amount of sewage liquid you will be producing. Allow more space for soil saturation to slow down the absorption rate for high volumes.

You do not want to become sick when the only source of industrially produced drugs and antibiotics are slots in the doors of underground bunkers.

4. Check the available publications from your State Health Departments and State Cooperative Extension Services for how-to-manuals on essential skills, formulas, and other information that might foreseably be of use in rebuilding a safe existence after the collapse. Your State Geogolists may have availble State or County maps of soils types, known mineral deposits (critical information for steel, bronze, pottery, and cement production), watershed systems (valuable for knowing where to rebuild and where to construct water powered devices).


How to make charcoal and coke.

(Key to making both charcoal and coke is heating the wood or coal to a temperature sufficient to evaporate the noncarbon volatile components without enough oxygen present for the wood or coal to burn. When finished, only pure carbon should remain.)

Blacksmithing: Differences Between Coal, Charcoal and Coke As Fuel

Coal and Charcoal : Blacksmith’s Coal, Charcoal and Forges

National Society of Consulting Soil Scientists, Inc.

How To Make Charcoal by Gary Gilmore

The Naked Whiz’s Lump Charcoal Database

How To Make Your Own Lump Charcoal (Includes instructions on how to make a charcoal kiln using 30 gallon and 50 gallon steel drums.)

Primitive Method for Making Charcoal using wood, straw and dirt.

Three Primitive Methods for Making Charcoal

Coke (fuel)

How to Make Coke Fuel for a Forge

How To Make Coke Video

Coke Making (Contains diagram plans for coke oven.)

How to make activated charcoal

Unless a source of diatomaceous earth can be found, activated charcoal may be the best available material to use for water and other liquids requiring filtration.

How to Make [Chemically] Activated Charcoal

Wikipedia: Activated Carbon

How to make cement

This website has instructions for cement and a glue called liquid cement. It includes how-to videos. Obviously, watching

videos may help you understand and retain the information.

Holcim presents: How To Make Cement (Part 1)

Holcim presents: How To Make Cement (Part 2)

Cement Information

Portland Cement Types and Properties

How Portland Cement is Made

Portland cement

How to dissolve granite

Under some circumstances, an alternative to cement might be easier to produce. Granite can be turned into a moldable slurry by dissolving it in acid. The lower the ph of the acid, the faster the granite will dissolve.

How to make bricks

Clay Bricks

How to Make Bricks circa 1850


Brick (This Wikipedia article on the history of bricks includes a component recipe.)

How to Make Bricks – Assessing the Technical Problems of Brick Production

Brick Making Videos

Example of custom built brick forming machine.

Adobe Bricks

(Keep in mind that the construction properties of adobe bricks may be improved using the mortarless interlocking block mold technology described in the following section “Building Technology Innovations.”)

How to Build an Adobe Wall

ABCs of Making Adobe Brick, New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service

Pat Friend’s Real Adobe Brick Kit Q&A

Backwoods Home Magazine: Make Adobe Bricks

(Also contains ingenious method for making half-pipe clay roofing tiles.)


Semi-Mechanized Adobe Brick Making 101

Building an Adobe Home

Earth Oven Workshop

How to Make an Adobe Brick: Adobe Dreams

How to make glass

Making Glass Online

How to make glass

How Glass Is Made

Learn How to Make Fused Glass: Beginner Glass Fusing Class E-Book

The Scientific Glassblowing Learning Center

(Please suggest better glass making instruction sources.)

Printing press and inks

How To: Build Your Own Letterpress

Building a Printing Press


My Homemade Silkscreen Press Pt 1

My Homemade Silkscreen Press Pt 2


How to Make Ink – Easy Ink Recipes

Some Ink Recipes

The Household Cyclopedia: Inks

Wikipedia: Ink

Old Ink Recipes

CIA Declassifies Invisible Ink Recipes and Other Spy Documents From World War I

Power and Fuel Production

Hydrogen production from inexhaustible supplies of fresh and salt water using microbial reverse-electrodialysis electrolysis cells

Younggy Kim and Bruce E. Logan1

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 212 Sackett Building, Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802

Edited by James M. Tiedje, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, and approved August 11, 2011 (received for review April 20, 2011)


There is a tremendous source of entropic energy available from the salinity difference between river water and seawater, but this energy has yet to be efficiently captured and stored. Here we demonstrate that H2 can be produced in a single process by capturing the salinity driven energy along with organic matter degradation using exoelectrogenic bacteria. Only five pairs of seawater and river water cells were sandwiched between an anode, containing exoelectrogenic bacteria, and a cathode, forming a microbial reverse-electrodialysis electrolysis cell. Exoelectrogens added an electrical potential from acetate oxidation and reduced the anode overpotential, while the reverse electrodialysis stack contributed 0.5–0.6 V at a salinity ratio (seawater:river water) of 50. The H2 production rate increased from 0.8 to 1.6 m3-H2/m3-anolyte/day for seawater and river water flow rates ranging from 0.1 to 0.8 mL/ min. H2 recovery, the ratio of electrons used for H2 evolution to electrons released by substrate oxidation, ranged from 72% to 86%. Energy efficiencies, calculated from changes in salinities and the loss of organic matter, were 58% to 64%. By using a relatively small reverse electrodialysis stack (11 membranes), only ∼1% of the produced energy was needed for pumping water. Although Pt was used on the cathode in these tests, additional tests with a nonprecious metal catalyst (MoS2) demonstrated H2 production at a rate of 0.8 m3/m3/d and an energy efficiency of 51%. These results show that pure H2 gas can efficiently be produced from virtually limitless supplies of seawater and river water, and biodegradable organic matter.


The following compression interlocking block technology currently instructs the use of versions of concrete (cement mixed with stone or dirt). I see no reason why the compression mold could not be filled with adobe, clay, or any other substance you may be able to adapt or concoct.

Habitech No mortar interlocking block systems

Building Systems

Video of simple hinged manual mold.

Manual Compression Mold in use


Fundamental Reasons Social Institutions Failed

Criminal Justice System

The reason the Criminal Justice System produces a high error rate and high crime rate is simple, but understanding why requires understanding forms of hypotheses. There are three forms of hypotheses testing. Null hypotheses testing has been used as a foundation for the experimental method of scientific research. Contrary hypotheses testing has been the conrner stone of police criminal investigation methods. Contradictory hypotheses testing has been used by no one. You will understand why once you understand the power of contradictroy hypotheses testing.

Contrary hypotheses have the logical properties that all cannot be true, but all can be false. Contradictory hypotheses have the logical properties that all cannot be true and all cannot be false. Using contradictory hypotheses testing for the basis of a criminal justice system produces close to a zero error rate determining guilt or innocense with the added benefits that fraud, corruption, incompetence, evidence falsification, police and prosecutor misconduct, and deception are rendered transparent. Contradictory hypotheses testing is what a group of nefarious Machiavalians would chose for the basis of a criminal justice system if the goal was to conceal malicious prosecutions, bribery, incompetence, organized crime among the elite and other evil enterprises while appearing to have an objective criminal justice system.

Intelligence Collection and Analysis

In all of human history, intelligence collection and analysis have always been political processes, not science. No objective unit of analysis has ever been used by any intelligence agency to organize the collection and analysis of intelligence information. That can be remedied by using the neural structures which are the basic natural unit of all social processes. Neural structures can be described mathematically and used to simultaneously map the individual and group components of social interactions. By also switching from contrary hypotheses testing to contradictory hypotheses testing a near zero error rate may be achieved, with the additional benefits of rendering deception, evidence falsification, incompetence, and other undesirable factors transparent. More on this later.


How to Win Wars or Defeat Your Enemies: Insights and Tools for Apocalypse Participants James Roger Brown, January 11, 2011

William Pawelec Disclosure Interview Video




Other Teams On The Field

You will need to know that the attention of at least three non-terrestrial forces are focused on Earth due to the resident evil. More may be arriving soon. God, an alliance of extraterrestrials, and an independent extraterrestrial species that may be the oldest existing civilization are all conducting operations here. The ancient force of evil operating on Earth is apparently an inconvenience to every living thing in the universe in one way or another. Everyone with the skills to locate the source of their inconvenience and the technology to build a rowboat to get here have come to put an end to their misery caused by the resident evil.

How Angels of Death Operate

Human beings are allowed to express free will at all times. In circumstances where that results in the deaths of others, Angles of Death focus energy on the event that brings about an outcome consistent with the will of God. Angels of Death have a strong love of truth and are emotionally objective. The criteria used to determine the desired outcome when human free will results in death are known only to God and the Angels of Death.

Determinants of Who Wins

Outcome resolution of conflicts between groups will be determined by how closely their respective reality simulations resemble objective reality. The group with the most accurate reality simulation of objective reality will win, possibly without the use of force. Dogged ideology is not a substitute for an accurate reality simulation. There is no substitute for objective methods and procedures for determining the truth of what is the reality in any situation or crisis.


Under field medicine conditions, or other situations where no medical technology is available, a technique from martial arts and Tibetan medicine can be used as an emergency scanner for assessing the severity of trauma. It will require constructing the neural structures that will allow you to process the information.

You will have to learn the following skill from elementary traditional martial arts training.

Place your hands palm to palm about two inches apart. Slowly move your palms toward and away from each other without touching them. It may help to close your eyes. You will feel a tugging sensation as you move your hands back and forth. Once you are well aware of the sensation, use which ever hand you rely on to scan places on your body that have been injured. You should feel a difference from uninjured portions of your body. Recruit a friend to practice scanning on. Do not ask them if they have been injured, scan to see if you can find injury points, then ask to confirm. You might also check pets with known injury points. Point traumas such as blows or broken bones will feel like an energy spike. Bleeding feels like warm air. With practice and experience you can also make more sophisticated assessments. When you detect a problem, you will need to get them to appropriate medical assistance.

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  • I like the idea that the future survival of humanity may depend on PARP.

  • I do not agree that the undermining of civilisation is delibertate. For example, I suspect that the Keynesians (Krugman, Stiglitz and so on) honestly believe in their “monetary stimulus” (creating money from nothing) and “fiscal stimulus” (wild government spending). The results of their actions are terrible (and will be vastly more terrible) – bu their intentions are not.

    Even the Marxists (Bill Ayers, Barack Obama – or the academics at the nearest university or teacher training college to whoever is reading this) do not intend to destroy civilisation – true they intend to destroy the present civilisation (by monetary expansion, and by Cloward and Piven style wild “social justice” government spending) – but only to replace it with a wonderful new civilisation (sadly this wonderful new civilisation is totally impossible – but they will not accept that).

    Both the Progressives (such as the people who come up with terms like “libertarian paternalism” and other oxymorons) and the Marxists believe they are a benevolent “Vanguard” leading humaning away from selfish “capitalism” to a wonderful new dawn.

    And even many business people (for example George Soros and the other bilionaries who fund the collectivist “Tides Foundation”) also believe they are helping the intellectual elite (the Platonic Guardians the scientific rulers of Bacon’s “New Atlantis”, or whatever) create a wonderful new society in which the ordinary people (those despised “Homer Simpsons” who are supposedly not capable of being rational agents – who have no free will [it is just an “illusion”] and so must be manipulated by someone, so why not by the “enlightened”?).

    Of course some business people (and even some academics) oppose the wonderful new society and cling to civilisation (I mean to “selfish capitalism”), but the education system and the media (especially the entainment media) try to teach people to hate them and anyone (no matter how poor) who sides with them – “tool of the Koch brothers” is screamed by the Marxists and the Black Flag “anarchists” (both of whom are tools, whether they know it or not, of people like Mr Soros). Fo the “anarchists” are certainly not anarchocapitalists.

    Still whether civilisation is being undermined deliberatly or by people who (wrongly) think they are just working to replace it with a new civilisation – it is clearly being undermined.

    And it may be that the Kevins (and so on) have the last laugh – as they practice “eat the rich” (in a literal way) on the very people (such as Mr Soros) who finance their intenational “Occupy” movement.

    What of survivors?

    And this post is correct – some people will survive.

    The post offers good advice on preserving knowledge and leaning skills.

    So whatever ideological differences I may have with the person or persons who wrote the post, I commend it.

    I will not survive what is comming – but you, gentle reader, may survive. And you should study the skills that this post (and other sources of informations) give you access to.

  • Long ago, Loompanics used to sell a book purporting to come from a crew calling themselves “The World Power Foundation” whose manifesto was to return most of the human race to the status of serfs. At the time I thought it a colourful tale but, in the light of FEMA and evil shite like the UN Agenda 21 I’m not so sure…

    • Oh, the Loompanics Catalogue – how that takes me back!

  • Well, I myself try to avoid the modern fashion for apocalypticism. I can’t stand Millennialists, as I’ve often written. Everyone wants a great collapse; due to the environment, or capitalism eating itself, or a giant meteor, or whatnot, and so far the collapse has never come. Even the one historic collapse we can certainly say happened- the European Dark Ages- was really only localised; the Roman bits went Dark, but much of Europe had never been “Light” in the first place. I’m rather sceptical of other dark ages, like the purported one in Ancient Greece; that looks more like a chronological error by archaeologists to me; as may be the purported Egyptian ones. People tend to keep buggering on as a rule.

    The only plausible civilisational apocalypse that I can see even being a bit likely is the racial demographic one in Europe. But even with that one, I strongly suspect that if things do get critical, the peoples of Europe will remember our long historical penchant for pogroms, and the ensuing bloodbath and crusade would probably extend all the way down to taking back Constantinople, causing the last emperor Stavros Popadopalopolous to rise from his slumber in his purple boots, brandishing a cross, and the blood would reach up to the horses’ bridles. Or something.

    Really, I suspect that the worst we’re going to get is several decades of misery- maybe not many- under the gramscian-puritan-marxists, but we’ll keep buggering on, and eventually end up with something relatively libertarian by the end of the century. Not that I’ll be alive by then. That’s the bit I fear, to be honest. I don’t much fancy a future without me in it at all. Especially if I miss the triumphant awakening of Stavros The Unpronounceable in his purple boots.

  • Good point Ian – I must not allow my natural gloomyness to control me.

    By the way – on a specific technology (fresh water from sea water) a loit of progress has been made (in the place I will be tomorrow – all being well).

    But the method suggested in the post is not (repeat not) the method used.

  • The undermining of Western Civilisation, to encompass its destruction, is indeed deliberate. Huge, vast mistakes like that are so hugely huge, so humungous and vast, that they are done on purpose.

    It’s like socialism, only worse still than that. You could forgive the early FabiaNazi socialists, for they only wanted to be able to shag their and each other’s daughters and sisters and wives and sons and nephews, in a society of their own engineering, without being incommoded by inconvenient taboos and howling mobs of conservative chavs who would object to their predelictions expanding outside their own circles,and who would therefore have to be eugenicized or killed.

    No human being is going about trying all the time, time and again and again and again, to be as wrong as that, just accidentally.

    However, a few careful spellchecks of this article would have improved its credibility – be it ever so right in itself.

  • Ian, I did write a post-apocalyptic novel last year, in which a third of the British population was left to starve to death. One day, it will be published to take its place beside The Churchill Memorandum.

  • I accessed the website of the crank who wrote this dystopian fantasy, and found to my surprise that he had copyrighted the whole thing.

    The End may be nigh, but copyrights will prevail, until the apocalypse at least. Or perhaps even he does not believe a word of it himself..

  • Good point Sprudlum.

    Although he could claim that he just wants to take in as much money as he can (and spend it on preperations) before things go.

    Of course there are plenty of sources of free (and non copyrighted) information on the preservation of knowledge and how to learn practical skills.

    Perhaps it would be better to stick with them.

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    pay a quick visit this web site, Keep up the pleasant job.

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