Cameron, yawn!

by Anna Raccoon

Note: Of course it’s a fraud. We’ll be softened up by years of advance propaganda. The referendum will be delivered or delayed according to the opinion poll findings. The question will be slanted. Unless out masters decide for their own reasons to leave, we’re staying in. However, I repeat my belief that the Conservatives will win a good overall majority the year after next. SIG

Cameron, yawn!

So he has finally found the venue where he is prepared to have a camera pointed at him. The curtains behind the lectern at the Dutch venue was too far to travel when he was busy; the curtains behind his desk in Downing Street, addressing the British public directly, were dismissed for unknown reasons; he finally settled on a camera pointed at the curtains behind the lectern at Bloombergs to agree to speak to camera. Who knew that curtains were so important to him?

We have now heard in the Prime Minister’s very own voice – or was he lip synching like Beyonce? – the contents of the speech that has been leaked to every major news outlet every day since last week. Never was a nation so underwhelmed.

How did he keep a straight face delivering lines like ‘referendum promised but not delivered’ and make it sound as though it was nothing to do with him. British comedy is not dead yet. ‘National parliaments instill fear and respect in politicians’ was another personal favourite. We have had first hand experience of how much fear and respect our parliament instills in our politicians…

The next Conservative Manifesto in 2015 will ask for a mandate from the British people for a Conservative Government to negotiate a new settlement with our European partners in the next Parliament. And when we have negotiated that new settlement, we will give the British people a referendum with a very simple in or out choice to stay in the EU on these new terms; or come out altogether. It will be an in-out referendum.

Legislation will be drafted before the next election. And if a Conservative Government is elected we will introduce the enabling legislation immediately and pass it by the end of that year. And we will complete this negotiation and hold this referendum within the first half of the next parliament.

Have we got it now? We will have a referendum in 2017 so long as we re-elect Cameron, so long as he has renegotiated our treaty with Europe, and that will be enshrined in draft legislation – which is not binding on an incoming politician of any hue. This is quite different from the referendum we were promised in the Conservative referendum which is not binding on politicians once elected. As the meerkat advert would say, draft legislation/manifesto, they are spelt differently…

He has already asked the British public what they think – it was called an election. That’s how he got to choose which curtains to deign to appear before.

They want a referendum.

Not a promise of a promise of a promise which isn’t binding.




  • Yes. Why are so many people getting excited about a referendum that might (or might not) happen in 2017?

    I am baffled.

  • Example of thier ideology, “Death Is New Birth, New begining.

  • Yes so am I wrong post.

  • Well this I find difficult to understand, especially if you listened to the
    EU minister tonight on TV 6.27pm, he in fact stated if cameron wanted
    to leave the EU, they would roll out the red carpet, suggesting he can leave
    at anytime. Why spend millions on debates or referendums when the EU
    position was made clear tonight, they have said yes, David, you can leave,
    we will even roll out the red carpet, what’s all the fuss, if he wants to get
    out, it’s as easy as A.B.C.,

  • Because David Cameron does not want to leave the E.U. – he said so.

    That is why he is not the correct leader for a political party most of whose members (and most of whose voters) wish to leave the E.U.

    If the Conservative party does very badly in the May County Council elections I think there may be pressure on Mr Cameron to go.

  • I don’t understand, why all these resources are being spent on this debate,
    the EU said last night Cameron can go, I heard the response and the
    comments made by europeans on DR, camerons rags claim 69% want
    out of the EU, the tories want out of the EU, last night the EU told them
    they could out with the red carpet, what is his probem, he should either
    get out, or shut up, and stop wasting hard pressed tax payers money!

  • I must have missed that – who said we could leave ‘just like that’? You intitially quoted the ‘EU Minister’ – did you mean ‘Europe Minister’? Anyway, whoever it was, they don’t have that authority I’m afraid. First we would have to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and get the agreement of the other 26 EU Member States. But that is never never NEVER going to happen. In which case we are subject to a two year moratorium, during which we will remain in the EU and be bound by all its rules, but not be allowed to take part in any discussions or negotiations concerning our future. You don’t need much imagination to figure out what our European ‘partners’ will do to us in the two years we will be at their mercy. They will have our oil and our fish off us for starters. And another major issue, and I credit myself with being the only person to have spotted this so far, is that all EU Directives will remain in force indefinitely, whether we remain in the EU or not, until they are individually repealed. For the benefit of those who are not up to speed on EU matters, an EU Regulation automatically becomes law throughout the EU as soon as it is signed. All EU Regulations will cease to have effect the moment we leave the EU. But EU Directives have to be implemented into UK law (usually via Statutory Instruments) and placed on the Statute Book, which is where they will remain regardless of our position vis a vis the EU. There will be legislative chaos while we try to untangle that particular Gordian Knot. Nobody will have a clue what is legal and what is not, as EU Directives govern all aspects of our lives, and the situation will be changing on a daily basis as individual Directives are repealed.

    But you can forget all about that. What David Cameron has done is pull off a master stroke. He has finally woken up to the fact that UKIP will cost him the next election, and he has neutralised that threat by stealing their thunder. The rest is just words. He has kicked the issue into the long grass for five years, by which time we will be well and truly screwed. I will wager anybody a hundred Euros we will have joined the Single Currency by then, and the noose will be so tight around our neck that well, you figure out how to end the metaphor.

    There is also the small detail called the Acquis Communautaire, which dictates that powers, once ceded to the EU, may not be returned. Presumably Cameron is hoping people don’t know about this. Or perhaps he doesn’t himself. It’s all bollox I’m afraid, but enough people will buy it to win him the next election, which is all he cares about.

  • Yes, I did mean EU Minister the finance minister, don’t you watch TV or
    listen the radio.

  • I think you are out of touch hugo with people on the ground, particularly
    with those in middle england, and even directors, there will be no tory
    victory at the next election, just wait and see. Even the x police are
    standing as labour candidates now, you should see their leaflet campiagn,

  • Anyway, Hugo look at UKip, they are well established as a political party,
    took conwall, much of middle england now, they are going into other areas,
    now such as health care, ahead of the liberals, UKip are here to stay, thier
    moto, we take votes away!

  • EU minister the finance minister? Still don’t know who you mean I’m afraid. Whoever it was, he doesn’t speak for the European Union. I did listen to Cameron’s speech and promptly fell asleep. As I said, it’s just words.

  • Well I do know who i mean either, TV said he was EU finance minister,
    but there again so what, who gives a monkey’s anyway, there’re enough
    to make anyone want to fall asleep.

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