Ashley Mote Done over by the Plod

by Ashley Mote

Publish Book – Get Turned Over by Police

No, I am not making this up.

My memoirs A Mote in Brussels’ Eye describing my five years in the Brussels lunatic asylum came out as an eBook at the end of January,

On March 5, nine policemen arrived unannounced at my front door armed with a warrant to search our home.

Much of my book details my efforts on behalf of the taxpayers of SE England to expose the gross misuse of public funds by the EU, and hold them accountable.

Such an unusually fast reaction by Brussels tells me they are both very angry and terrified. My book is obviously causing them trouble.

The police team were from the Economic Crime Investigation Team based in Netley, Hampshire. They were led by Robert Cooper (1234) and financial investigator Nigel Hopkins (11276)

The search warrant, indecipherably signed only yesterday by a JP, is apparently based on the EU’s accusation that I used public funds to investigate them!

No, I am still not making this up.

It seems I should not have paid anyone to assist my work – not anti-EU organisations, whistleblowers, current and former members of EU staff, forensic accountants, a leading constitutional lawyer, Leolin Price QC, no less, or any other lawyers – to say nothing of the scores of individuals with knowledge of wrong-doing who sought me out over the years.

The police took away a few documents which they thought relevant – but one was from the EU itself threatening action!

But they also took every penny of cash they found in the house on the grounds that this was a “money-laundering” exercise! This afternoon I couldn’t even pay the milkman!

Happily my book is already doing well. Now it might do even better. If you haven’t seen it yet, my new blog website has all the details :



  • What station were these plod from–ie who is appropriate to put in a complaint to about this “raid”?.
    Also–I suggest you get in touch with bloggers:

    1-Tim Worstall–a UKIP member
    2-Richard North of EU Referendum

    I am sure both of them will publicise what has gone on and your book.

  • Well this is the sort of thing the plods do, lucky you where only done once,
    they have done me three times, This was probabaly a power testing exercise
    perhaps the EU wanted to do a test run on it’s new laws. let’s face it, that lot
    in the EU and Strasbourg are a watse of time and space, F-Them, you have
    my sympathies, you could try and sue them but they’ll get out of it, no one
    has rights under that EU dictatorship.

  • “Economic Crime Investigation Team” – it sounds like something straight out of Soviet Russia. I suppose that is the future in our dear European Union.

  • Probably out to bankrupt you and destroy you, these people now all about pyschological war fare, I have have just had a similar thing happen after a policieital detention, there was an investigation after a police seargent wrongly copied my signature on a fabriacted statement, they came round under local resolution proceedures and refered the case to that Chloe Smith, since the case went to her office I have been getting loads of shit and harrasment from the authorities , last June I got a letter to find out they were making tax and other financial investigations againt me, I got another letter in August telling me a case that had gone to court in 2007 had been overuled and they seized my life savings of £7,000 trying to bankrupt me again, the case is now going to court in order to recover the money waiting for a hearing date. this is what the bastards do, you’ll be getting false fines comming through your letter box next for thousands of pounds and won’t be allowed before a court to give proper challenge.

  • Ashley, I beleive every word because this is what they do, I was just looking at my own legal papers, Quote ” Norfolk Police Unlawfull Detention”, Norwich Area Health Authority Dr Stanley Court Shrink, this is the best yet, court code 1445 warrant for detention. They have taken the medical records of a previously deceased patient, who according to these documents, had dementia, chronic heart failure, embolism, age 87, then run his records through the pohotocopier, tipexed his name out and put my name on his records by superimposing my name over the top of his, I then find myself being held for over month being interrogated about Republican IRA and Robberies I knew abosultely nothing about, I am still waiting for a reply from
    Smith the MP, she emailed me, took copy of the evidence but will make no reply, the lawyers and the police now claim they have lost the files, It would be interesting Ashley to hear how they got you locked up in the first instant, did they forge your medical records as well, I tried to get your book but at the moment it is only available on Kindel, certainly will read this one.

  • This is a kind of tangental reply as I have little to add to the above. But what surely deserves comment is the courage Ashley Mote displayed by persistently and diligently working to expose and publicise the evils and corruption of the European Union while he was working in the belly of the Beast. Even as the storm clouds began to gather he vigorously maintained his efforts, when it must have been obvious to him that if he had just kept his head down, been a good boy and stopped making waves, all the problems which were to beset him – and which would surely have broken a lesser man – would have simply gone away.
    For that he deserves the greatest admiration, and our eternal gratitude.

  • Norbert of Nottingham

    The West is run by a series of interlocking criminal syndicates who have worked for decades to remove what stood between them and the slave-state Mr Gabb has prophesied — and rightly. This is a small example of what will get more and more common in future. But let’s not call this sort of thing “fascism” or “nazism”. It IS totalitarian, but one thing the criminal syndicates cannot be accused of is putting Whitey’s interests first, or indeed second, third or fourth. Or fifth. And if you look at who’s at the top, I don’t think you see much evidence of any nasty prejudice holding oppressed minorities back.

  • Exactly, these people in government, both hear, and in Europe are extremely
    dangerous, one knows how far they might go, he desrves a clap! Still at least
    he escaped to tell the tell the tale. Point of fact Hugo, as storm clouds gather
    we must intesify our efforts and see all criminals face justice!

  • Ah, but it is we who are the criminals now!

  • What a good discription for the justice authorites, “Criminal Syndicate”
    seems ample!

  • Of course hugo, that’s one they use here in Norfolk, “Stop Making Waves” “Keep Your head Down” sort thing they tell the police after they committed some diabolical criminal deed. I think the answer to this whole story is Ashley is a real soldier, fought to the end and won. Via Ashley and others, we are gaining an awareness of just how corrupt our governments and police forces are, we are effectively being governed by “Gangsters” who committ any dirty foul act to silence their victims. when one finds himself in, such a situation, your are right Hugo, we should not make waves, We Make “Tsunami”, of course Ashley, I have to say their are not sunk, but you have certainly holed the hull, “Good Work” Ashley and “Happy Hunting”.

  • Hope Ashley, hasn’t jumped out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire, I have just been surfing those govenment mental health act sites, the 2007 version very interesting, I like the disclosures that up to 50% of the UK population have some degree of personality dissorder, I note they have increased the projected buget to 47 billion a year by 2020, looks like we’ll all get a knock on the door come voting day, god help republicans in the hands of any tory quacks.

  • Have to say looks worrying, in 1986 the government archive research shows that 374 memebers of the public subject to the assesment under ICD-10 and DSM-1V published a figure that 24% 0f BP had a personality dissorder, the buget at that time for health care in this area stood at 66 million, in 2013, they state 50% of the BP has a personality dissorder, with a projected buget of 47 million, bankrupt or what!

  • P.S. Sorry 47 Billion.

  • dont forget you live in a controlled democracy conform or be persecuted bullied and abused like us smokers in memory of anthony mcdermott who was persecuted by his work mates untill he comitted suicide by hanging because of persistent bulling because he was a smoker what did his family give in 2 world wars for this social engineering how many more on here that surpport the 4th reich hitlers dream and your new national ban flag the swastka i know of a few on here its a shame alcohol is next what is the antidote for this new cancer and the poeple that have imposed it on society with there social engineering i never thought i would see the day nazis in kilts pandoras box is now wide open take your pick brownshirts and they throw old vetrens out in the cold rain and snow becouse they smoke the brownshits they gave there all for this no liberty no free speech no choice no tolerance no identity lest they forgot

  • Well of course, this is method currently used by the totaliterian state we have
    in england. these people bully over long periods with a pre-planned
    agenda, people have to be mentally strong when faced with such tatics, they
    try and make thier victims reside in a living hell. This is what they call a
    democracy. Such people are dictators, their structure is based on hitler,
    the past ideologies just repacked! This is what they officially call the establishment! A a democratic sense, these people use evil
    to control peoples lives, such is the strenght of their powerbase and resources they have access to. The Armstrong bullies is the word I use
    to describe them.

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