In 2010, we thought we’d bought a little time

David Davis

The disgusting Maria Miller is proposing state regulation of media, and, to cap it all, here in Britain. I have to admit that the only-narrow defeat of David Cameron in 2010 by the triumphant Gordon Brown – the real winner of that election – was seen by many of us as buying a little time, so that we’d not slide down quite so rapidly into the cesspool of socialism.

But it didn’t work out like that. I’d actually doubt whether even the foul Tony Blair would have put through such a measure. These sorts of things happen in Cuba and North Korea, not here.

I’ve not yet on this blog proposed my solution for people such as this. It is “voluntransportation”. It is for people that don’t like certain things the properties of free(ish) markets and free(ish) nations, and want to deprive others in those nations of the same things that they themselves disapprove of.

They are to be voluntransported to a place or places where there is nothing of what they don’t like and want to ban, regulate, ration or destroy. They can then be happy with each other. The first place suggested was the South Sandwich islands, where there is not much of anyting at all. So it would be very good and they’d have nothing to grumble about.

For mere regulators of the press, the penal-boats would set the voluntransportees adrift, about 100 yards off the “shoreline” (look at these) in boats made of newspaper. Preferably old unpulped copies of the News Of The World.

For GreeNazis, they’d be botted at gunpoint, off the gunwales of said boats, about 880 yards off (the boats will be very full and therefore large, and can’t “land” people in the full sense of the word there.) Some will make it, clinging to the frost-frozen corpses of those that didn’t.



  • The Reds (Ed Miliband and co – indeed “Hacked Off” met in his office to discuss their plans) have indeed jumped at the chance to do what they have always wanted to do – castrate the press as a step towards a totalitarian state.

    However, the Reds were not the first funders of “Hacked Off” – that was Max Moseley (the son of the Hitler worshipping totalitarian Oswald Moseley).

    Max Moseley hated the press because they revealed his antics with prostitutes (although a nice judge ruled there were no Nazi links in the party – in spite of all the facts the newspapers reported, and so awarded Max Moseley lots of money).

    Interesting to remember the Pact of 1939.

  • Don’t worry people, this is the “not as bad as the Labours” party that we vote for because if we got the Labours, bad things would happen, or something.

    Sorry, I know I keep needling about this, but there’s just been an outbreak of “vote Tory to stop the Labours” over at Worstall’s place and, honestly, I have no idea why anyone thinks this shower of shit are any better than the red shits. It’s also worth remembering that if you get a notionally “Tory” government, the howling mobs of the Left go extra rabid becaus they’re attacking a government of RightWingExtremists rather than their pals, while the RightWingExtremists who are trying to prove they’re NotRightWingExtremists will buckle under to prove how “listening to the progressives” they are.

    What will be the legacy of Cameron? Vicars dragged into court for not wanting to marry teh gheys, the most draconian internet censorship system outside the brutal communism zone, and a state controlled press.

    Oh, and a tranche of the working working class ruined when the State Unaffordable Mortgage Scheme goes tits up.

    Well, thank God we didn’t let the Labours in, eh? Make sure you vote for them next time, to guarantee no hope of getting out of the EU as well. Mr Osbourne’s planning to balance the budget by 2020. Now there’s something to look forward to. You know it makes sense.

  • Why can’t all of us just move to Ireland or somewhere and let the rest of the sociopathologicaleftists get on with destroying the world through regulations and taxes and microchipping the sheeple?

    • Because Ireland has been made into a dump in the blink of an eye.

    • But the people ought not to be microchipped. So that’s why people have to stay and continue to speak out. It’d be nice if a few trailerborne machine-longbows would fix things, but they won’t for they (a) can’t be afforded, and (b) won’t stand against Police Helicopters with laser-guided missiles. (The Fuzz will get them if they haven’t already, without us being told.)

  • P.C. is creeping into Ireland as well (it has been for years now). About the nearest place that is really making a stand against it is Liechtenstein – and I can not speak German.

    In the old days I would have cited Guernsey and Sark – but the British government will not leave these places alone.

  • Ireland is as bad as anywhere else. Note their “leadership” in the smoking ban.

    The reality is that whatever the history of it, whatever the previous course, this is a pan-western or even pan-global problem, and there is no running away.

  • WE are right. WE do not have to go and live, er, anywhere. We are here because we’re here because we’re here, because we’re here. It’s ours and it’s being stolen. WE are not itinerant, we are not “travellers”: We made this place, and it’s ours. Here we stay.

    THEY, the GramscoFabiaNazis, must be “encouraged” to “live elsewhere”. They didn’t like us when they self-spawned in 1884, and they still don’t like us now, so let’s “RESETTLE THEM” where there aren’t any of us, so they will be really quite happy with each other.

    If this involves herding the effing bastards at gunpoint onto penal-boats, and booting them – very very hard – in the small of the back (at gunpoint) into the freezing South Atlantic “within sight of land” – say, 1,100 yards in a freezing sea-mist, which is bloody generous to the fuckers, seeing what they’ve done to our civilisation and on purpose – then so be it. As they said…

    “The End Justifies The Means”.

    The end in this case is just getting them out of our body-politic and out of our civilisation, so they can’t ruin it any more, ever. It goes without saying that we’d have to utterly raze every “university” that got comtaminated by their crap or was founded specifically to peddle it. That’s most of the 3,469,921 universities in the UK for a start: about 30 might suffice for the current UK population of 75 millions and growing. You don’t just magic into being a “university” on a whiim, or a statute….they are odd places really, and they tend to allow people to become LeftoNazis, so their conceptions ought to be very very carefully regulated while the possibility of “actual” socialism yet remains on the planet.

    I’m serious, really. It’s a mortal problem: there has got to be found a way to _prevent socialists being made_ … The “sociallist meme” has got to be erased, and must be killed until it is _all dead_ , and _all forgotten_ and “unthinkable” … Well the PCNazis invented this idea so let’s “give it to them”.

    It’s actually hard to see how the damage can ever be repaired. It’s a great shame, really, and could have been stopped.

    I really don’t think they understand how angry we are – or if they do, they don’t give a stuff.

  • Financially Dr Gabb is correct – it was in a blink of an eye.

    A nation with a controlled national debt and a balanced budget was bankrupted at the (private) request of the German government.

    There was no legal justification for the blank cheque that the Irish government gave to Anglo Irish Bank and so on to defend the interests of German (and other) creditors.

    To see a country so undermined in “a blink of an eye” by the treason of its political class was astonishing.

    As for the victory of the “social liberals” (the P.C. people who are not really liberal at all) – the Roman Catholic Church undermined its own moral authority (in horrific ways). Everyone has heard the filthy lies “you are only against abortion because you want to f… the kids” and for the vast majority of priests that is a LIE – but too many people were silent for too long.

    In other countries the collapse of the moral authority of one Church might be partly countered by other Churches – but in the Republic the Roman Catholic Church was the only Church that really mattered.

    The moral failure of so many priests and Bishops in the Catholic Church (their failure to stand against evil) could not be countered by some other Church – that just would not work in the Republic.

    Sadly the same folly (“hate the sin – not the sinner”, “do not be judgemental” , “do not be obsessed with sexual matters”, “everyone deserves a second change – and another chance after that”, “it is our duty to forgive everyone who seeks our forgiveness” and on and on) is being heard again – and from the very top.

    No doubt the Jesuit means well – but often men must be hard (not forgiving). Evil doers must be PUNISHED – not sent on to another parish if they shed a few tears and promise not to do it again. In Church Law the sign of genuine repentance is to confess one’s crimes – NOT just behind a curtain, but PUBLICALLY – to volunteer for just punishment.

    If someone does not hand themselves over for punishment they have NOT repented – and they should be given no absolution.

    Those who forget the need to PUNISH wickedness (especially the wicked deeds of priests – the very people who are supposed to set an example of good conduct) destroyed the moral authority of the Church,

    Full disclosure – I am Anglican (in an Irish context Church of Ireland) and therefore “in the other tribe” (although my grandfather was a Catholic Irishman),but I have tried to be objective. And I have great respect for traditionalists within the Catholic Church.

    Although even on this I must make a disclosure – concerning the other side of my heritage.

    Conservative Catholics (like Protestant Ulstermen) tend to be friendly to the other side of my heritage (to Israel and so on) “Progressive” Catholics and nominal (just tribal) “Catholics” in Ireland tend to be hostile.

    I am not sure of the reasons for this – but it is the case and it may have an effect on how I see things.

    It is also the case that Conservative Catholics (like Protestant Ulsterman) tend to be friendly to Britain in terms of non Irish matters – even things like the Falklands and so on (and Progressives and nominals tend to be hostile).

    I do not understand why – but it really is so.

    One really can say ….. this “Catholic” hates the Latin Mass and traditional Church music, he is going to oppose Britain on …….

    There should be no connection at all – but there is.

  • Sean, and I, and Peter W and Paul M and Ian, and Nick deP, and you others, will all die as silent and embittered old men, for nothing we say is listened to by anyone who can now make a difference.

    But at least we know that we are right.

  • David – I can not speak for the others, but “old and embittered” yes that covers me.

    If I ever had the milk of human kindness it got left out in the sun.

    I am the same nasty old man in England that I am in the Middle East or Ireland – so it is me (not the place).

    I used to make an effort to try and win people over in discussion – but I gave that up (it is pointless this time of day).

    So now I just say what I think – without the slightest hope that I will change things.

  • Don’t get downhearted.

    History is not linear. If we view things linearly, we expect things to just get worse and worse. But nobody in 1913 could have predicted the remarkable changes of the 20th century, and neither can we predict the 21st. I have very dark days, but at other times I think (and indeed, I think, believe) that the era we are living through- historians may well call it “the PC Era” or the like- is a last, great spasm of Statism. All these terrible people- the Gramscians and the Greens, the Feminists and Racemongers- are fighting against reality. They will ultimately lose. It is just bad for us that we are living in the era of their temporary ascendency.

    One day, people will look back on all this with horror and say, “never again”. There was a time when it looked as if history’s winners would be either Fascists or Communists. But that isn’t what happened. Russians suffered 70 years of Communism, and in so doing showed the world what is wrong with it. That is a long sentence- a lifetime. My own feeling is that our own suffering will not be anywhere near as long.

    If there is a role for libertarianism, in this long view, it is to be the seed of that better future. Not much comfort for us living the day to day reality of what may be “the last great tyranny”. But a small one, perhaps.

    • It’s such a shame though, and a tragedy of the first order, that – here we are as Humans, on the threshold of the Dawn Of Time… the Solar System and all its vast resources lies prone before us – and the Galaxy will soon then follow…and there’s these effing socialist bastards, tyranising for a few years at a time, over a fraction of a “Pale Blue Dot”, deliberately trying to hold us up, and keep us here until the Next Asteroid Comes Along. While all the while saying that what they force on us is for our good, and “for the children” – see why in the next paragraph…

      By which time of course we the Humiliores will be regulated at about 20-25 million, to provide the supply, for the Honestiores (the GFNs and their descendents) slaves and little girls and boys to fuck when it pleases them to go out and bag some up, from their breeding-couples’ earth-floored-hovels in the freezing wilds.

      I guess the heredtitary-GFN population will begin at about 300,000-400,000 if you take into account all the existing harems of the 3rd-world-Big-Men as well as all the MetropolitaNazis and the Political Classes of Western nations. It will of course be unregulated except by “inter-Family Strife” reminiscent of the early Roman Imperium. Sean will be able to guide us furehr on this one as my classical History is rusty these days.

      We out here in the Chimpanzee type-Writers’ Nissen Hut are fucking angry, I can tell you.

  • Ian – technology is the great positive thing (as you know).

    Without technological advance we would already be starving to death.

    At this level of statism (the level of statism we have now) civilisation would have been impossible to maintain (for more than a few desperate years) at the technological level of say 1913.

    Perhaps James Burke is correct.

    Perhaps in a century everyone will have nano technology at their disposal – with cheap energy (from the Sun – all the problems having been sold) and a bit of dirt as the supply of material – the nano machines will be able to make anything (within reason) that people might want.

    An end to governments – and an end to the big business enterprises that some people around here dislike.

    Or perhaps this is all silliness.

    But as a dream – everyone with nano technology (repairing even the cells of their bodies – including the brain cells) and able to enjoy their gardens…..

    Well it is not a bad dream.

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