Salford Council Is Run By Idiots

by Dick Puddlecote

Salford Council Is Run By Idiots See, this is why I love e-cigs. They are increasingly showing up anti-smokers as a rich seam of hilarious farce.

From Manchester Evening News:

A town hall has banned its workers from using electronic cigarettes ‘in public view’.

Salford council has banned staff from using the devices – which taste and feel like cigarettes without the tar – close to any of its buildings.

The policy, drawn up by town hall bosses, says: “Where smoking does takes place outside, the location should be out of public view wherever possible and must not be:

– Directly outside buildings
– Constitute a risk in terms of fire;
– Be adjacent to doors or windows where second hand smoke could enter the building.

E-cigs (which are not alight) constitute a fire risk now? And emit second hand smoke despite not involving anything being burned? Do Salford councillors have extraordinarily large feet, bulbous bright red round noses and a car that falls apart when they slam a door?

A report prepared for a town hall meeting says these rules should also apply to e-cigarettes because they ‘resemble’ normal cigarettes.

Oh, I see, that part was about smoking. Err, but wasn’t the policy to tackle fire risks and mythical second hand smoke? But e-cigs ‘resemble’ things that might – in the far-fetched imagination of a gullible Salford councillor – constitute a fire risk so they have to be banned too. Even if they don’t let off wisps of smoke which are dwarfed by carbon monoxide from that fucking great ring road ploughing through Salford.

And the policy, sent to all staff, threatens to fine them – or even take them to court – if they are caught with cigarettes on council property.

Because a court of law will instantly issue a suspended prison sentence or hefty fine for possession of tobacco under the well-known parliamentary, err, Possession of a Legal Product Act. Huh?

It says: “Breaches of the policy will be dealt with in accordance with normal disciplinary procedures and may also be subject to formal action such as fixed penalty notices or a prosecution as detailed in the regulations made under the Health Act 2006.”

You know, that Health Act 2006 which famously banned smoking outside of buildings and the use of e-cigs in public places.

Firstly, have Salford councillors even seen an e-cig? Have they any clue what they entail outside of propaganda spread by their socialist fuckwit chums? Do they understand that court cases rely on laws being real rather than ones that exist only in their fantasies?

This is not a product of Salford’s simpletons. This has been drawn up by people who receive money from the city’s taxpayers and are apparently trusted to spend it wisely. They are responsible for teaching kids yet seem to be as incapable of independent thought as a decapitated chimp. How scary is that?

Or it could just be that Manchester is pitching for the title of Britain’s most pathetic city with Salford as the jewel in its insane lefty crown?

Little wonder the BBC feels so comfy there.XIMNgxRLpAU

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