Obesity: the new Nazi term for the next group of humans to be demonized.

David Davis

It’s nobody’s effing business how fat people are.

If it is, then the demandor-Nazis are making people into their Farm Animals.



  • They only whine about these things because of the socialist healthcare system we have in this country. They like to make it out like people’s health problems are the reason that the system is buckling under pressure and generally under performs. They like to ‘tackle’ these issues to make it out like they’re doing something about it.

    • Daniel, it is worse than that. The FoodNazis and consumption-police have decided that “people are eating too much food”, and even Prince Charles – may God blast him! – says, and is on record as saying…”People have _got to get over their obsession_ with “cheap food”.

      The effing bastard leftists can’t get over the awful, gnawing, horrible fact that they are becoming irrelevant, and that “poor people” can now more or less buy all the food that can eat and more, at any time of year, and almost anywhere…..except where African “Big-Man” dictators, or Kim Jong-Il, reign amid the undying love of “their people”.

  • I keep wondering whether we’re being too rational. We keep on trying to use reasoned argument against these people and it doesn’t get us anywhere.

    Thing is though, they’re basically crazy. Maybe we should just focus on that. Just as they label everyone who disagrees with them as “disordered” or “phobic” or whatever, maybe we just need to fire all our guns in that sort of direction. Produce an equivalent of “the Authoritarian Personality” that shows that the GFNs are suffering from psychological abnormalities. Since they are, it shouldn’t be that hard.

  • Daniel:

    It is because of people’s ill health that the health service is struggling to

    cope. We’re not supposed to need it you see,that is, all we working class oafs. Hospitals are needed for all those nice middle class folks who want hours and hours in the birthing pools and what not. The Beeb broke the news yesterday that some people are actually repeat visitors/ offenders to A&E, putting even more pressure on resources. Staff at a London hospital who were interviewed were all in a quandary about it;what to do! There were sick people all over the place, all of those who were asked why they bother the hospital, claimed there was nowhere else to go for help.

    Staff also highlighted,with some surprise, the increase in demands for help during the winter time as,apparently there’s more sickness about,especially among the weak, too fat, too thin,too elderly and very,very young.

    I mean,what do these people think the Health Service is.

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