I think that few of us spotted this one coming. EU reintroduces death penalty via LISBON “in the case of war, riots, upheaval”

David Davis


I think it might be time to flag this one to The Faithful. Some of us may not have noticed it – I certainly didn’t. Do you read Eurotreaties? I do not, for I have not time.

And since it was in a footnote to a footnote to something that few if any normal people would be willing or able to spend the time reading through comprehensively, we all might be forgiven.

The entire notion now throws, into ever-sharper focus, this Nation’s relationship with the EU. I have nothing to add to that sentence for you may all have your own thoughts.

As we all know, I am not in favour of modern States being able to take life: this is because in all cases the right to do that to another human has been denied by the state’s law.

If I have not a right to end someone’s life who has wronged me and mine, and if my arms and guns and kitchen-knives and screwdrivers have been seized off me in that regard,  then I also have not the right to delegate that right to another agency such as a state, whether or not I want it to act on my behalf.

A British Libertarian State might re-introduce the death penalty, but it will be discussed in public first. Such discussion will be preceeded by the Government announcing that all freeholders shall (a) be allowed to vote (since a property freehold is the basis of just taxation) and government employees including Lord Protectors and War-Secretaries (whether freeholders or not) will be disbarred from the Franchise while in office and (b) will be required to be armed subject to a basic criminal record check and an IQ test.

There would be a legal right to harm, injure or even kill (at need) invaders of one’s property or life or liberty, and which would stand up in a Court.


  • I had not heard this – and it is interesting.

    But why would they need such powers – surely they can not be planning to confiscate bank accounts (and so on) can they……….

  • As we all know, I am not in favour of modern States being able to take life: “…this is because in all cases the right to do that to another human has been denied by the state’s law….”
    Not in ALL cases. Not here in the Bible belt where I’m writing from anyway!

    Why would they need such powers “in the case of upheaval” Paul? Ask Stalin. Or that fat bloke in North Korea.

  • “Your Honour”…
    The fucking bastard was in my house, and it was 0200am so I could not have invited him to arrive.

    I argued with him but he said he’d come to take my stuff, ‘coz he felt like it.

    Then he threatened me with a large kitchen-knife which I recognised, as it’s my favourite one in the kitchen drawer of big knives.

    So I shot him dead. What, your Honour, would you do?

  • A lecture by a Professor Schachtschneider on this subject was kicking around the Internet a few years ago – with subtitles in English. He said the provision for the death penalty ” in time of war or imminent threat of war” was contained in a protocol attached to the treaty which had the same validity as the main text. Others,who took the matter up with the Professor, were unconvinced.

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