Say No to Big Brother

This is a guest email from Phil Booth, Coordinator of medConfidential – the campaign for confidentiality and consent in health and social care.

You may have heard in recent weeks about something called ‘’ – a new scheme by the arms-length body that is now in charge of the NHS in England, which will soon begin uploading confidential information from your medical record held by your GP. will involve some of your most private, sensitive information being uploaded, processed and passed on or sold in various forms to researchers, pharmaceutical companies, commissioning bodies, insurers, think tanks, ‘information intermediaries’ – basically any organisation or company that can make a plausible case for access.

The decision has already been taken. If you don’t act now, you’ll lose control of your medical information for ever – because once uploaded, your data will never be deleted.

You can now opt out of your medical records being uploaded to using Contact your GP here:

You have a right to opt out, but the people in charge of the scheme have made it seem as confusing and as difficult as they can. It’s not difficult, but you do need to take action pretty quick. You can opt out here:


Phil Booth

PS. If you want to find out more, join me at one of these ORG local group talks over the next month. I’ll be explaining exactly what is going on and how you can protect yourself, your family and friends.

Manchester – Tuesday 25th February at 7pm – Friends Meeting House, Mount Street
London – Monday 17th March at 7pm – venue TBC

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