So anti-tobacco laws won’t increase criminal activity, eh?

underdogs bite upwards

That’s what the antismoking mob have been saying (along with ‘no slippery slope’, ‘these measures will never be applied to other products’ and other lies). They claim there will be no increase in smuggled tobacco or in illegally-made tobacco.

And yet… the UK police have just busted a gang with a total of eleven tons of raw tobacco and all the necessary bits and bobs to turn it into eleven tons of counterfeit Golden Virginia, along with all the packs to put it in.

This is not someone coming back from Marbella with a few extra packs to sell to mates, nor is it some shed-based local home-producer. This is the big league. They might not be the Mafia, not quite, but they aren’t small scale producers either. The big organised crime gangs will have entire factories devoted to cigarette production by now.

Note that although this tobacco is frequently…

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  • The higher the taxes and the more extreme the regulations on a good or service – the more Organised Crime is HELPED.

    Ordinary sellers are made less and less attractive – and vicious criminal gangs (who, of course, ignore the taxes and regulations) gain more and more control.

    The above (which David Davis points to in his post) is so obvious that is hard (very hard) to believe the “liberal” elite do not know it.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Per reports, various jihadist groups have gone into cigarette-hijacking in a big, big way here. About manufacture, I don’t know, but why the heck not? (And if the jihadists haven’t gone that route, I’m sure it has occurred to NGO’s like M-13.)

  • In Colombia paramilitaries even profited from the emerald trade – because the government tried to monopolise it.

    When the government no longer tried to ban private emerald mines and trading – the paramilitaries (in spite of all their savage violence) lost out.

    I think that answers Bill O’Reilly (and other good, but misguided, people) who claim that if other things were no longer banned organised crime would still keep control of them.

    Whatever their intentions (and sometimes the intentions are entirely sincere and well meaning) – in practice, government is the biggest friend of organised crime gangs.

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