Today’s the Day the Ukippers Have Their Picnic?

by Stewart Cowen

Today’s the Day the Ukippers Have Their Picnic?

As the nation – or a fraction of it – goes to the polls today to vote for the next round of MEPs, UKIP are seen by some to be favourites to poll the greatest number of votes.

Could this be the springboard to even greater things in next year’s general election?

Could that springboard already be bouncing nicely in UKIPs favour? More on that later, but the incentive for this post comes courtesy of Frank Davis, who today ponders The Unmentionable Ban.

He is puzzled that, while their adversaries in the mainstream parties and media have been dredging up all the bad publicity they can find, like the personal views of prospective UKIP local councillors in tweets, there has been no mention of the smoking ban, which UKIP intends to relax. And it’s a very good point. As he says,

Why haven’t there been awful shrieks of dismay from ASH and CRUK and the BMA and RCP? Why has no one been saying that this would be a terrible backward step for public health, that would bring a tidal wave of smoking-related deaths? Why haven’t blubbering mothers, clutching toddlers, been standing up and accusing Nigel Farage of Wanting to Kill Our Children?

And anyway, wasn’t the smoking ban a Great Success from Day One? Doesn’t everybody love it? Aren’t even the 70% of smokers who always seem to want to quit smoking (but never actually do) delighted with it? How dare Farage and UKIP even dream of rolling back a measure that is on a par with the abolition of slavery, or the emancipation of women, or the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo?

But then he has worked it out,

Or is it instead that the smoking ban epitomises the utter contempt for voters by the old, aloof political machine, and is the most perfect example of its view of the public as “a blob to be re-educated and made physically fit”? And so they dare not mention it?

In fact, they dare not mention anything other than economics. The mainstream traitor parties insist that we would be financially worse off if we left the EU and UKIP respond with figures and arguments which demonstrate otherwise. Hardly ever is the much wider issue about freedom and self-determination debated, because the mainstream know they’d be snookered.

The thing is that today, where nearly everyone is feeling the pinch, they probably wonder how they can possibly be worse off out of the EU, so may as well take the chance with an anti-EU party.

Another thing to consider in the rise and rise of UKIP is that possibly critical mass has been reached re. the final abandonment of the LibLabCon by more and more people who see them for what they really are and will take no more. Just like when Frank refused to vote Liberal again after their MPs’ support of the smoking ban and I refused to buy a television licence ever again after having considered it for some time and instinctively got around to it after one final insult: the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Perhaps millions more dromedary’s spines will crack before next year’s general election and we really can get ‘real change’. If UKIP aren’t an Establishment front, that is! Like in snooker, always keep one foot on the floor!

But maybe they are above board. Maybe people are waking up by the million. Maybe there is still hope for a brighter future for the UK.

I had thought that in Scotland, UKIP were generally despised, but this poll in The (Glasgow) Herald so far suggests the opposite.


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