UKIP’s Warning To GOP Establishment: The Base Bites Back

This is an interestingly edited version of my article – much punchier and more American, though without much change in meaning. I will publish the original text in the next day or so. SIG

UKIP’s Warning To GOP Establishment: The Base Bites Back

By Sean Gabb on May 26, 2014

Even the BBC is admitting that the result is “an earthquake”: [<a
onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’,’outbound-article’,’’%5D);” href=”“>Eurosceptic ‘earthquake’ rocks EU elections, May 28, 2014] No one is now able, without lying, to claim there is any consensus in Europe for “ever-closer union”—the mantra of the European Union functionaries and their political puppets—or for continued mass immigration.

Background: The European Union has 28 member states and four central institutions: the Commission, the permanent bureaucracy; the Council of Ministers, a variable committee of elected officials from each member state; the Court of Justice, which rules on the meaning of the European treaties; and the Parliament of 766 members elected directly every five years. The Parliament has the least effective power. Its members are notorious for their idleness and pliability. If it were shut down, the EU would continue much as before. Shut down any of the other institutions—not that these are any more honest or competent—and the EU would stop functioning….more


One comment

  • It says something about the effect that UKIP’s popularity is having on the Tory “elite” that the little voting buttons have been removed from the comments on Conservativehome.

    In the last couple of days before the Euro elections they quietly disappeared – no doubt because the people who run the site were dismayed to find how popular pro-UKIP comments had become. And how unpopular pro-leadership comments were.

    Looking through the latest articles there, it is also pretty obvious that the Tory high command is going to dismiss the election results with its usual arrogance.

    Beyond a bit of talk and bureaucratic tinkering, nothing will change.

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