Meanwhile, in the half-light – to the left of and behind the enemies in front…

David Davis

It’s all very well to hail a small UKIP victory against the outer barbed-wire-entanglements of the British-Political EnemyClass. We know how to fight these people now, and in the fullness of time a regaining of a semblance of liberty is possible. Things can never be the same as they were, before the 20th/21st-century-Endarkenment irretrievably marred many things that were good.

But we might get them back to be better than now, although changed and glued together.

In the meantime there are some other really dangerous and wicked people out there, like this “Lierre Keith” impersonation of an evil droid in androgynous form from the Planet Tharg. It’s probabl that most of you people here know what’s going on in most Universities in the Anglosphere. For example, even in one famous and ancient Scottish University, about as far from London as it’s possible to get without falling off, there’s a module in the B.Mus. honours course covering “Music and Gender in contemporary society”.

A ray of dull sunshine is that this nonsense is probably not going on in universities in ChindoJapanIndonesIndoBrazilia: therefore it’s possible that some slight remnant  epiphanic  image of what Western Liberal Civilisation might have been like will be preserved.



  • Whenever I get a little depressed David, I imagine how wonderful it will be when the South Sandwich Islands are the world centre for Gender Studies and PPE.

    • Oh Ian, old man. You have spotted what I have planned for those little bare-rock places!

      I’m hoping that at maximum prisoner-density and because of the un-even shar-r-r-r-pness of all the rocks, there won’t be anywhere for the poor bastards to lie down properly even to get a tiny little bit of sleep (because of the incessant wind), except on top of each other.

      Let’s hope Polly Toynbee and that “Lierre Keith” excressence are on the “lowest layer” then, shall we. Then the “men” can lie down on those ones, and then the”recently-arrested and less culpable ladies” can lie down on the “men’s layer”.

  • Who is Lierre Keith?

  • Er, I … seee… At least she has an appropriate gender-neutral haircut. Personally I hate women who show their ears. Which reminds me of an anecdote Nigel Farage recently told me; he once invited Frank Carson to open the UKIP conference. Having duly warned Frank to be careful what he said in such a public arena, he shrunk into his seat as Frank opened with the words; “Went to a Muslim strip club the other night. Sat in the front row as usual, and when she started I yelled ‘Go on love, show us yer face!'”.

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