Who’s Been Misleading The EU?

by Dick Puddlecote

Who’s Been Misleading The EU? Now this is interesting.

European officials have been wrongly labelling e-liquid as extremely toxic.

The civil servants had been misclassifying e-liquid as either a CLP category 2 product, alongside strychnine, or a category 3 product, alongside formaldehyde. The new report demonstrates that the acute oral and dermal toxic hazards of the strongest consumer e-liquids only merit being classed as category 4 – along with washing-up liquid – while the vast majority of e-liquid (which has nicotine concentrations below 25mg/ml or 2.5%) does not require any type of formal hazard warning.

So if mandatory toxic hazard warnings are to be required on e-liquid, the same should go for Fairy Liquid too, surely? Ha! Like we’re ever going to see anything as hysterical as that from the EU.

It does beg the question as to whom the EU have been listening to if they’ve been proven to be so embarrassingly wrong though, doesn’t it? I mean, being a huge organisation with a galactic budget they have toxicology advisers and all that jazz, so who’s been feeding them duff info?

I’m sure the fact that a multi-national industry was caught lobbying the EU over the e-cigarette terms in the Tobacco Products Directive – the same industry whose products are tanking in member states due to the advent of e-cigs – has absolutely nothing to do with it.QiF-QzWn4SI


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