Cliff Richard: A Brief Comment

According to the BBC, Cliff Richard’s home has been searched in connection with claims of a sexual assault committed in 1985 against a male who was, at the time, under the age of sixteen. They entered his property while he was away, and he appears only to have heard about the search via the media.

I comment as follows:

1. Let us make the unlikely assumption that the complainant was two in 1985. He would now be 31. More likely, he is in his forties. What has he been doing for the past 29 years?

2. What evidence did the police expect to find after 29 years? Why did they send eight officers to search Mr Richard’s house? Why did they not contact him before the search? Why did they tell the media instead?

3. I believe that no one should be charged with any offence alleged to have happened more than three years before a complaint, where the only evidence is the word of a complainant. This limitation does not apply to charges supported by objective evidence. Also, I allow exceptions where the complainant was under the age of 18 at the time of the alleged offence – though only so far as charges may be brought within one year after a complainant has reached the age of 18. At present in this country, old men are being put on trial, on the unsupported word of anonymous complainants, for offences alleged to have been committed in the distant past. This is not justice.

Here is Mr Richard’s comment on the search:

“For many months I have been aware of allegations against me of historic impropriety which have been circulating online. These allegations are completely false. Up until now I have chosen not to dignify the false allegations with a response, as it would just give them more oxygen. However, the police attended my apartment in Berkshire today without notice, except it would appear to the press. I am not presently in the UK but it goes without saying that I will cooperate fully should the police wish to speak to me. Beyond stating that today’s allegations are completely false it would not be appropriate to say anything further until the police investigation is concluded.”


39 thoughts on “Cliff Richard: A Brief Comment

  1. I have worked quite close to Richmond and Barnes for a few years and have got to know security.The security is full of retired police officers from the met and very high ranking.One of our security men is quite old and is being retired off in the near future.He has vast experience as a Royal Protection Officer and Vice Squad in the Capital over many years concerning this area and the City of London and I assume from social gatherings is a Mason.He was discussing with us the Jimmy Savile cess pitt and suddenly blurted out about the Elm Hurst Guest House and Cliff Richard and other disturbing events.Cliff has taken out a Super Injunction banning press reports linking him on the internet to the Guest House, whose visitors included Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith among other dignitaries.The policeman has heard whispers Sir Cliff was dropped off by his chauffeur in Richmond.

  2. Good luck Cliff. It appears that the police are on a fishing expedition (I thought that was illegal) and that the police have their own reasons for darkening Mr Richard’s name (perhaps the police are on a mission to try to restore their own standing following eg Hillsbrough?). I think both the action of S Yorks police and the press is thoroughly reprehensible. We none of us know that facts, but it is likely at this stage that neither do the police but they still think it appropriate to ruin his reputation.

    I also think the modus operandii will prevent justice being done in the future. I would be concerned, should a case come to court, about the ability of any jury to be able to fairly assess evidence beyond what they are already aware of through the press and to be able to deliver a fair verdict.

  3. It would appear from the policeman’s account there is another brothel in Richmond as yet unreported, and very high profile visitors mentioned in his rambling story.

  4. Puby Hare’s posts demonstrate one of the drivers of this madness; for most of the 20th century a significant number of police were explicitly recruited to hunt down homosexuals (and other “vices”) and suddenly had the rug pulled out from under them. It was legalised in 1967, but they were still arresting men for kissing in public as late as 1990 (I remember specifically because such a thing happened outside the gay venue The Brief Encounter, opposite where I worked at the time).

    It is obvious that such people severely resented having their gay hunting careers not only ended but subsequently condemned, and they’ve been trying to find a way back ever since. Swap “homo” for “paedo” and, hey presto, you can drag it all up again.

    Jimmy Savile wasn’t gay by the way. What would he be doing at a gay brothel?

    • Your analogy is good – they’ve swapped “homo” for “paedo”. And notice how the police will always adopt the ideology of their political masters with such hideous zeal. They’ve now flipped 180 degrees, and are ready to arrest anyone suspected of “hate speech” against homosexuals.

  5. Puby Hare: More horseshit. Tell Deep Throat-if he exists- to come up with some real solid evidence or stuff his tall tales. Every dickwad in the UK knows somebody who knows somebody who can give us the real info on whatever bollocks is now being hyped by the radfem scum and their costumed thug allies.

  6. What exactly were the police looking for, in a property that Cliff Richard only bought a few years ago. The only reason for this was to get his name out in the press and encourage other “victims” to come forward, there is no other reason. These rumours have been swirling the internet for 20 months ! IF there was any evidence of CR having an interest in underage boys he would not be daft enough to leave it lying around after all this time. I believe this will encourage more compensation seeking fantasists to report their “experiences” knowing no evidence is required other than a flaky story, as seen in the conviction of Rolf Harris on very shaky if not non existent evidence.

    • They’d have been looking for porn. The idea is to trash is reputation regardless of the particular allegation, and to use the porn as “evidence” in court that he’s “the kind of man who would do paedothings”, as with Rolf. The double whammy of wrecking Christian Cliff’s reptuation- the man who after all joined Mary Whitehouse’s Festival Of Light Crusade and made a point of expressing his Christian moral values would be an opportunity too good to miss for the Mutaween and their internet fanbase.

  7. “Jimmy Saville wasn’t gay”–surely you jest IanB–know you not that paedos are voracious Omni-sexual monsters who–like the tribe of men from whose ranks and loins they spring–will do anything to anything possessing in any manner an orifice suitable for insertion. Your foolish theorising about human males having so-called “preferences” are just empty talk. Any of the dear sisterhood will tell you truthfully that they are all that way–anything with anything.

    • Indeed, Mr Ecks, sorry for my error. I’d also momentarily forgotten that they have special paedosuperpowers that enable them to paedomolest victims in public without anyone noticing, and even telepaedo superpowers that enable them to molest victims across time and space such that they don’t even need to be with the victim.

  8. My thoughts on Cliff Richard can be found here:

    on Rolf Harris here—part-1

    and several other articles on Max Cifford, the background to the scare, etc.

    Although I will not live to see the day, I have a beautiful visions of an 83 year old Alison Saunders being dragged from her bed 30 years from now and confronted with allegations from an anonymous woman that she participated in an orgy at CPS HQ in which a baby was sacrificed, one of those that was bred especially for the purpose, its birth being unregistered.

  9. Alexander Baron: Your articles are good. However I notice in the Rolf Harris piece you mention that Rolf , unlike Jimmy Saville did not “have the ear of powerful politicians”. Again that seems to be spreading the mythology. Yes Saville knew Thatcher–they were hardly chums–bum or otherwise. Are we to suppose that he whispered into her shell-like “Ow’s- about-this Maggs–I’ve done some paedophilic sex crimes–can you cover ’em up for me?” . What has Saville’s very limited political connections got to do with the supposed allegations?.

  10. There is going to be a God Almighty dust up one of these days, when one or more of “The Victims” admits to, or is proved to have been lying concerning a Guilty Verdict. Then watch The CPS run.

  11. Dr Gabb asks some good questions – but I doubt he will get any good answers.

    Some of the comments make good points also – and I do not think they will be answered either.

    It is sometimes said that the Constitution of Louisiana is so long (the longest in the world) because its writers assumed that all politicians and officials were corrupt (being corrupt themselves) and so hedged them round with written rules – not thinking that the politicians and officials would not break them (of course they would), but so that at least it would be OBVIOUS when the politicians and officials were being corrupt (so that those who wanted to know – would know).

    In Britain we have traditionally trusted our politicians and officials to some extent – put our faith in unwritten rules (in their sense of decency).

    The traditional British way is over – politicians and officials (including the police) just can not be assumed to be decent.

  12. Paul, I heard it was Alabama that had the world’s longest constitution – 4,000 some-odd words I think – in order to keep the Niggers down but not stating so in explicit language – or not language that the Negroes would understand at any rate!

  13. Sean – the search is a fishing expedition, most particularly to see if there is anything on computers, phones and tablets which would point to paedophilia. As the law now quite absurdly considers anyone under the age of 18 a child they have a pretty wide canvas upon which to conduct their search.

    Even if they find something embarrassing but not illegal, for example adult pornography, that can be useful to the police because it smears the person being investigated and creates in the public mind a feeling that the person investigated deserved to be investigated. This stops the limelight being shone on the police if no charges are brought or charges are brought but no conviction is achieved. It can also dissuade someone not charged or convicted from taking action against the police for wrongful arrest etc because they don’t want more publicity of the embarrassing stuff.

    The police habit of tipping off the media also needs to be stamped on.

  14. These days, it seems increasingly that the British Police like to set themselves up as judge, jury and executioner. They have, however, not always been like that, but have been inveigled into that position by British governments that thought this was a good idea. Moreover, the quality of their “recruitment material” has been falling not only in physical-height-requirements but in other ways also: I refer principally to the “officer ranks” here….too many “graduate entry” opportunities, most engineeeredly from “universities”, where the candidates had the opportunity to be GramscoFabiaNazified. This was an incredibly bad and dangerous idea, especially since it was known what was being done to the political-climate-slant inside British Universities, on purpose – which is to say: deliberately.

    This is an inevitable result of a state’s governments drifting slowly but surely in the direction of GramscoFabiaNism, as this objective suits the purposes of people that want to be employed inside governments.

    A year, two years of hell? The Police don’t care – for to them “The Process Is The Punishment”. It satisfies them that they have made some old white man miserable and wretched and suicidal for one year, maybe two, maybe more if they can – specially if he’s white and old – in case they can’t “secure a conviction”. Perhaps the Police and the CPS employ far too many women, but I do not know if this is the strategic driving force here.

    It appears so far that they “cant quite get” Dave Lee Travis (probably because all the allegations are crud) so they’re making him “sweat” a bit longer.

      • That’s normally the case, but with Cliff, a highly publicly moral Christian, they’re going to have to demonstrate that this was a facade and he was really some kind of brothel-creeping pervert, and if he isn’t, that could blow up in Yewtree’s face. That’s presumably why they’re fishing like mad, in the hope something damning will turn up.

        The interesting thing is that while there have long been rumours he’s gay, and indeed many in the business just sort of acknowledge that, there is nothing whatsoever about him having a dark side. If it turns out that he’s a basically asexual type whose relationship is a platonic “Boston Marriage”, the witch hunters will be in deep trouble.

        • I no longer believe a word of it about any of them, including Jimmy Savile. But no one pays attention to me, even though the level of evidence was obscenely low. And in some instances, non existent.
          But why stop at Cliff Richards? I doubt that he can positively prove he didn’t do it. So it could be back to who should be believed.
          However, notifying The Press beforehand was really not a good idea. Bloody disgraceful in fact.

  15. David-

    : I refer principally to the “officer ranks” here….too many “graduate entry” opportunities, most engineeeredly from “universities”, where the candidates had the opportunity to be GramscoFabiaNazified.

    You may recall that commenting on this is what caused me to be heave-ho’d from Samizdata (not that I mind; much nicer people at the LA) but one of the most worrying social trends which I don’t think many people have quite twigged to the problem of is the development of this “Graduate Mandarinate”. It’s increasingly the case that “rising through the ranks” is simply not being allowed in our society. I was discussing this the other day with my sister who happens to work at a garden centre; their management are as a matter of policy only from the “graduate programme”; this policy is that nobody however worthy can ever be promoted up from the shop floor.

    This now seems to be general policy in both the private and public sectors as GramscoFabiaNazis have colonised them, and this of course ensures that only “the right kind of people” can ever gain access to any higher eschelon position in society. It is a genuine mandarinate, and it has basically arisen in a single generation as the GFNs have taken power.

    THere is of course an obvious political motive. But one can also see pure self interest by the Universities who have become so powerful under the huge expansion of them under the GFNs. Teaching your graduates that they must trust only other graduates is a pretty cynical policy for ensuring the maintenance of the University cartel.

  16. Back with the issue itself, one can hope that Cliff really has no skeletons in his closet, and that this one- so high profile as it is- will blow up so badly in the faces of the Yewtree mob that at last the right questions will be asked by the Establishment as to what the fuck insanity they have allowed to take root.

    • You mustn’t assume that “Yewtree” is so separate from the establishment that it can “blow up in their faces”. It’s plangently clear that “Yewtree” has been set up by them deliberately – which is to say: on purpose – to //takedown// a lot of inconvenient mythology and popular adulation surrounding especially old rich white men that were popular in the 60s/70s/80s when people were getting more free, and when those very men were doing a lot of the popular stuff not under Nazi control.

      Because, since “Yewtree” is a GramscoManagementNazi project in itself, I doubt we’ll get the result you desire, Ian, even if and when Cliff is cleared as one hopes he will be.

      One thing he could do of course (and he has money) is go to shootinputin187 and say “I’ll just live here for a while if you’re OK with that” and then just defy the GFNs to “come and get him”. He’d have of course to check first if there’s to be some kind of gas import deal from Russia, or even that the CameroNazis would say “look, we’ll lift sanctions about that shotdown jet if you hand Cliff over”. So perhaps Russia’s not a good idea after all. Perhaps China would be better as they don’t give a f*** about anyone else.

      The trouble now with freely returning to a police-State to “defend yourself in law” is that the Police State makes the Law.

      • “The trouble now with freely returning to a police-State to “defend yourself in law” is that the Police State makes the Law.”

        Lovely epigram

        • Thank you, dear boy. (I bow, sort of nervously…) You and your friend Mr Blake may both use it in any novels you like, unattributed. That’s the point of writing things for others I guess.

    • Witch hunts tend only to stop when really important people start getting accused. For this reason – though I do not in the slightest allege any improprieties against them – I hope Peter Mandelson and William Hague get the Cliff Richard treatment. They are vile individuals, and deserve to suffer, even if unjustly. But you may quickly see the Pigs and CPS issued new guidelines after a few days of the usual headlines.

  17. It’s simple really. They’re on a mission to prove that white men are worse sex offenders than brown skinned men. The recent revelations of sex-grooming by muslims severely disturbed the socio/fascist narrative of “white skin bad / brown skin good”. They will therefore stop at nothing to reassert their ideology, justice and evidence be damned.

    • An interesting point. Another one I’d suggestively raise is that “old white men” ought not to be seen by GCHQ commenting on – or even reading – blogposts about these kinds of subjects. Their ISPs’ webrecords will seem to show that, because such people are interested in reading – and (worse) – commenting on these matters, is “evidential proof” of institutionalised paedophilia/childrape among white males.

      “Hey, man! (cue: others shambling up the the now-distressed old white man. SFX:- Heavy breathing offstage, and rising heart-rate…)
      Dude…You came to the witchburning (ed:- it’s just happened some minutes ago, sort of) and we’ve eyeballed you standing about nervously on the edge of the crowd, shifting your feet uncomfortably, and scratching your head and looking surreptitiously at your phone!…You were NOT CHEERING!….So why’s that then, eh? Eh?? What’s that all about, paedo?
      …You Must Be A Witch!
      …Seize his phone!
      …Now! Burn him, guys! NOW!”

  18. A warrant in these circumstances should only have been issued if there were reasonable grounds for thinking an indictable offence had been committed. It is difficult to see how a magistrate or judge could honestly have believed an indictable offence had been committed simply on the accusation of one person. In addition, there was the extreme improbability of finding any evidence relating to the alleged 1985 vintage crime. Consequently, the warrant was arguably invalid. The police would also seem to be in breach of the PACE guidelines, viz:

    The right to privacy and respect for personal property are key principles of the Human Rights Act 1998. Powers of entry, search and seizure should be fully and clearly justified before use because they may significantly interfere with the occupier’s privacy. Officers should consider if the necessary objectives can be met by less intrusive means.

    1.3A Powers to search and seize must be used fairly, responsibly, with respect for people who occupy premises being searched or are in charge of property being seized and without unlawful discrimination. The Equality Act 2010 makes it unlawful for police officers to discriminate against, harass or victimise any person on the grounds of the ‘protected characteristics’ of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion
    or belief, sex and sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity when using their powers. When police forces are carrying out their functions they also have a duty to have regard to the need to eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation and to take steps to foster good relations.

    Codes of practice – Code B Searching premises and seizing property
    1.5 If the provisions of PACE and this Code are not observed, evidence obtained from a search may be open to question.

    Click to access pace-code-b-2011.pdf

  19. Robert – you say “….the law now quite absurdly considers anyone under the age of 18 a child …”. Has paedophilia been legalised then? The age of sexual consent is 16, is it not?

  20. Hugo – The under-18 nonsense is a consequence of the EU signing us up to (I think) a UN treaty which makes the legal age of adulthood 18. That means a married couple with, say, the wife under 18 could find the husband making a video of his wife naked changed with creating child pornography. It is truly mad.

    • It’s worth noting that this was one of those international treaties that the USA authored but then did not sign up to (like, indeed, the League Of Nations, heh). They did not sign because it would have prevented them executing these “children”.

      This really just highlights the inconsistency and hypocrisy. People are quite aware that long before the age of 18, persons have sufficient agency to be fully criminally responsible. But this agency evaporates when they engage in something consensual and voluntary if it offends the official morality.

      (Though to be fair it is worth noting that this inconsistency is shifting too. Six foot plus thugs who rob convenience stores or attack people suddenly become “children” when they get themselves shot in the course of their crimes. Whether it is all under 18 criminals who are “children” or just black ones does not seem to have yet been clarified by the Progressive clerisy).

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  22. Great article and I’m glad you are pursuing this issue. This persecution of vulnerable pensioners is utterly obscene. If this doesn’t stop one of these days someone is either going to commit suicide or die of stress related problems. Poor Gary Glitter already suffers from high blood pressure and collapsed with a heart attack the last time he was put through this. If anything happens to him or to any of the others I want to see a few heads rolling!!!!!!

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