If Scotland should leave…

David Davis

I’ve been wondering to myself what to do about this matter. It’s increasingly probable that the British GramscoFabiaNazis will try to engineer – by postal votes or by sheer scamming –  a resounding “Yes” vote, which will mean that plans will have to be got into motion to separate Scotland from the UK.

Initially, I was in favour. Indeed, ideally Britain – in the capacity of the sole-payers which is to say: the English voters in England –  might say to the Scottish People:- “Look, your governors say they don’t like us, hate and despise us, yet take money from us freely and frankly without blenching. So, now, we’re “letting you go”.  You may “- keep the Oil -” . Oh and there’s _no more money by the way_ . There would be no need  for a referendum then, and in any case the moneybags – the English – aren’t allowed to vote in it anyway.

But what happens when we get a Cubanized Gramscostalinist Scotland, steeped for nearly seven decades in more or less proper full-blooded socialism, on our Northern Border? For me it is less than 120 miles away (this is a large Island.) It goes without saying that our Amotic Sumbarines will need to be moved, together with all their kit and cranes and the like, and ideally as many of the servicing-personnel as can be retained and given English Nationality in a Hurry. You don’t keep your nuclear deterrent in a foreign country whose government has become deliberately hostile to you, on purpose, as was its intention. You don’t do this, if you are even a Libertarian.

As to what currency an independent Scotland might adopt: It might try the Euro, but I don’t expect Berlin would allow that.Some Euros might circulate de facto but only unofficially.

Mr thingy in London with the haircut, the moneybags-fella, might say “You Can’t Use Sterling”. But de-facto I think this will simply happen. The £-sterling will continue to circulate North Of The Border, whether we like it or not. RbS and the Bank Of Scotland already print their own Sterling notes with Scottish fellas on them like Robert de Bruys (an Anglo-Norman aristobureaucrat, but not too many people know that yet.) This will continue whether Salmond the oily-fish, the EU or anyone else likes it or not.

So the default-currency of an independent Scotland will be the £-sterling. This will happen on day-one. There are precedents like many countries in Latin-America that in practice use the $US-Dollar. It would merely cost the Scotch “government” more to pay its own debts rather than inventing something else to pay with.

Meantime, it’s funny and hilarious on a schadenfreudist sense, to see the British LaboutNazis’ FabiaNazi party thrashing about hysterically for votes for the “No” campaign in Scotland. They of course know that if it goes, they’ve gone too.

It’s in fact so humourous that I split my sides open to think of it.

9 thoughts on “If Scotland should leave…

  1. On the whole, now the Referendum is soon, I’d rather they voted no. I can see many reasons for waving goodbye to the lot of them. But I’m getting too old to savour that degree of uncertainty.

  2. Are the Illuminati, or whoever it is nowadays that wants global governance, and therefore makes sure that they control *every* electable party that tries to get a majority in any legislature, gambling, for once? Or can we trust them to have a Plan A _and_ a Plan B, and their people controlling ALL the political parties, so that even if they don’t rig elections, nothing much changes?

    Superficially, risking the Scots breaking away from the UK, by referendum, looks like the gamble of the century. But maybe the comparatively clever people who think they control everything, the “shadow government”, those with enough goodness left in them despite their riches probably to have Satan wishing he didn’t have to wait for them all to die to have a new generation of more co-operative useful idiots wanting to rule the world for him to work with, are only pretending not to have plan, pretending to be panicking as referendum day draws near, with the opinion polls suggesting that it’s going to be neck and neck.

  3. If Scotland should leave I doubt it will make much of difference to the shape of the world in general or the British Isles in particular. It will, I think, reveal just how restricted the effect of the actions of national governments on the important things in peoples lives really is in the modern european political order.

  4. I think they will vote Yes. My only negativity towards independence is purely sentimental. It will feel strange. That is all. There isn’t so far as I can see any rational argument against it, or to worry about it.

    The only concern is that apparently this has been so badly thought through that after a Yes vote Scots MPs are to remain in the Commons, not only voting on UK issues but as part of the government that will negotiate terms with Scotland. Which as I said at Tim Worstall’s is like a husband who unilaterally declares he is leaving his wife expecting to retain all his marital rights, such that the division of property etc is negotiated between “the couple” and “the husband” rather than “the wife” and “the husband”. Which is obviously absurd and repugnant.

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  6. Scotland is rotten with socialism like an advanced cancer sufferer. Without the English transfusion …. It is a poor plan to tell the person who is picking up the medical bills to piss off.

    Without the constant threat of Scottish leftist votes, we English have the chance to really get stuck into BluLabour.

  7. The argument in favour of the United Kingdom has been very badly made – full (as David Davis says) of nonsense about “the Pound” and so on. The “No” side will still probably win – but they have not campaigned well (indeed it is almost as if they are trying to lose).

    If “Yes” does win – that will be sad goodbye to more than three centuries of history,

    Scotland could indeed be an independent country (if they really do not like the idea of Britain) but the SNP do not want that (they want the European Union).

    And Scotland could indeed be a pro capitalist place – but instead both the SNP and Labour promise more freedom destroying and property looting “Social Justice” (and that is what most people in Scotland seem to want).

    It is all very depressing.

  8. We should not necessarily be too concerned with history. People live in the now, not the past. After all, if libertarians got our way, depending what sort you are some, most or all of the traditional political institutions of Britain would vanish.

    England and Scotland have always been two distinct nations in an uneasy and frequently rather frosty marriage. The Union itself was marked by violence that culminated at Culloden.

    Even if there is a “no” vote now (and I think it will be a “yes”), the parties are falling over themselves to offer even more “independence” to Scotland, which will result in an even more unjust balance with England in political terms. It is clear that the Union is dissolving. History sometimes has a trajectory. This is one such trajectory.

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