Update on my post about Scotland (see below)

David Davis

Further to my writings of not many hours ago, we now have Ed Miliband inplicitly implying while not saying so, that in the event of a “Yes” vote in Scotland, border controls will have to be introduced along the Northern English border.

This is obviously a desperate stab in the dark to try and retain Scotland in the Union, on account of him losing 70-odd (some very odd) Labour MPs from Westminster, making it highly improbable that the socialist Labour party would ever form an English government again. This scenarion is especially enhanced in its deep horror for him, since UKIP is likely now to get at least a handful of seats in 2015 – and probably the majority of those from Northern Labour MPs getting ejected.

For Libertarians, It doesn’t greatly matter if Scotland leaves or stays. If it stays, the Nazis of Labour will be able potentially to form Westminster governments, which is an evil prospect. But it will not greatly matter to the future of liberty any more than if Cameron’s socialists or the other socialists (the yellow ones) are in power.

For UKIP voters, already committed, an independent Scotland will represent a setback in that we won’t be able to get Scottish MPs. UKIP will become a manily-English/Welsh/Ulster party, but its incresing influence will not really be degraded in the medium term.

For the rest of the Union, independence for Scotland will result in reduced bills for us, as we ought not to be sending them any more money. I think we’d allow them to “keep The Oil” in return: if they make it too expensive to buy, more fool them.

There is also a report that The Queen is now “deeply concerned“. I would be too if I was her: she’s make a right balls-up of her coronation obligations in regard to the sovereignty of the British People, (the EU and all that.) But better late than never in thinking about what she is for.

My preferred solution is -whatever the result – to “Let Scotland Go”. The Queen might invite Scotland to _join the British Commonwealth” as an independent nation – so she could remain as Head of State if the Scots wanted, and thus save Alex Salmond’s face a little bit. But I’d deny Sterling to them, officially as a matter of record, so that when it inevitably circulates in large amounts de facto, and probably as the main Money there, we shall not then be responsible for Scotland’s future debts.


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