Sean Gabb on Scottish Independence, The EU and The Future of The UK

Greening Out Interviews #11 – Sean Gabb on Scottish Independence, The EU and The Future of The UK
Posted 20/09/14

Listen here

Dr Sean Gabb is a writer and broadcaster and academic. He is the author of twenty books, which include ten novels and three volumes of poetry. He has been commercially translated into Italian, Spanish, Greek, Slovak, Hungarian and Chinese. 

He joined the Libertarian Alliance in 1979. He became its Director in 2006, shortly before the death of its founder Chris Tame.

We welcome Sean back to the show for a very interesting conversation about the recent Scottish independence referendum, secession, recent violence in Glasgow, the EU, the British empire, history, the current mood in Scotland and England, the position of the major UK political parties and what their prospects are for the future and the future of the UK.

7 thoughts on “Sean Gabb on Scottish Independence, The EU and The Future of The UK

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  3. This is a very enjoyable and comprehensive interview, Sean – you should do more of them. The advantage of a friendly interview (as opposed to the equally necessary combative debate or argument format) is that it allows you to not just elaborate your points but also to go off on tangents – tangents are often just as interesting as the main topic. I had not heard of Greening Out before, but looking at their site I see a lot of very interesting-sounding podcasts that I must find time to listen to. Caity and Dan are a credit to Scotland.

    You appear to take a rather optimistic view of the proposed constitutional rearrangement. Personally, I doubt that we shall be let off the hook so easily. Labour are unlikely to meekly accept Cameron’s political coup and Labour’s powerful supporters in business, media and the civil service are going to be in overdrive, working on ways to blackmail the Tory leadership to water down their plans for proper English representation. Perhaps they will engineer a regime change to replace Cameron with someone more biddable. Of course, I hope that I’m wrong and that your assessment is correct. At least it won’t take too long to find out.

  4. A British patriot is someone who is loyal to a unified United Kingdom, and is loyal to Queen Elizabeth, and admires the great figures of British history – such as Winston Churchill.

    I do not thing the above paragraph describes Sean Gabb (now busy in his rewriting of history – in fact Dr Gabb was in favour of a “Yes” vote and lost last Thursday) – but if it does he will say so.

    I look forward to Dr Gabb claiming to the loyal to the Queen and claiming to admire Winston Churchill.

    As for libertarianism……

    A libertarian should look at the CIRCUMSTANCES.

    What chance is there that an “independent Scotland” would be led by parties committed to rolling back government and getting out of the E.U.?

    None – as most of Scotland is dominated by Labour and the SNP.

    On the position of only caring about “England”.

    As I (and others) have already pointed out – only caring about England is an utterly Un English position. What do they know of England who only England know? And those who only care for England do not really care for England.

    English patriotism is not a matter of “blood and soil” (real English patriots are British patriots – NOT Nazis). it is a matter of loyalty to a common history and common political institutions (such as the Monarchy) and shared principles. It is (as Edmund Burke pointed out – and Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and ……) a REJECTION of “geographical morality” (such as only caring about England and the English – with the Welsh and so on rejected as somehow alien) and of “ethnic morality” and the morality of “historical stages”. Herder and Hegel are not to be followed.

    A real English patriot is like the late Enoch Powell – a free trader in economics (and someone who believes in strict limits on government Welfare State spending – for cultural as well as economic reasons), and loyal to the Crown (the Queen) and the Union of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    People in England must be allowed to trade with people in other parts of the world. we must not be bankrupted (culturally or economically) by the wild spending of our own government, and we must be in Union with the other people of this island (and of Ulster) for historical and national defence reasons.

  5. By the way – I have forgotten (because he turns his coat so often) is Dr Gabb presently in favour of the United Kingdom getting out of the E.U?

    And not refer me to some speech or piece of writing (claiming whatever) – a simple “yes” or “no” is required.

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