The persecution of Emma West continues

Robert Henderson

Emma West was arrested in November 2011 after she protested about immigration whilst travelling on a bus. Her protest was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube as well as being copied by many national media outlets. The video was viewed millions of times.

Following the upload of the video Emma was arrested, held in the UK’s highest security prison for women , released and then subjected to a year and a half’s intimidation by the state as the powers-that-be desperately tried to get her to plead guilty to charges relating to racially motivated serious crimes (racially aggravated intentional harassment and racially aggravated assault) which would have almost certainly sent her to prison. Eventually, worn down by the stress she pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of racially aggravated harassment, alarm or distress.

I say Emma’s outburst was a protest against immigration because that is precisely what it is. Here are some of her comments:

She says: “What’s this country coming too?

“A load of black people and and load of f***ing Polish.”

One commuter challenges West, who rounds on him telling him: “You aren’t English”, to which he replies “No, I’m not”

She then scans the tram, pointing out people one-by-one, saying: “You ain’t English, you ain’t English, None of you are f***ing English.

“Get back to your own f***ing countries.”

“Britain is nothing now, Britain is f***k all.

“My Britain is f**k all now.”

You can argue that is foulmouthed, but you cannot argue it is anything but a protest against immigration. In fact, it is the most grass-root form of political protest there is, namely, directly engaging with the effects of policy.

Emma lives in a country which has been made unrecognisable by the permitting of mass immigration for over sixty years. Neither Emma nor any other native English man or woman (or Briton come to that) has had any say in this invasion of the country. This most fundamental act of treason has been committed by generations of British politicians who to date have got away with their crime. But to continue to get away with the crime the guilty men and women need to suppress public protest against what they have done. That is why the authorities were so desperate to get to plead guilty. She was a refusnik and they could not let that pass. That she resorted to foul language in her frustration is entirely understandable.

But those with power were not satisfied simply with her criminal conviction. Emma has now had her livelihood as a dental nurse taken away by the General Medical Council with this preternaturally smug judgement:

A [Dental Council] spokeswoman said: “Her conduct was truly appalling.

“It clearly has the capacity to bring the profession into disrepute and to undermine public confidence in its standards.

“Furthermore, her violent and abusive conduct would demonstrate a real risk to the safety of patients.

“In relation to her racially aggravated offence, this was committed in a public setting and received further public exposure, as a person had uploaded the video clip to the internet which has been viewed extensively.”

So there you have it, political correctness can not only send you into the clutches of the law but take your means of living away.


3 thoughts on “The persecution of Emma West continues

  1. A women was rude, and used bad language, on a bus.

    Not good – but then all Hell was let loose upon the woman, and that is worse (vastly worse).

    For example this woman was not “violent” – the “General Medical Council” or “Dental Council” are just lying (lying through their teeth – no pun intended).

    Nor should there be any license to take away.

    As Sir Edward Coke pointed out centuries ago (Dr Bonham’s case) the Common Law recognises no such “crime” as engaging in a trade (such as medicine) without a bit of paper (a “license”), and even if the Common Law did recognise such a “crime” it would not recognise the right of any guild or “council” to sit in judgement concerning such a “crime” (there must be a judge and jury if there is to be PUNISHMENT).

    Chief Justice John Holt (a century later) confirmed what Chief Justice Coke had said – and that Parliament had no right to violate fundamental law.

    However, with Blackstone, English jurisprudence lost its way……. and started to claim that Parliament could do anything it liked (even hand over powers to Kangaroo courts such as the “General Medical Council” or the “Dental Council”).

  2. New religions (which is what the new-age faith of multiculturalism, feminism etc. really are) require new heresies that are punishable as vigorously as ever. A hierarchical centralised system (where institutions are ring-fenced from competing views and also the checks & balances of free-market competition) is the ideal breeding ground for bad policies based on lunatic theories by dysfunctional people.

    Similarly, my local newspaper recently disabled my comments account thus also denying me access to the local job market and classifieds etc..

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