WE have to quit picking the individual hairs out of our navels one by one, and then screaming at other people’s

David Davis

I detect, on the blog and elsewhere, disenchantment with UKIP, on account of its “turning left”. To turn left, what does that mean? It means to say: to espouse openly or secretly – especially secretly (worse) –  a socialist or GramscoFabiaNazi policy of any sort however nugatory – and it is indeed a very, very serious and criminal thing to do. It ought to have not been allowed in the 1880s when there was still time, but sadly nobody was paying attention.

Libertarians are right to be concerned, I guess. Perhaps Nigel Farage has either taken leave of his senses: but this I doubt: he must be arguably the political personage in this country right now with the very tightest “officer-like grip”, as we used to call it when I was in the ad-industry….

Or he has even gone over to the GramscoFabiaNazis in reality: this I also doubt, for in reality if he meant to do that, he couldn’t have kept up a pretence of being so against them for so long – and they’d have “cut him more slack” in the media before now, which they have not been seen to be doing.

As someone said on here today in a comment, the entire British libertarian movement would fit in a medium-sized pub, with space for a stage and a band and a buffet. Too bad none of us can afford to stage that event…but what it shows is the The British (whatever they might be) are not very interested in navel-gazing about “how stuff will be better under anarcho-capitalism”. They just want to drive/shamble home, order the takeaways, flop in front of celebrity-big-brother, look at Lauren Goodger’s boobs (they’re quite good actually) or sneer/drool (take your pick) at some edgy inky chav fella (that’s the women), and then slope off to bed.

There’s no such thing here in the UK as a workable Libertarian Party: one that will do all the classical-liberal-minimal-statist things that we here on this blog and you our readers regard as a mere “First Base” – these to be built on in about five more minutes. It _cannot be done_ .We can’t pick and choose between outfits that may have some power to change anything, for we have none ourselves and cannot therefore negotiate.

Worse, I can’t think of a word to describe what we are that sounds very much worse than “LIBERTARIAN”. I mean, really….! It sounds quite dreadful. Look, just admit it for once, will you all? Please?

“Libertine” is the first thing that comes to lay-people’s minds when I say “libertarian” to them. They come over all, er, like … “Oh you’re for-free-love-then-and-all-drugs-and-sex-rapists-and-guns-and-we’ll-all-be-murdered-and-nothing-for-the-poor-and-doctors-and-nurses-and-firemen-and-the-police-and-you’ll-destroy-the-NHS-and-there’ll-be-no-schools-or-hospitals-at-all….(they take a breath there)…-or-roADS-AND-WHO WILL PAY FOR THE ROADS???…and everyone-will-be-homeless-on-the-streets-and-children-will-be sent-up-chimneys-and-won’t-be-able-to-read-and-write- …!!!!!”

I don’t care, really, if UKIP is rapidly and  tactically turning out to be a not very libertarian party. What we need to buy is time. WE can’t form any sort of party, and what’s needed is power, first. We _have no power_ . We can be a pure-in-heart as we like to be, and we will still be getting nowhere at all on the day we all die.

Jesus Christ says in the Sermon on the Mount:-“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”. For me, I’d rather see Britain out of the EU while I yet live – whoever says he can deliver it first: and if I am fortunate, then perhaps as a bonus fewer home-grown-GramscoFabiaNazi-bureaucrats having jobs doing awful and un-needed-things, while I also yet live.

If UKIP wants to make a few sop-promises to the Nazi left about extra VAT, then let them.

Look guys: we either have to shit – or get off the pot. Libertarians spend too long, and have done, and will yet do, to no avail at all, on nit-picking at each other’s policy-strands in fine detail. Let’s just get rid of LibLabCon, if we possibly can (there won’t be another chance in my view) and see what the other lot of non-politics might do. At least we might buy time.

Time is all we have. And not much of that left either.



  • You see, people,
    We are fighting a titanic war. We have been doing it for more than 150 years: and we are losing.

    Once people are offered other people’s stuff for free, and then they are _seen to be getting it_ (that part of the scam is very, very deeply vital: even if it is only for a little time, like 100 or 120 years or so, it must be seen to be being “delivered” if only for this time: a blink in God’s eye) then the war becomes almost unwinnable.

    We must just hope that more time can be bought.

  • Is UKIP libertarian? No it is not.

    Does it, generally, want to make government smaller? Yes I think it does.

    Is this true of the leadership of my own political tribe? I am not sure.

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