Brief Libertarian Alliance Comment on UKIP

I notice that much of our recent activity has concerned the UK Independence Party. I feel obliged, for the avoidance of doubt, to say the following:

1. People may post and comment on UKIP as much as they please. So far as this Blog is a congenial place to discuss UKIP, for or against, they are welcome to be here.

2. Several Officers of the LA are UKIP voters, and one of us is a paid-up member of UKIP. We have long been in the habit of regarding UKIP as the main libertarian voice in British politics, and I personally hope this will remain a reasonably well-justified habit.

3. Even so, the Libertarian Alliance is resolutely unaffiliated to any political party. This was so in the early days of Margaret Thatcher, when it seemed that the Conservative Party was in the position now taken by UKIP. It has remained so ever since. Nothing written on this Blog that may tend to endorse or to repudiate UKIP as a suitable party to support in any current or future election should be regarded as the official view of the Libertarian Alliance.

4. Indeed, if UKIP might perhaps be the party of choice for several Officers of the LA, one of us is a member of the Liberal Democrat Party: and I doubt whether I will vote UKIP next year.

Oh, and I will add that, for several years in the 1990s, our former Director, Chris R. Tame, was a member of the Labour Party. This may not have been for the same reasons as most other people join that rather strange party, but it is a matter of record. We are, and always have been, genuinely unaffiliated.

This statement being made, please feel at perfect liberty to continue your discussion.

Sean Gabb
Director of the Libertarian Alliance.

11 thoughts on “Brief Libertarian Alliance Comment on UKIP

  1. Since we who talk on here are all intellectually-curious and critical people, it’s not especially notable that there has been much discussion of UKIP and its apparent objectives. After all, there’s nothing much left to discuss about the clear direction that the Tories, Labour, the Lib-Dems, the Greens, the BNP (does it still exist?) and the various fissiparous “Celtic National Parties” (I don’t really know how many there are right now) all want to take The People. No “People” seem to have been asked much about this question by those I have listed.

    A few years ago, there was even a “Southport Party” (there really was.) It had only one political objective, which is perhaps better than all the others: to take Southport out of “Sefton Metropolitan Council” and join West Lancashire instead, or better – to revert to autonomous Borough Council status. the reason? High Council Taxes in Southport being used openyl to fund lower rates in Bootle. (We have nothing against Bootle People here – we just don’t want to be taxed to pay for them to have, er, ummm, whatever it is that they are being given for nothing.)

    Any party that inverts the current system of Political Discourse – for however brief a time – is to be talked about. What I think the “main” parties have been doing is deciding what the metropolitan PuritaNazi political elite likes, and thinks people should conform to, and then trying to coax or bully “The People” into going there. What I think a Party – if there has to be such things – ought to do, is first, in order to “lead” them, is “Find Out Which Way They Want To Go”.

  2. The European Union is an extra layer of government – in both government, and even more in regulations. See the works of Christopher Booker, and others, on this.

    Any sane person, in UKIP or out of it, should be against the E.U.

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland should leave the E.U.

    All other nations should also leave the E.U.

    The E.U. should not exist.

  3. That’s all very well Paul. But you, of all people (really), must also know that – as “Dr Gabb” says –

    – -“The EU is “A” problem, but it is not really “THE” problem. –

    If we could leave the EU – and we can – and we just repeal ROME and the SEA and LISBON, and we can then denounce them and also simply delete all the slave-legislation from the Books – what then about the BritishPolitical-EnemyClass? They are entrenched here, in the Town Halls, the City Halls, the Universities, and the Ministries. Oh, and the MSM. (We night even make a little detour and delete “MAASTRICHT” while we’re about it, but if all the others went it wouldn’t matter as much as a shrew’s frenulum anyway.

    The White Ethnic Intellectual middle-class British GramscoPuritanEUNazis would still be nominally in charge of all things like “Departments”, Councils”, “Ministries”, “Universities”, “Schools” and so on. We can’t shoot them, naturally, and the Police – being proto-Gramscocorrupted on purpose as was necessary – won’t go in and “seize” their computers/comms/children/wives/daughters/phones/bank-accounts and the like, thus turning them into “non-Citizens” in about an hour each.

    What, Paul, shall we do then? What are we to do next?

  4. David, this is why we are going to have to delegitimise their ideology. We need to go further than vanilla libertarianism in which the enemy is just an abstracted “State” and work on the specifics, as of course many of us are already doing. Just as a “Libertarian” in the USSR would have to be a specific anti-communist. As a minor part of this and an example, I am currently working on a pamphlet (for Kindle publication etc) which addresses and refutes just one of their many legitimising arguments. Will this bring down the Berlin Wall of PC? No, but many such deconstructions of the legitimising ideology of power may do so.

    • I would very much like to see what you have written, whenever it pleases you to send me a copy. Or you could put it here – but probably I hope you’d like money for it and would prefer to sell it…

  5. Apolitical by choice; libertarian with a tilt towards isolationism (and free trade). I like your term “Tory Party in Exile”; I call myself one of the Exiled.

  6. I think the key thing to do here is talk about the positives. Paint a picture of what a libertarian future holds. Connect with people on an emotional level – not just functional. Win the hearts to win the minds. Etc.

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