Product Review: Jongo A2 Bluetooth/Wifi Adaptor for Music System

Pure Jongo A2 Wireless Hi-Fi Adapter with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

I have a niceish CD/FM/DAB/USB system I bought on E-Bay six years ago. I thought of upgrading it a few months ago, when I realised I hadn’t played a CD for years and that I mostly listened either to Radio 3 or to MP3 files played from a memory stick. I thought of something swish and expensive. Then I read about this. It helped that the device was advertised as British – though assembled in China – which tugged on my patriotic instinct.

The advantages of the device are that is was cheap, and easy to plug into my music system, and that I can stream the whole of my vast music collection straight from hard disk on the computer upstairs to my existing system, and control it via the notebook computer here in my writing room. A further advantage is that, if I ever buy something old but very grand from the 1980s, I shall be able to plug this in there as well.

The disadvantage is that you might as well put the instruction guide straight into the paper recycling box along with the packaging. I’m no fool with IT, but this left me scratching my head. I found it was easy to connect via Bluetooth to my mobile telephone, and to play music files from there. But, though I can get it to show on my notebook computer, I still can’t get the device to work with Windows 7.

For using it with the wireless network, I eventually puzzled out this procedure:

Get someone to press the WPS button on your router at the same time as you press the WPS button on the bottom of this device.

The red light then flashes green, and then turns green.

Follow these instructions from Microsoft to enable streaming.

That’s it. I haven’t yet shut down for the night and checked to see if it works the next morning. But the sound is wonderful. As said, I will eventually find something top of the range from the past that has no USB input, and that may not even play CDs, but that has phono inputs, and I shall be able to turn it into a modern streaming audio system.

I feel almost guilty to give it only three stars. On the other hand, there are only so many hours in my lifetime, and spending one of them on getting something to work that should have worked out of the box is rather poor in this day and age.


One thought on “Product Review: Jongo A2 Bluetooth/Wifi Adaptor for Music System

  1. Those of us who still remain alive – although rather old – at this time in the pre-dawn of technological civilisation, ought to feel seriously blessed and privileged. That we have to fumble about with opaquely-written anglo-Chinese instructions, some of which seem to mean the opposite of what they suggest, is a mere minor irritation. And the sound is nowadays about as faithful to what went into the mikes as can be obtained in practice.

    Imagine tuning a “sound-wireless set” in the late 1920s, to something like 2LO…with a screwdriver (if indeed you didn’t have to visit your Iron-monger to obtain the right one…)

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