How Laws are Made in a Police State

Jock Coats

Here’s how things go in this country (UK). A few months back someone told me about microdosing psychedelics, and a friend introduced me to a legal to produce and possess analog of LSD called AL-LAD. A few years back the UK government’s own “Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs” (a body of lackeys that produce “policy based evidence” to order from the government really) reviewed this and said there was no need to control it. There has been a steady supply of it, in pretty well known quantities and qualities. Relatively cheaply. It is, to the best of my knowledge, about as safe as I can get in a semi-clandestine market (albeit not the “full black market” of illicit drugs).

Last summer, ACMD were asked to review a whole raft of other “Novel Pharmaceutical Substances” as they call “legal highs” and “research chemicals” and in particular to report on the use of uncontrolled tryptamine based drugs. (Tryptamine is [a naturally-occuring biochemical derivative of Tryptophan, which is an] (ed.) amino acid, probably one of the 21 believed to have been present in the chemical soup without which life would not have emerged on earth at all, so lots of things have it in).

Well this time, with no new evidence of abuse, no new evidence of harm, but merely because it is an analog of something already banned (LSD) and was under review because it was seen as a possible alternative to things also being banned, they’ve recommended, and an Order in Council was approved on 10th December, to add it to the schedule of banned substances in Class A.

From 7th January therefore having enough of the stuff in my house to microdose for a month (i.e. not much different from any other daily dietary supplement, say, or about enough to have two more “psychonautic” trips) could in theory get me a life sentence in prison!

Using the device of an Order in Council is the usual way to add small amendments to things like the Misuse of Drugs Act. It requires no consultation, other than taking the soundings of the Advisory Council with no interest in undermining their previous scheduling classes by allowing something close to LSD whilst having to maintain the fiction that the “real stuff” is a dangerous drug.

It’s disgusting. Is all I can say!

2 thoughts on “How Laws are Made in a Police State

  1. I think these regulations, and the way lf making them, are misguided – radically misguided.

    However, calling Britain a “Police State” is counter productive, because people just say “Britain is not a Police State” and then ignore the rest of the argument – even when the rest of the argument is actually true.

    Still Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. I actually agree that the term police state doesn’t play well to the general population so at this stage may be best avoided in general arguments with the numpties. Among ourselves though, I think it is an appropriate term. The problem is that in general the term is applied too narrowly to a stereotype of military/political police states- the fascist/communist model. It’s been my argument that we live in what we might term a moralist rather than political police state.

    Sharia Islam is an example of a moralist police state. Under Islam, you might be entirely free to criticise the secular powers, but if you don’t wear a burka you will be beaten with sticks by the (moral) police. This is the closer model to our own form of police state. Prohibition Era America is a kind of type species example, but the continued persecution of persons for using drugs other than alcohol is proof that we live in one.

    This is why I keep banging on about morals. The primary character of Progressivism is that it is a moral crusade- it is simply that its morality diverges in many significant areas from traditional, conservative, and liberal/libertarian moral ideas. This matters, because many people (conservatives in particular) believe the Proggies to be amoralists, and this is simply a wrong analysis, in my view.

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