27-year-old boy drives Astom Martin at 101 mph and gets ticketed

David Davis

Note by author:- Stephen Fry is an intelligent and cultured fellow, on the balance of probabilities. I think he’s a Cambridge-man, so it’d be hard to avoid being like he actually is unless you really tried.

Now, er, people often pay me, personally and meant well, what they really really think are great compliments, by saying that _I look and sound and talk and think like him_ . It is really quite true in a broad way, but it’s too hard in these times of “tolerance” to explain why I really, really do _not_ like this particular compliment at all.

However, I would not let a 27-year-old boy drive an Aston Martin, especially if he was told to “drive faster”. It could lead to problems later.

The actual event referred to is here. The relevance to libertarian life and thought is that, although the newspaper refers baldly to the pair as someone and his “fiance” (accented properly), as directed by British statute law, if someone objected to the given classification, they would probably be “investigated” (at the very least) by the Police, which is an experience devoutly to be not desired these days in Britain. That is not to say that if a man and another man decided to “get married”, they could not do so if they wished: however, the term used, “marriage”, is actually quite specific, and even carries over into molecular biophysics if I may be so bold as to suggest so.  And to confirm this and also the actual meaning of “marriage” as intended, I refer you to David Webb’s article of a few days ago, here.


One comment

  • David, it is, of course, nonsense to describe two men as fiancés, and even to refer to them as “getting married”. This is simply because two men cannot reproduce sexually. Elliot Spencer cannot have Stephen Fry’s babies. Libertarianism should not be interpreted in a way that suggests we can change the biological facts of life. Neither of these two men would qualify as male models, and I would not like to think what they might get up to in private – but the full extent of the libertarian view is that whatever it is they do in private as adults they should be allowed to get on with it. But as for public and flamboyant ceremonies mocking matrimony itself, that is distasteful.

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