Quick not to all our writers

David Davis

Please from now on, could you all put your by-line in blue Italics, as shown by mine just above, just at the top of your post and ideally as the first item, or the first after a title in the main box? It will please me, as an old old man, and will also please the chimpanzee type-writors in the freezing nissen hut. It will also help to standardise the look of our posts.


  • But only if you want to, of course. if you don’t want to put your by-line, then don’t.

  • I will make a bigger effort to comply

  • Liberty Will Not Die

    So basically you are imposing your own system on the rest of us. I thought this was a libertarian blog. Your diktat is worthy of the CCCP.

  • I’ve been thinking. The chimpanzees aren’t getting any younger, and as there’s no minimum wage for non-humans, and as their job could literally be done by gibbons, why not phase them out and replace them with the gibbons from Chester Zoo? They’re a nice family and willing to work for a pittance. It’s either that or employ the bonobos but I fear that a) they’re rather overqualified for menial work and b) they would attempt to shag the typewriters. (The Orangutans are already employed part-time by the Socialist Worker’s Party.)

    • I’ll consider making the gibbons an offer. A few of the older and more arthritic chimps might also accept early retirement.

      • I hear some of the gibbons are mutualists and some are Randroids. That’s the closest we’ll get to libertarianism from the primates: the orangutans are, I can confirm, employed part-time by the Socialist Workers, while the bonobos and the gorillas are all in the Green Party.

  • It may be one of the early signs of Alzheimer’s that I often wonder about, but I can’t find how, in the WordPress editor, to change the colour of text. I will continue looking, however.

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