Wipe Those Silly Smiles from Your Faces: We are All Doomed


  • I can think of a lot more horrors that are not listed here (I am good at thinking of horrors – thinking of nice things I find more difficult). But this is good.

  • Julie near Chicago

    The one that really concerns me is Death of the Universe. Because, What happens next?

    • It depends on what kind of death it is. If SpaceTime itself has no limit, the universe will eventually run down to a state of thermal equilibrium, so that time carries on but nothing at all happens, like waiting for the intelligent part of an Obama speech. This is called the Heat Death.

      But you knew that already Julie, probably.

      • Julie near Chicago

        Ian — you came within a millimeter of owing me a new keyboard…!

      • Julie near Chicago

        But more seriously, Ian, that would be a sort of Living Death, would it not? Like the state one is in as a result of exposure to an Obama speech.

        Perhaps on balance we should be grateful that the patience of the Universe, while great, is not infinite. :>))

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