The Gutting of the Natural History Museum

Sean Gabb

Went with my women today to the Natural History Museum. A sad disappointment. It has been turned from a place of research and education into a vulgar tourist attraction. Most of the exhibits have disappeared, and we had to queue to get in, and then to see what remains of the dinosaur exhibition.

When I come to power as front man for a military coup, I will impose a loving recreation on all funded museums of how they were c.1960. Until then, I recommend charging foreign tourists £25 a head to get in, and refusing them access to the toilets.


  • Julie near Chicago

    All wrong, Sean. Charge us £25 entry fee if you like, but you ought also to charge £1 per to those who cannot, upon exit, show a ticket that constitutes proof of their having used the facilities.

    Especially if they have small children.

    After all, somebody would have to be paid to mop the results of the no-loo policy.

  • A very sad cultural decline – and Sean has got the date right, the decline has become more obvious in recent years, but it was indeed present in the 1960. Indeed in such things as painting, music and architecture the great break was the Second World War.

    One could, just about, imagine something like the Natural History museum being created in the 1920s or 1930s (although it would be a rather plain building, most likely a stripped down classical building, such as the Senate House of the University of London, – not the wonderful building of the sort the Victorians and Edwardians created), but after World War good old institutions just carried (till the generations that looked after them died off) – nothing new, that was good, was created. And from the 1960s onwards even the good old institutions started to come under attack.

    The modern elite miss nothing in their quest for vileness – even the smallest detail does not escape them. For example the entrance to the crypt of St Martin’s In the Fields Church (a church were one could listen to lunchtime concerts and go for an inexpensive meal in the crypt – I know, I did this in my security guard days) used to be the ordinary steps outside the church – part of the building, totally in keeping. Now the entrance is well outside the building – a big glass thing (“in your face”) – lots of money spent, to make things less good.

  • Not a thing wrong with what you propose Sean. After all, that’s precisely what the Russians do. Notices placed on the walls of the entrance to the Hermitage clearly telling all foreigners in no uncertain fashion that they’ll have to pay higher charges.

    I was happy to pay more. It’s their building and their art works and other treasures put at risk.

    Less happy with cloak rooms and lavatories once inside however. But I’ve used worse facilities- both inside and outside. How on earth the girls manage when there’s not reams of paper available though I’ve no idea. In my imagination at least, I’m seeing the reason why Russian dancers have such long, super-strong legs.

    But for me, London changed the moment Thatcher turned Downing Street into her personal iron fortress. From that moment on I realised how much I’d been deluding myself when thinking it to be my city. More recent events have proven it beyond any shadow of doubt.

    I could go on for pages but I’ll pee off instead.

  • I was disappointed in it in 1999, the last time we went. Also, worse, the Geology Museum had disappeared totally, and was now something called “The Earth Galleries”, seemingly part of the NH bit. That says everything I am afraid.

    As Sean’s Principal Secretary Of State For War, (war begins at home like charity) I will ensure that the families and the residuary legatees of the people that made this horror, on purpose, will foot the Reparations Bill from their current fortunes, and those of their heirs until paid fully. The same goes for the National maritime Museum at Greenwich, arguably a higher priority. The Imperial Museum Of Science and Industry, South Kensington, London SW7, will have the original and entire Coal Mine replaced into its basement, instead of kiddies’ waterslides.

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