Some people might be wondering and trembling in their boots

David Davis

Lately, this bolg has been talking about things such as “The British Empire”, “England”, and “nations” and who owns which one, and whether such a thing was “good” or not. The British Empire was simply an accidental vehicle, and perhaps arguably not the optimal one (but merely the noe that was there at the time) for transmitting to All People the hardly-learned (and it was quite hard sometimes) lessons about “How To Live”.

For the avoidance of doubt, I just wanted to say a couple of things which might help to calm people.

Firstly, the Libertarian Alliance is committed to following the Letter Of The Law regarding equality, diversity and vibrantness in Vibrantly-Mutliculturalist New Britain, a Young Country. This country is Vibrant. We speak the truth here. You are all vibrant now, whether it pleases you or not. In the interests of full vibrancy, those of you who have nowt to hide have nowt to fear.

Secondly, when it comes to matters of right of course, we have to decide to decide to say what we think is right. This doesn’t mean that we here vibrate at the wrong wavelength. We do indeed vibrate; really, honestly we do. But our vibrations might be potentially mis-quotable by the quotationably-strategic-focussing-and-quotating-people. But don’t worry, for even when we are wrong, we are right. These blokes quotate the agreed-and-publicly-quoted-terms of public discourse which they have agreed are to be agreed because they said somewhere that these had always been pre-agreed by progressively-thinking people _going forward_. (Socialists always “go forward”.)

Because they said everyone was agreed about all these matters, whatever they might be termed as later on. I expect there’s a term for it like a “framework-Law” or something like that. Oh well never mind.

Well, to get back to basics, some of us have been lying back and thinking of England. This is merely a way of saying, while getting your attention;-

(1) “how and where did liberal ideas originate, and why?

(2) “why was it this lot there on that coldish wet windy damp and boring island, and not some other lot”?

Think, just think, how deeply, deeply sexy libertarianism would have seemed – especially _as seem by, for the first time – … by Ethnic White Anglosphere GramscoFabiaNazi socialist machine-droids…if it had been invented by…

…The Chinese….or…

…The IndoPersians…or…

…The Native Zimbabweans…

The current staffs and faculties and so-on of most or all British Universities, plus all those of HarvYale and all those other places whose names I can’t fully pinpoint in order of importance late at night, would be all over the “new Libertarianism Going Forward”.

I am not really fussed at how badly this idea and post will be received, frankly.

One has been called to bed, so one will talk more about the specific legacy of the British Empire at some later time.


  • My heart vibrates with diversity.

  • Good grief, during the third chunk I thought John Prescott had become a writer here! {David Two Jags?!}

    I don’t think there any neat answers to anything as complicated as life and this world. For too long a lid has been in place on people diverging from the sanitised and completely one sided narrative when it comes to complex matters of race, nationhood and matters of empire.

    I have my views on many of these things. I am not suggesting I am right and everybody else is wrong, but many ‘liberals’ seem to have reduced things down to the point where any defence of beneficial aspects to the British Empire, or the recognition of ethnicity being bonded to nationhood, or any other such thing is utterly “beyond the pale” and not even worthy of taking seriously.

    The one-sided clamp down on all these things is stifling and lacks the “diversity” of opinion, because that kind of thinking is perceived to be, I suppose, amongst other things, wicked and dangerous.

    That is the diversity these people don’t tend to like. They like things to be simple, where they don’t have to really consider evidence or facts or really understand all sides of a subject matter, but work from knee-jerk reactions which they have been taught – and to often issue pavlovian moral outrages as a tool whenever certain trigger words or whatever arise, irrespective of what is actually being said.

    This can be seen in what happened to Sean the other week during the radio show debate. An inability of people to actually listen and think about what was actually being said, in preference to throwing their hands in the air and shutting it all out.

    There are many things which need to be reassessed and put into context from time to time, whether it is the right and wrongs of the British Empire, the second world war, mass immigration and many other apparently thorny issues that tends to get peoples backs up.

    There have been quite a glut of these kinds of articles of late, including the speech on John Enoch Powell (which I enjoyed viewing this morning).

    As can be seen from the video and other works of insight into this man’s political career and credentials, he was much more three dimensional than the ‘hate figure’ he has become to so many people – people who haven’t the good grace or balance to actually immerse themselves in contrary views or positions like his in order to become a worthy commentator on it.

    This is why there is often the shrill kind of noise whenever this man’s name is raised. But without the insight, debate and explanations being given by those the liberals hate, people cannot be informed. People cannot start to think for themselves. People cannot begin to have a more rounded opinion and expand that into other matters where possible.

    The other week I was being told by one lecturing liberal that you create races by mixing all the races together (which had only come into being in the first place by tens of thousands of years of separate developments). I don’t know where they got their biology degree, but I suspected it was out of a Christmas cracker. Of course, they did not have one or any clue, but that did not stop them from being an authority on the subject in their own mind.

    They said that I don’t have to associate with non-white people if don’t want to do – and that I can opt out of what is taking place (our dilution) if I don’t like it. This included halal food in the food chain and other things. Quite how this can be done, particularly in the future, they never really said.

    They had no answer to the facts provided on demographics, economics, the situation in the third world, the likely future of a surging Islamic society in Britain (and what it would mean) and generally scoffed at the idea that there was an indigenous people to these lands.

    They thought that they were better than me, despite knowing absolutely nothing about any of the subject matters they were trying to lecture me about.

    It was quite embarrassing for me to witness, yet they came out with the character assassinations, the name calling, the emotional whining in order to try and make me out to be some kind of lunatic, some kind of ‘hate fuelled’ monster and thus they feel they “won” the argument.

    This is how I feel wider society has been operating for a long time.

    I am not sure I agree with the entirety of some of the recent articles here, but I see no harm in things being discussed and thrashed out.

    I do not believe the state-approved and liberal approved world view I was brought up regurgitating. I learned to think for myself and challenge myself to consider the view of my opponents. Life is full of chapters this way. In five years time, I may have taken a different route again or may mellow in some things.

    It would be awfully boring if we all agreed on everything all the time.

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