Chris Tame, 1988, Prostitution

Chris Tame, 1988, Prostitution from Sean Gabb on Vimeo.

This is a media appearance involving Chris R. Tame (1949-2006), Founder-Director-President of the Libertarian Alliance.

Heart of the Matter, presented in 1988 by Joan Bakewell.


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  • This is one of those matters where people insist (totally wrong headedly) that if one is not in favour of a government ban, one must be in favour of the activity.

    I suppose people are taught that “either something is forbidden or it is compulsory”.
    The idea that one might strongly disapprove of something yet think that a government ban is bad, is against the modern “mind set”.

    And it is actually quite an old trick now. For example Disraeli used to try and poison the mind of Queen Victoria against Gladstone by hinting that Gladstone was using the services of prostitutes.

    In fact Gladstone was trying to help women out of prostitution – as he did not believe that such matters should be dealt with by the “Sword of State” (by the threat of violence).

    Unlike Aristotle (as well as Plato) Gladstone did not believe that the role of the state was to make people “just and good” – indeed he said that he was certain that true moral reform could NOT come from the state.

    And Gladstone’s dealings with prostitutes?

    It was a charitable cause that undertaken since university – Gladstone (or so the story goes) had belonged to a student society which assigned charitable causes randomly (as some causes are less popular than others).

    Had Gladstone got retired pit ponies, rather than “fallen women”, would Disraeli have hinted that he was involved in bestiality?

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