Death of Colin Grainger

by John Kersey

I was saddened to learn that Colin Grainger, known to the blogosphere as Captain Ranty, has died. He was a past chairman of Freedom2Choose, campaigning for the rights of smokers, an advocate of Lawful Rebellion and a passionate, often ranty, opponent of the prevailing establishment.

Dick Puddlecote has written, “I was just heading out last night when the very sad news appeared on Twitter that fellow blogger and friend Captain Ranty has passed away.

I’d known him for a couple of years when he started his blog in April 2009 and was in no doubt it would be a success due to the quality of his writing, as I described during his early days.

He writes superb stuff, and (shhh, secret) I knew this before he started blogging. In fact, I knew it before I started this blog, which is why the moment he began writing in earnest, he was instantly added to my blogroll. I didn’t need to know what he would be writing about as I didn’t care. His pedigree was unquestionable, his prose a dream, and boy has he delivered in spades.

As a result of this, the Cap’n’s comments sections were always lively and he rattled up large visitor numbers and some 2,800 Twitter followers in very short order.

His overall content was starkly different from here but always opinionated (as a blog should be), blunt, brutally honest, and often very personal, especially recently. However, being a staunch libertarian and a smoker, there were regular posts which would chime with those of you who read my tabloid stuff.”

Another obituary is on the Freedom2Choose blog.


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  • The man sounds interesting – I wish I had known him.

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