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  1. “Local food tastes better” seems pretty silly. Different people have different tastes.

    “Local produce is better for you” might have some kind of basis in fact (e.g. local honey, being made from local pollens, is thought by some to help with allergies) but it seems a pretty broad claim.

    I’ll stop with the first two for now and let others have their go at them and the rest.

  2. The proposition that locally grown food tastes better cannot always be true – have you tasted coffee from cumbria lately?

    It is not true that locally grown food supports local families in any useful sense – most cabbage cutters in Lincolnshire are said to be Poles with families in Poland. Fine people no doubt but not local in any proper sense. Same criticism of “building local communities”.

    Local food preserves open space. Hmmm. What does that mean. Perhaps that if we do not buy their stuff they will grow bungalows instead. Seems to me the planning laws are more relevant than buying local stuff.


  3. If people want to buy their food locally that is up to them – although the idea that a country as densely populated as Britain could grow all our own food is insane.

    A way it might be done is if new technology leads to a revolution in food production – with food being created in factories by biotech.

    However, I doubt that the writer of the post would like that.

    As for housing estates – I have great doubts over how economic a lot of these developments really are.

    Presently (I prefer the word to “currently” – so pedants can go jump in the nearest lake), interest rates are near zero – but this will not remain the case for long (it is a Central Banking Credit Bubble policy).

    Also there are massive subsidies for house builders – government roads and drains and so on.

    Take away the artificially low interest rates (return to borrowing being from REAL SAVINGS) and end the subsidies and a lot (not all – but a lot) of these housing estate projects are financially dubious.

    • “Also there are massive subsidies for house builders — government roads and drains and so on.”

      Never thought I’d live to see the day that Paul Marks started talking left-libertarian!

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