In this picture, the Nazis are shown on the left. This is where they belong of course as everyone knows.

David Davis



  • Regardless of where the National Socialist German Workers Party sat in the German Parliament they (like the Italian Fascists) were a collectivist movement – committed to control by “the people” over the economy.

    The lie that the National Socialists and Italian Fascists were “tools of the capitalists” was invented by the Soviet NKVD – but morons (especially American morons) still push it.

    The “German socialism” (as Mises described it) of maintaining formal private ownership, but giving effective control to the collective goes back all the way to Fichte and others.

    Both the Fascists and the National Socialists practiced this.

    The National Industrial Recovery Act of Franklin Roosevelt (struck down by the Supreme Court in 1935) would have opened the door to this in the United States – even businessmen who supported it would soon have bitterly regretted it.

    And YES – the Labour Party, the Greens, and the Scots and Welsh Nationalists all believe in this sort of thing.

  • However, it would be better to use the word “Fascist” rather than “Nazi” – as the word “Nazi” is associated (and rightly associated) with vicious anti Semitism.

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