An Introduction to Libertarianism

3 thoughts on “An Introduction to Libertarianism

  1. Oh the joy!

    This Bindel creature once debated against the legalisation of pornography on a late night Tyne Tees TV discussion programme opposing Chris Tame’s call for a repeal of the anti-pornography laws.
    Chris, ever the model of gentlemanly civility, made the usual case in his typically eloquent manner, when half way through his presentation one of the other guest speakers, a model by the name of Alison Brown suddenly interjected – “I’m sorry but all the time HE has been speaking THIS WOMAN,” she snarled jabbing her finger at the unfortunate Bindel, “has been muttering ‘wanker’ and ‘pervert’ under her breath!”

    Bindel looked like she’d been shot!

    I roared with laughter, it was one of the funniest things I’d ever seen – two women coming close to blows on live TV over Chris Tame’s honour!

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