The Most Dangerous Man in Europe

2by Jakub Jankowski

Janusz Korwin-Mikke was born in occupied Warsaw in October 1942. After the death of his mother during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, he was put under the care of his grandmother and later his stepmother. He studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Faculty of Philosophy of the Warsaw University. Came into prominence as early as the late 60’s, protesting against the communist regime and the expulsion of Jews. For which he was imprisoned as well as relegated from university, though he finally managed to graduate in philosophy, He passed his master’s examination without attending any philosophy courses. His academic interests also extended beyond to mathematics, sociology and psychology.

His academic area of expertise was in the fields of social cybernetics and decision making theory. For a while he worked as a scientist but in the late 70’s he founded the underground publishing house called ‘The conservatives and liberals printing house’. He started to translate, print and distribute free market classical liberal and libertarian classics amongst free-thought hungry Polish citizens, who became tired of Polish communist misery. Already knowing that communism is bankrupt and that there is little time, Korwin-Mikke wanted to teach Poles the essence of capitalism and fundaments of classical liberalism. Otherwise given the inevitable fall of communism, Poles would be left at the mercy of manipulators and socialists turned social-democrats and that is precisely what happened later.

However even before 1989, Korwin-Mikke was trying to influence politics. Since 1962 to 1982 he formally became a member of a party in communist Poland known as the ‘Stronnictwo Demokratyczne’ ‘Democratic Party’. It was a legal party; it had its members in the communist parliament. Communist Poland had in fact other parties sharing power with the communist PZPR party, though they were quite obviously controlled opposition. Korwin left the Democratic Party after the infamous anti-parasite bill that passed in the parliament in 1982. What this bill de facto did was that it instituted forced labour and made private black market entrepreneurship illegal. It was the middle of the martial law period in Poland and the dictatorship of the military junta and already the country and its economy were crumbling

Korwin-Mikke was not then a member of the opposition of the Solidarity Movement. He considered them (and justly so) – a bunch of commies and socialists who wanted to exchange authoritarian with democratic socialism. Korwin-Mikke preferred rather the Chinese way of reforms. Keep the authorities in power, but lose all economic controls and repression of trade. Introduce capitalist reforms instead of political revolution.  This was the main aspect of his radicalism and conflict with the middle-of-the-road liberal like the current European President Donald Tusk.

At the end of the 80’s, when the switch of power from the communists to solidarity was sealed; Korwin-Mikke formed his political platform, the only free-market party in Poland and one of the first parties in post-communist Poland – the Union of Real Politics. This party reflected the worldview of Janusz Korwin-Mikke, he considered and still considers himself the only true right-winger in Poland. Therefore the Union of Real Politics combined radically libertarian free-market economic philosophy with conservative social views; a pragmatic 19th century approach of foreign affairs, a strong Republican spirit, (despite Korwin being a monarchist), and a strong respect for the rule of law. Sounds eclectic? No at all if we analyse Korwin-Mikke’s views more closely.

The key aspect here is his field of expertise – social cybernetics. Korwin is above all else a social Darwinist. He rationally believes in the evolutionary process of selection and discarding of weaker individuals as well as societies and polities. From this perspective he believes that monarchy is the best political system as according to him it had ruled for 99% of human history and had always returned – always, after the dead degenerate periods of democratic mob rule fell.

As a social cybernetician he is not necessarily interested in ‘why something is so’, because he said is only interested in ‘what comes out of the box’ so to speak, what happens in it is of no importance to Korwin. This is in contrast to for example, famous paleolibertarian philosopher Hans-Hermann Hoppe who wrote ‘Democracy The God That Failed’ to explain why democracy leads to social degeneration and socialism. Korwin-Mikke  in contrast simply states that ‘a system where two bums from the street have more voting power than a university professor’ will always be a failed one and that such a system necessarily leads to barbarism. From a Darwinist perspective, weak monarchs are weeded out by strong monarchs, and more enterprising monarchs, who must necessarily follow more free-market policies to win.

Thus as a social Darwinist and in spite of his conservatism, Korwin-Mikke fully embraces total decriminalisation of all drugs and total retreat of the government from regulating substance production, distribution and usage. He says that one should be allowed to take heroin, and that natural selection will take care of such a person and will get rid of this person for the benefit of the rest of humanity. Despite his conservatism bon-vivant, he has recently fathered two additional children with a young party activist, all in spite of his advanced age and marital status.

His quotes about sex are very interesting – all of his statements are – but his sexual ones are particularly notable. For instance he considers cheating on ones wife to be quite normal and sexual polygyny a biological and evolutionary imperative. Despite chastising the left for abusing sex and sexual imagery, he often abuses sexual innuendos himself. For instance quoting the Russian proverb ‘You can’t score every girl on the planet, but you should always try’ on a live Polish television broadcast.

Is Korwin-Mikke a libertarian? No – not in the slightest! Not philosophically; he does not begin at the premise of liberty. That is not a big problem at all however as Ayn Rand did not begin at this premise either, and rightly so. However Korwin-Mikke doesn’t even begin at the premise of reason. He actually quite scolds pure reason, and this would put him at odds with Ayn Rand.
Korwin-Mikke considers himself a deist and theologically is often at odds with Catholic clergy, while he calls them out and proclaims to be the real Catholic in the house, unlike them. His uncompromising approach and individualist relation to the issue of God puts him close to protestant sects and as well to the founding fathers of America rather than any traditional form of Catholicism.
His most often repeated phrase for political systems is the Roman maxim ‘Volenti non fit iniuria’, ‘To the willing harm is not done’. Whatever you do out of your own free-will, you take responsibility for it and nobody may stop you legally from doing something which might only hurt yourself. That is his basis for a free society, no big extravagant philosophy, rather simple pure Roman legal formulae for taking risks – making a choice – and suffering the consequences.

However, the point at which Korwin-Mikke is most compelling at is on his views on the dynamics of civilisation. He considers the European civilisation already dead and taken over by what he calls the ‘Union Civilisation’. That is the anti-civilisation of European Union and is the antithesis of the genuine Western European civilisation. The European Union this ‘Soviet Union’ of Europe has inverted all the virtues of the west and turned them into vices, awhile elevating the elements scorned not even a hundred years ago. The virtues of the new European man, as Korwin explains, are as follows; boys are now taught by the educational authorities that aggression is bad, is a ‘no-no’ – you have to peaceful, mild, passive about your fate, you cannot fight, nor have strong emotions – emotions of hate. The aggressive and fighting spirit is being eradicated by the school system and ideology, so they may create spineless slaves. Who would never even consider rebellion, would never raise arms against their oppressors and their new taxes and regulations.

Here Korwin sees the ominous influence of the leftist social ideal – the spineless passive hippie, which is being forged in the school systems of Europe of today. The effects are easy to behold and foresee. European kids in school are defenceless against the aggressive, dynamic Moslem kids. Who were not taught passivity nor peacefulness. Korwin explains that the Islamic civilisation is currently better than the ‘Union civilisation’ in Europe because at least Moslems are taught to be warrior-like and aggressive. They are equipped with the tools to conquer and submit others to their commands awhile we the Europeans, are not.

The Europeans are only taught to follow orders of the authorities blindly and passively and behave like pigs in a sty in other circumstances. Live and ‘pig-out’! This is another aspect of the Union civilisation Korwin-Mikke despises. Despite capitalism creating all this wealth that is consumed, the Union civilisation hates capitalism and its virtues of entrepreneurship, innovation and striving. It only craves goods so that it may consume, and consume in a degenerative spiral down the drain – a huge ‘pig-out’ in the sty, while the producers must provide the means to do that somehow -the essence of socialism and the spiritual lessons of the ‘Union civilisation’.

The Moslems, Korwin-Mikke says, hate this mockery of civilisation mostly because of this degenerated wanton consumption and the mentality of entitlement. The Moslems, Korwin states, will cut our throats and we will passively allow them to, because we in this Union civilisation are no better than cattle for slaughter. We forgot how to fight for our lives. We won’t have anyone to fight this fight for us. The Moslems will take over because they despise us for what we are, weak, passive, pigs with swollen bellies and no spine.

Instead, Korwin says. The true European civilisation was the civilisation of the conquering white men – that of the coloniser, the fighter, the builder, the executioner, the pioneer, the tycoon, the captain of industry and the astronaut. In order to reach for the skies and the space beyond, we need to return to the start. True capitalism will allow for that, because there are always bold risking individuals who will put everything on the stake to achieve the unachievable to do the impassable. That is where the real innovations derive from, risk, boldness, daring. This is the western civilisation and this is what capitalism is based on. The left destroyed it. They took our boldness away and took our future with it also. The left must be crushed! – says Korwin-Mikke. When he says that, you know he means that. No compromise! No compromise with the leftist subhuman scum.

This is the reason why Korwin-Mikke is so appealing young sympathisers of liberty in Poland, he gives them hope. No dry data about the advantages of a freer economy or of lower taxes or fewer regulations. These are obvious for anyone pertaining to having half a brain. Korwin shows them how that translates into life and reality. He shows them the meaning of the pursuit of happiness. He inspires Polish youth to take arms, to act and to fight for capitalism and for civilisation with the feeling of pride and purpose in their guts.

Despite a lack of philosophical depth, Korwin-Mikke’s gospel hits notes so close to the heroic prose of Ayn Rand that it has a similar effect – a profound exaltation. Alas, without a philosophy of reason and egoism, this leads to pretty disastrous consequences for the logical cohesion of Korwin-Mikke’s message. His current supporters – so called ‘Korwinists’. Who are believers in the conservative-liberal ideology of Korwin are, in a moderate sense, useful idiots incapable of thinking outside the box of Korwin’s slogans as they never read his earlier and more elaborative articles and books. They rely on his newer writings and ramblings on his blog. Which are but a curious blend of personal observation, strange deductions and commentary on random quotes from different famous persons – as well as publishing shocking statements to garner more attention from the (German owned) Polish press.

Is Korwin-Mikke acting as an ideologue? A political iconoclast? A father figure to young Korwinists? A publicist-satirist? A ‘right-wing loony’? Nobody can really pin down his real identity, he is something of an enigma to everyone, I doubt he himself has any idea about his own potential. Korwin’s recent political success was to finally invade the European Parliament with three other members of his party as Europarliamentarians. It has however been 21 years since he served as a publicly elected member of any public body in politics. All thanks to the support garnered through the relentless and steady propaganda spread through the internet, which was aimed at the younger aspiring Polish generations.

1In distributing the Korwinist ideology of classical liberalism, Darwinism, social cybernetics and critique of Eurosocialism; just like under communism when Korwin printed freedom classics underground and spread them amongst the liberty-starved communist serfs. Now under Eurosocialism Korwin inspires millions with his ideologising via the much better suited medium for such an activity that is the internet thus even if Korwin doesn’t achieve political success, he will have influenced an entire generation of Poles born in a truly free Poland, who themselves will become the successors of Korwinist politics. So, men of the west rise and indulge in the teachings and wisdom of Korwin-Mikke.

 Tej siły już nie powstrzymacie!

This article has been produced on the basis a series of podcasts produced Polish libertarian legend Kelthuz who is a gleaming beacon of the free market ideology in Poland.


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