By Jack Buckby

On February 6th 2016, PEGIDA UK held its inaugural silent march. Despite pouring rain and strong wind, an estimated 400-500 PEGIDA supporters walked silently in protest to the disastrous policy of importing violent criminals, fascists and Islamists into Europe.

Of course, British communists and the international press did everything they could to make the successful event look like a failure. Nick Lowles, communist mouth piece for Hope Not Hate (and compulsive liar) took to Twitter to claim that just 127 marchers attended the demonstration.

2016-02-07 (1)

The Guardian claimed PEGIDA UK had a ‘low turnout’ of 200 protestors, and Fulton County Newsechoed those assertions. Political Scrapbook went even further and published the totally false 127 figure dreamed up by Lowles.


PEGIDA UK provided 200 placards to protesters. I know this because I designed the placards and arranged the printing. Every single one of our 200 placards were handed out to our supporters, with around 50% of attendees being left disappointed. We estimated an attendance of around 400 supporters by 2pm.

We can also confirm this through video footage and photographs from the day. Take, for instance, this wide shot of the PEGIDA UK audience from Russia Today’s footage. The shot doesn’t even include every person in the audience – many people were on the same hill that RT was recording from, and are therefore not in the footage – yet 342 supporters are still clearly visible.

Anywhere up to 100 people were on the same hill as RT.

You can also see the huge amount of people walking on the below RT footage, before we arrived at the stage area. Look at all of those people and remind yourself that Nick Lowles, Hope Not Hate and a wealth of other communists got their maths so atrociously wrong.

We were thoroughly delighted to see such a large turnout for the very first PEGIDA UK demonstration. Liberals and conservatives alike, along with Brits and immigrants, came together to oppose radical Islam. A brave Pakistani took to the stage to talk about his experience as an apostate of Islam, we had immigrants from all over Europe in attendance, and we even had a vast number of people who have never been on any protest before in their life.

This is an incredible start. PEGIDA Dresden started with a mere handful of protestors, and now mobilises tens of thousands of people. We already have a head start – and we have no intention of stopping.

It’s not surprising that the media and the government-sponsored communist groups lied about the silent walk. With the impeccable behaviour of every single one of our protestors, and the fact that we are the moral, civilised and decent people in this debate, the biased media has nothing to beat us with. Instead, journalism goes beyond being lazy and becomes negligent.

Deputy Leader of PEGIDA UK, Anne Marie Waters, asked the media during her speech to tell the truth. Clearly they weren’t listening. See below.


We had at least 400 patriotic, civilised people protesting against the destruction of our freedoms as Western people on the 6th February. On April 2nd, we need to increase this number. We need to see every single person that came to the 6th February march to return in April with one, two or three of their friends.

The minute our numbers reach the thousands, the media will have to stop lying, and the politicians will have to start listening. As Paul Weston said during his speech – we must put the fear of God into our politicians.



  • Strange that you’d not just admit, but brag, on a libertarian site that you’re involved with Pegida. Why not just call it by its old name? Does Max Mosley hold a trademark on BUF or something?

    • This is a repost. And Mr Buckby is a personal friend and we are both to some extent fellow travellers. He is not a fascist and neither am I.

    • It’s not liberty when it’s white people, right Thomas?

  • They will lie about everything, and who can blame them? It’s their job. They wouldn’t be who they are if they didn’t. The idea of the press and media, and political opponents, as honest brokers and seekers of truth is so far removed from reality that even the tooth fairy would scoff at it.

    I doubt Oswald Mosley would feel at home in PEGIDA, or its predecessor, the EDL. PEGIDA itself seems to have no ideological basis, and is certainly not fascist. Quite the opposite: its premise appears to be opposition to what it colloquially sees as ‘fascism’ (i.e. radical or militant Islam). Thus, PEGIDA implicitly supports multi-culturalism and integration, ergo PEGIDA is (whether intentionally or not) just a false front and as much an enemy of the British people as Hope Not Hate.

    Let’s give Nick Lowles some credit: at least he is (sort of) honest about what he is doing. He just sugar-coats it for the gullible: a bit like a murderer who sweet-talks you into your Fate. We all want to think we’re nice people who believe in equality, fairness, and justice, right? It’s clever psychology.

    • Keir,

      Sorry about that — I didn’t notice, but should have, that the byline differed from the “posted by.”

      But it just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. You say that Mr. Buckby is not a fascist, yet he’s clearly affiliated with, or at least very supportive of, Pegida. That’s sort of saying like he’s not a podiatrist, just a doctor who works on feet.

      • Thomas,

        No it is not. Instead, the jump you are making stems from confusion. You are conflating resentment of just some of the negative effects of mass-immigration into the United Kingdom with despotism. That’s sort of like saying he’s a pediatrician, therefore he has sex with kids. In other words, you have some crazy definitions…

      • PEGIDA is not fascist. If anything, it’s the opposite – it’s a street movement asserting liberal values. It’s about as fascist as Bruce Jenner.

        This, again, goes back to the little paradox I talked about – the Knappian Paradox – examples of which keep surfacing here. Liberal-minded people in the West face a paradox: if they do not accept the need to curtail freedoms and assert identity [a nice word for race], they and their ideas will eventually be wiped out. So the paradox is that to preserve themselves and what they stand for, the liberals must accept a negation of their own beliefs.

        People like Thomas oppose those who want to defend the very system that permits their liberalism and in doing so in effect consign their own people, ideas and civilisation to the genetic dustbin. Thomas qualifies almost as a walking cliché in this regard, his Pavlovian responses being reliably predictable. The question we must ask is at what point will he get off his high horse and join the rest of us in the real world?

        However, to be fair to Thomas, a couple of nuances should be taken into account with regard to PEGIDA. In some places, PEGIDA has taken on a racial character. I’m thinking in particular of the origin country, Germany, where western PEGIDA groups are ‘civic’ in character, while eastern groups are more ‘racial’, and probably have some neo-Nazi associations which Thomas would define as ‘fascist’. It’s probably also fair to say that a lot of the people involved in PEGIDA, both here and abroad, will be covertly racist to some degree of other. PEGIDA provides them with a respectable outlet of protest. However, it’s also important to understand that not everybody who is racialist is necessarily fascist. The two strands of thought do differ considerably.

    • It’s good to know that there is somebody else who visits this site who actually understands what’s really going on with these groups and what it all means under the bonnet…..unlike some who quite obviously don’t have the first idea.

      I am not a supporter of PEGIDA either, for the very reasons you state (and a few more). But it is still interesting to see to what extent the media will go to in order to lie about attendances and behaviour of this group. A turn out of 400-500 isn’t exactly great – but it may not be bad for a first venture in such a hostile climate. It certainly beats most genuinely nationalistic gatherings in recent times.

      I don’t really see what it will achieve anyway, other than being a sign of mild rebellion between siblings of the same general familial outlook – and one that will generally be ignored as things continue to roll on regardless. As another site I visit announced, they are a a bit like the Grand old Duke of York, marching people up the hill then marching them back down again.

      I think they are ‘attacking’ the wrong people and looking in the wrong directions. But given the nature of the beast, maybe that is the whole point of it, to steer things down a particular route – both ideologically and in terms of activism.

      Even on their own terms, I think that they’d be better off working out how to bring down the vehicles and proponents of this phenomena, closing down the funding avenues, closing down immigration etc, than trying to differentiate between what does and does not constitute a problem after the demographics are already arrived and swelling (and risky in future generations).

      Given the dire nature of what is brewing (thanks to open borders lunatics) and what the consequences are going to be, including the future of libertarianism, the situation is likely to erupt at some point.

      PEGIDA is a symptom of this phenomena, not the driver of it. Nation after nation are forming these kinds of groups and they are forming them for a reason – and at least, in some way, it shows there is still some life in the old dog of Europe, even if it is often barking up the wrong tree.

      • I think it is clear that PEGIDA, like the EDL, is being funded by Zionist groups that are hostile to Moslems and Islam. It could not exist otherwise. This was all-but-confirmed in a recent Hope Not Hate report on counter-jihadism: the Report was withdrawn after complaints from, I think, the Jewish community, and it is now nowhere to be seen.

        Given where I am commenting, I ought to make it clear that I am not attacking one ethnic community or other. It ought to be obvious, but let me emphasise, that just because significant interests in one particular ethnic group might fund and encourage ‘counter-jihadism’, it doesn’t follow that they as a whole have a malicious agenda against Moslems or any other section of the population or indeed racial Nationalism.

        However, I think the effect of stoking up antagonism and street-based action against Moslems is to provide a blind alley and a space for people to let off steam, which is useful in keeping things under control. I maintain my position, which I expressed on this blog during the ‘Rotherham’ scandal, that Moslems are scapegoats in this country. They are among the most visibly different minorities, and therefore the least threatening from a purely racial and ethnic point-of-view. That is not to say they do not pose a threat to the existence of this country, or that their threat will not increase. It will, because they have been very astute in pursuing a two-handed game of radicalism and the threat of violence on the one hand, and ‘moderacy’ and community-based politics on the other. But their presence here also serves a purpose that is not immediately obvious to those who only look at things on the surface.

        • I think there is a lot of truth in that, but yes, the existence of *any* space for “letting off steam” is important. I shared the article because of the importance of exposing media lies and raising awareness of the existence of a group which is critical of at least once aspect of mass-immigration.

          I maintain, too, as I said in the latest episode of the Free Life Podcast, that “Islamisation” is not the only problem, but one of a cocktail of problems. A nation is built not just on ties of religion, but on other things like race, culture, language, land, and history. Islam has I think become a scapegoat because of a fear of touching the issue of race both from the Political Class and the Right, though it may also be the result of funding with strings attached. I believe that Pegida Finland has nothing to say about “Islamisation” partly because of the successful integration of the Tatars and partly because of the anti-Zionism of its organiser.

        • Tom, I would love to know where this Zionist funding is meant to be coming from. We at PEGIDA are in need of cash.

          Care to let me know where these Zionist funders are?

          • I have some questions for you too. I’m glad you’re here.

            1. What is the exact legal mode of operation of PEGIDA UK? Are you an association, an ad hoc marching group, or other inchoate group of some kind, or in some way incorporated?

            2. What is the exact name of the group, if any? Is it PEGIDA UK, PEGIDA UK Chapter, or just PEGIDA, or something else? (For now, I will refer to you as ‘PEGIDA UK’).

            3. Is PEGIDA UK anti-Zionist? If the answer is ‘No’, that leads to my next question: Is PEGIDA UK pro-Zionist?

            4. Notwithstanding question 3 above, can you explain why there were Israeli flags (well, at least one was spotted) at your recent Birmingham demonstration?

            5. Would you also care to disclose your own ethnic origins?

            6. What is the role of former EDL “leader” Tommy Robinson in PEGIDA UK?

            7. Who is the current leader of PEGIDA UK?

            I will probably have more questions (assuming you oblige me), but for now, I think your answers to the above might help shed some light on matters.

            Now I turn to your question of me. My understanding is that PEGIDA UK is in fact not a legal entity in its own right (no doubt you’ll correct me in reply to question 1 above if I’m wrong about that). Assuming that is the case, when we talk about the “funding of PEGIDA”, what we are really talking about is the funding of individuals. I am sure we will discover from your answer to the above whether PEGIDA is likely to have Zionist or pro-Zionist individuals in it, but really, I think we already know the answer to that. We only need use our eyes.

  • I agree with Tom Rogers and Concerned Briton that PEGIDA is barking up the wrong tree. PEGIDA’s rhetoric implies that Islam per se is the problem. But the real problem is the mass immigration of people who are not British by race. Muslims still wouldn’t fit in even if they converted en masse to Christianity or atheism. I suspect that organisations like PEGIDA and EDL are funded by people who hope they’ll provide a harmless and futile conduit for genuine anger about the replacement of the indigenous population by immigration. But these organisations contain (in every sense) honest and decent people.

  • What caught my attention was Mr Buckby kindly bringing to my attention a media quite prepared to mislead. I think that’s pretty much all that motivated him.

    The very clear agenda behind the grinning Nick Lowles’s tweet however was to deliberately mislead his readers. A lot of people however don’t particularly enjoy being misled. Eventually the truth outs anyway – so why risk branding yourself?

    With regard to PEGIDA, all I know about the organisation thus far, is that it is legal and that In the middle of winter, it was the German state that turned a water cannon on a group of tax payer’s rightly protesting about illegal immigration. I watched it live. It did happen I assure you. It was criminal. Watching people soaked to the skin in winter standing in shock and shivering. They will never forget what Merkel’s mercenaries did to them. Do you think all of them will have gone home without vowing to seek revenge of some sort?

    What I didn’t see, although I was hoping to, was a water cannon in winter being used to clear vile rapists from the streets of Cologne. Mostly well-fed, lust-filled young men who blindly follow a particularly perverse, cruel and wicked religion because it suits them to.

    Up to the age of 9 I was repeatedly assured I was Christian. But, for my sins at that age, I just couldn’t get past the walking on water bit. So, naturally enough, all this striking at necks, wife-beatings, stonings, rapings, beheadings and the throwing of humans from high buildings was never likely to work for me.

    Thank you Jack Buckby for letting me know the truth.

  • Meyer's Fusionist

    It’s interesting that the mass media feel that they don’t have to justify themselves when they tell blatant lies. If I were working for them, I would be slightly worried when new media sites like Breitbart are on the rise exposing them and yet there are still some brain-dead idiots who believe the mass media over truth.

    As for Jack Buckby, as much as I disagree with some of his views, I can’t help but feel sorry for him in a sense that he was badly treated at university for expressing his views but seems to have found his feet with Liberty GB and PEGIDA UK. I don’t believe he is a fascist or would associate himself with that scum but I do believe that his party should be more open to ethnic minorities who agree with the views of Liberty GB (if there are any that is).

    • The exact story regarding his university expulsion is very complicated, but one of the reasons Liverpool gave, as I understand it, was that he responded with disgust when one of his professors gave a long and verbose defence of the murder of Lee Rigby.

      Again, he is not a fascist and on a number of issues is to the left of me, whether on cultural or political issues. His hatred of the modern world is not as violent as my own and in terms of immigration, Liberty GB do not advocate a racially based policy like the BNP used to do. And They also are very “open” to the ethnic minorities, and indeed a number of foreigners were at the Pegida UK march at the weekend, it seems. The video footage clearly shows a Pakistani flag and a number people of Middle Eastern and African origin. Pegida, funnily enough is very inclusive indeed.

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