PETER HITCHENS: Tory Establishment ‘Vote Leave’ Doesn’t Want To Britain To Exit EU

Note: This article, from Breitbart London, seems to support the view that the upcoming EU referendum will serve no useful purpose beyond exposing who is on our side and who is not. We will not leave the “European Union”, however fictitious an entity it may be, and all that it entails whether we vote to leave or to remain in. I wrote something on the issue in a similar vein on 24th February and Sean Gabb did so on 25th February. I do encourage our readers not to take the words of men like Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, and Michael Howard, at face value. KM. 

By Raheem Kassam

Writing in his column in the Mail on Sunday today, Peter Hitchens is perhaps the first non-Breitbart journalist to pick up on the fact that ‘Vote Leave‘ – run by Conservative Party figures Dominic Cummings and Matthew Elliott – don’t really want to leave the European Union.

Breitbart London has covered this at length previously, with the reporting culminating in a Twitter spat between UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage and Vote Leave spokesman Daniel Hannan whereby the former challenged the latter on the idea of a double referendum.

The ‘Vote Leave’ campaign is also backed by UKIP’s MP Douglas Carswell, a close and unswerving friend of Mr. Hannan, as well as his staff member Suzanne Evans, and his young friend Robin Hunter Clarke who stood for UKIP at the General Election. Their involvement with the campaign to effectively keep Britain in a two-tier European Union has sparked concern on their behalves that they will be removed from the party ahead of the vote.

Mr. Hitchens notes:

The ‘exit’ campaign was last week cunningly taken over by Tories who don’t want to leave the Superstate and will use a vote to leave (if it happens) as the basis for yet another round of negotiations with Brussels.

Lord Howard led a Left-liberal putsch against the genuine EU opponent Iain Duncan Smith in 2003. Mr Johnson is an act, not a politician. He is a keen Europhile, and to conceal it from his fans he will do so many U-turns between now and referendum day that they will look like a series of S-bends.

Both men’s weird declarations of support for Brexit were cunningly hedged.

And the London Mayor was careful to state: ‘I will be advocating vote “leave”… because I want a better deal for the people of this country to save them money and to take back control.’

Read this carefully (as you always should) and you will realise there’s no clear declaration that he wants our national independence back. But there is a desire for a ‘deal’. Likewise his supposed reversal last Saturday wasn’t really as clear as it looked. Be assured. If there is a majority to leave there will be a second poll and a search for a new deal.

What sort of deal? Lord Howard was more specific. In an article which was lazily reported as a ‘blow for David Cameron’, he explicitly said that he saw a vote to leave as a way of restarting negotiations on how to stay in: ‘There is only one thing that just might shake Europe’s leaders out of their complacency: the shock of a vote by the British people to leave.’

He added: ‘We would be sorely missed. If the UK voted to leave, there would be a significant chance that they would ask us to think again. When Ireland and Denmark voted to reject EU proposals, the EU offered them more concessions and, second time round, got the result they wanted.’

Lord Howard went on to explain how happy he would be for Britain to be a semi-detached part of a two-tier EU – something very much on the cards as the EU moves into its next phase of integration, two or three years hence. ‘We – and others – could say to the integrationists, “We don’t want to stop you doing what you want to do as long as you don’t make us do what we don’t want to do.” ’

You read it first here. The EU is like the Hotel California. You can check out. But you can never leave.

This referendum, which was never supposed to happen at all, is a sham for which I refuse to fall.

The only part of Mr. Hitchens’s article that is perhaps not entirely true, is where he claims “you read it here first”. In fact, most EU referendum followers would have read of this time and time again here on Breitbart London over the last few months.

9 thoughts on “PETER HITCHENS: Tory Establishment ‘Vote Leave’ Doesn’t Want To Britain To Exit EU

  1. I am inclined to the view myself that Vote Leave are a EuroTory front group, who want a “different relationship” rather than Brexit.

    So far as I know, there has been no statement as to what the government will do if the vote is Leave. It isn’t in any way binding so far as I know.

    • We had an illegal immigrant. He has now been repatriated to the Dark Void into which he was cast in April 2015. Keir has already drawn his attention to my open reprimand of last April. I would refer him to our private correspondence of the 11th May 2015. I see no use in revisiting the matter.

      • Since you are discussing this matter publicly, I will for what it’s worth say I’m disappointed that the LA Blog has chosen to bar Paul from commenting. I had naively assumed that he had lost interest in commenting here. I am a little shocked to be honest.

        • Read the posting to which Keir has linked. You will see that he was banned with some reluctance. We put up with him for nine years – wrecking every discussion that he joined with irrelevant and repetitive comments; repeated ad hominem attacks; an unwillingness or inability to argue. Then, in December 2014, we reached an agreement with him that meant he would moderate himself and his more relevant and longer comments could be promoted. Within four months, not only had he broken this agreement, but was denying that one had been made. It also turned out that what I had taken for personal eccentricity was in fact a set of trolling attacks coordinated with others. Because I am too busy to read other blogs, I had not been aware of how he was laughing up his sleeve at us elsewhere.

          Even so, I asked him in the first instance to behave. He openly refused. I asked him to stop posting. Despite his loud proclamations of respect for property rights, he refused. We blocked him. There was then a private correspondence, after which we decided it would be best to leave him blocked till he gave the required undertakings of good behaviour. Lately, he has taken to posting again from different e-mail accounts. He still hasn’t given the required undertakings, so these accounts are now blocked.

          This is the only ban we have made in ten years. We are not proud of it, but it was made in the face of scandalous provocation. You will notice that our preferred system of moderation is to let people say what they like, only asking them not to discuss certain issues that might get us into trouble.

          Yes, read that posting, and tell me what you would have done.

  2. I notice a reference in the article to a certain “Lord” Howard. I was never happy with life peerages. Since the 1990s, however – and especially since the ejection of most of the hereditaries – life peerages have been given to just too many utterly infamous men. Parkinson, Janner, Kinnock, Mandelson, Hague, all those grubby police chiefs, et al, et al. I therefore suggest that all peerages but those granted before 1959, or given to bishops and senior judges, should be viewed as null and void.

    Therefore, “Mr” Howard.

    • I think Peter Hitchens does it to keep up appearances, but you’ll notice above Raheem’s article in my own comment there is a mention of a Michael Howard but no Lord Howard. Both refer to a Welsh Political Class scumbag, but the latter is, as you say, inappropriate.

    • You might as well give a man his official title, whether or not he has earned it. Some of the old hereditary peerages were given to toadies and party hacks too, though far less frequently. As long as I never have to utter the words “Lord Blair”, I don’t particularly mind these people’s pretences to nobility.

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