A Brief Response to the Brussels Atrocity

A Brief Response to the Brussels Atrocity
Sean Gabb

Aside from expressing the usual sadness, I have little to say about the present events in Brussels. However, since I feel obliged to say something, I will say this:

  1. Since the end of the Sinn Fein/IRA rebellion, terrorism has been a statistically insignificant cause of death in the United Kingdom. During the present century, about five people a year have been killed in this country by terrorists – the same as the number of people killed by wasp and bee stings. Indeed, in 2010, 53 people died by falling off ladders. This is not to dismiss any avoidable death as unimportant, but it does put terrorism into context. In the next few days, all the usual suspects will start calling for an even bigger police state than the one we have. My belief is that we have not been given a police state in order to fight terrorism; instead, terrorism has been made the latest excuse for a police state. Anyone who takes a dim view of Islam or mass-immigration should bear this continually in mind.
  2. For the past generation, Western countries have followed a dual policy of what Steve Sailor calls “invade the world/invite the world.” There are very good reasons for not turning much of the Islamic world into slag heaps dripping with blood. There are very good reasons for not letting in millions of unassimilable alien paupers. Doing both at the same time is at least unwise.

Bearing in mind these two points, I deplore the latest terrorist atrocity in Brussels, and hope that the Belgian authorities take all reasonable steps to catch as many of those responsible as have not blown themselves up. But I will continue going about my normal business, and suggest that everyone else of reasonably firm mind should do the same. I shall also regard whatever response our own authorities propose or make with undiminished suspicion.

11 thoughts on “A Brief Response to the Brussels Atrocity

  1. There have been moments when I have thought that I would like to see Raqqah (transliterate it how you will …) as a smoking hole in the ground.
    But, in general, I agree with what you have had to say, Sean

  2. What on earth has a video of a snowboarding event got to do with the serious content of your item?????

  3. I am inclined to agree with Sean regarding the relatively low incidence of terror-related deaths in the UK. The numbers cannot be gainsaid.
    But I what I can’t know, and what Sean can’t know also, is how this trend will change over the next decades (the rot sets in slowly) now that the European Continent – and to a slightly lesser extent the Uk Mainland – contains millions of rootless, cell-phoned/wired, but also psychologically-enraged and fit young men of “ethno-religious origin”, who neither are nor want to be integrated into Western Civilization in ways that we would understand, and who we didn’t in fact invite.

    That said, it is increasingly clear that our home-grown rulers have wanted what amounts to a Police State for some decades past. The fact that they will now almost certainly get it is nobody’s fault but everyone’s who is like us, for not “taking care of the problem” when it could have been done.

  4. I’m in agreement with David Davis. What concerns me is not the current numbers, but the apparent trend. As always, I have equal (if not greater) concern about media manipulation at the behest of their corporatist statist masters. Someone has an agenda here, and I am not sanguine (no embedded pun intended) about our hidden rulers’ intentions.

    An excellent article, Sean. As to going about one’s normal business, that’s fine — as long as one practices appropriate situational awareness.

  5. I agree; during times of relative peace and normality, indigenous European peoples should not have to suffer a police state. However, we how now reached the point of no return, especially given the migration crisis. Germany, alongside many European nations face irreplaceable demographic rates. Very soon, Europeans will have to take action on a unified front against the invaders. The reason why I agree with you and oppose increasing security measures by our government is that when the ethnic populations begin forming right-wing death squads, we will face greater levels of resistance from our own governments.

  6. I don’t think comparing it with fatalities from falling off ladders or bee stings is the most apt analogy. These accidents are constant over time and unlikely to increase. But the terrorists are just getting started. In their view, Muslims cannot go on living as an alien minority in lands not ruled by them – that is just a transitional phase. Their goal is an Islamic Europe, boosted by a free flow of their co-religionists from the Middle East and North Africa (something Europe, even while ruled by its own people, is allowing already.)

    You’re probably right in thinking the threat is merely a pretext for the police state the elites were determined to put in place anyway. If they genuinely didn’t want Islamic terrorism in their countries, they’d stop invading and destroying Muslim countries and they’d stop the Muslims from invading ours.

  7. Standard issue press release from the Muslim Council of Great Britain (or whatever they’re called) [fill in the blanks]:

    “We are shocked and appalled by this latest outrage in [Paris/Berlin/London/Brussels/Madrid/Oslo/Stockholm/Detroit/Washington D.C./Toronto/anywhere else Moslems live]. Those who carried out this atrocity are not true Muslims [sic] and all Muslims in Britain renounce any association with such people.

    “Muslims in Britain, and everywhere, extend our heartfelt sympathies to the victims and their families and join in the international condemnation of these actions. As a mark of our solidarity, Muslims [from Britain] will be visiting [Paris/Berlin/London/Brussels/Madrid/Oslo/Stockholm/Detroit/Washington D.C./Toronto/or wherever it was] to pay our respects and we are also launching an appeal for donations of [sandbags/flowers/tinned throw-off supermarket food/sympathy cards/money] from the Muslim community.

    “We also condemn [recent attacks on Moslems/the remarks of a politician/the remarks of a celebrity or journalist] in response to this terrible tragedy. What [ill-informed comments/thuggery] like [these/this] demonstrate[s] is the need to strengthen links between communities and improve understanding in our multi-cultural society”.

    Quick translation: ‘Shut up or we’ll bomb you again’.

  8. It must be a great comfort to the relatives of those blown up yesterday to know that their loved ones could just as easily have met their fate through a wasp or bee sting.

    Further comment fails me.

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