Lyin’ Ted Succinctly Destroys the Case for ‘Brexit’




  • Meyer's Fusionist

    How has he destroyed it? All he is saying is that not all of the USA backs Obama’s blackmail. I do believe Trump did say that it is ‘very possible’ that the UK will leave the EU and would still do a trade deal with us.

    • 1) Obama isn’t “blackmailing” us. He’s in no serious position to carry out any “threat” in any case, since he has very little power now. But Obama doesn’t carry out the trade deals personally. All he is saying is that there will be some teething trouble if Britain leaves, after having been part of the EU for a while. Less of the hyperbole!

      2) And do you really want a “closer relationship” with the United States? Especially a United States run by someone as ghastly as Ted Cruz?

      • Meyer's Fusionist

        1) Whether he has little power or not, he was still blackmailing and I would say it has had a nasty backlash against him.

        2) I have to admit, I am disappointed with Ted Cruz since he became Senator. I thought he was going to be the small state conservative that he made himself out to be. But I hope that if ever did become president after we have voted for Brexit, he would want to come to the table and negotiate a trade deal as soon as possible.

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