Libertarian Alliance Mailing List

Dear All,

I began my mailing list back in 1992. Since then, it’s swollen to thousands of names and e-mail addresses, all held in an Access database. At any one time, ten per cent of the e-mail addresses are obsolete. Several hundred members may be dead. It’s become a nuisance to try keeping it up to date.

Therefore, I’ve decided to let Mailchimp manage the list. This is a rather picky service, and isn’t happy with my simply importing the list that exists. So please, if you want to continue receiving my general postings, go here to subscribe to the new list:

Your details will not be shared with any third party, and you will receive e-mails on average once a week.



4 thoughts on “Libertarian Alliance Mailing List

      • Oh, but I did – a couple of minutes before I made my comment. I noticed you sent out a second e-mail about 20 minutes later, so maybe there was something wrong with the subscription process from the first one?

  1. I’ve heard anybody who joins the infamous ‘Gabb List’ gets a ‘knock on the door’ at 4 a.m. by sinister, paramilitary men clad in black.

    I’ve signed up anyway. I need some excitement.

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