Has anyone ever seen Nick Griffin and Ruth Davidson together?



  • And both of them like women. The plot thickens!

  • David McDonagh

    No, are they having an affair?


    What is the point of this item? What are you driving at?

    • One must have a joke now and again.

  • Pieces such as this make me quite glad I frequent this site, as I do like to keep up with what little bits of ‘inside’ information Dr. Gabb might be willing to share with us. In this case, I know that the rumours about Mr Griffin have been circulating in elite circles for some time, but what I heard is that he has a Scottish ‘body double’ who will assume his role in the event he is assassinated by the state in a mysterious car ‘accident’. In far-Right circles, this is known as the Tartan Solution.

    I have to confess, Dr Gabb’s more radical theory had not occurred to me. I had not even noticed the similarity before, but now this has been brought to my attention, it does appear that, at the very least, Mr Griffin has a doppelgänger. I would like to think there could be a plausible explanation – it’s his twin sister or they are both the children of the same sperm donor – but having studied carefully visages of both Mr Griffin and Ms Davidson on Google Images, I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that there can only be one explanation: Nick Griffin IS Ruth Davidson. That is to say, Ruth Davidson IS Nick Griffin. But which is it? Or is it both? I am not sure. It’s all very confusing. And what is Griffin’s motive for this rather odd cross-dressing subterfuge? Is the BNP’s new strategy to infiltrate the main political parties as men dressed as women?

  • Enoch's Eyebrow

    One is a high-testosterone authoritarian lusting for power, whereas the other is Nick Griffin.

  • Griffin’s tits are much bigger than Davidson’s.

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