Is there still a little bit of science here and there?

David Davis

The late Francis Crick (of the Watson-Crick DNA-structure-elucidation-duo) is said to have, in later life, been concerned with theoretical neurobiology, and attempts to advance the scientific study of human consciousness.
Crick, by nature and education a classical physicist, was interested in two fundamental unsolved problems of biology: how molecules make the transition from the non-living to the living, and how the brain makes a conscious mind.
In recognition of the fact that we still know more or less sweet-F-A about this matter, I want to announce a composition event. I would like to invite you all to think about this problem that this thoughtful and great scientist never solved in his lifetime.

So, now then, it is time to try to crowd-source possible answers to these problems.  Let us try to find out what individual thinking humans think about this matter, and let us start a discussion about how to move forward, and what kinds of things neurobiologists ought to be researching.

I invite submissions, in ordinary dissertation form, as follows:-

(1) No shorter than 1,500 words (but I will get bored after about 10,000 or thereabouts. A suitable essay is one I can comfortably read in bed before turning in.)

(2) Serious submissions only please! (“it’s all down to grey goo!” as per poor, sad, tormented Prince Charles, who hugs trees and is possibly a green, will NOT DO, and will be disqualified straight away.)

(3) Proper referencing of any cited sources is recommended.

(4) I will set up a blog on which the better and more meritorious submissions will be published, unedited. This may also be available directly on facebook.

(5) The time limit is 4th August 2016.

(6) You are not to post or message your submission on this blog directly; this is because at that point it is still private and unpublished. You should message me, or say below in comments, that you have a submission to put. Then we will communicate in private first. A blog will be set up on WordPress for publications directly, as stated, or they may be published here..

(7) At this time, 9th May 2016, I am the only Peer Reviewer of submitted dissertations and my decision shall be final. For the avoidance of doubt, this may change over time if the standard of writing and thoughts submitted is high enough.

(8) No money can be paid for submissions, since I have none. You will have the privilege of being one human being who has tried to contribute your own thoughts.

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