The new victims

By D. J. Webb

[The image above charts the percentage of New York Times articles containing a word.]

I’m wondering, with the gradual re-emergence of nationalism in European-descended countries, whether we could soon see “peak racism”. Don’t forget that the liberals previously lavished concern on the working class, and then lost interest in them. It’s not beyond possibility that they are growing tired of the ethnic minorities.

Think about it. Any real contact with ethnic communities suffices to disprove much of the “cultural relativist” assumptions. Do liberals really like Muslims? One suspects that they are privately repelled by cultures where honour killings, throwing acid in women’s faces, beheadings for apostasy and the like have widespread support across the Muslim world.

I’m not sure they would ever fully change their mind on the race issue. After all, the liberals even today claim to be concerned about the working class. In a similar fashion, the race issue could become just one of their causes, and not the main cause célèbre. The sexism thing is another referent: they are still concerned about sex equality, but it is currently not quite at the peak of the liberal pyramid. For this reason, when Muslims rape 3-year-old children, the feminists generally decide to go easy on the feminist rhetoric. In a similar fashion, race could be one of the liberal concerns, but one that can be downplayed as and when necessary.

This is partly because there are real implications to the anti-racist crusade. For a start, the drive against crime is impeded by a bullheaded refusal to recognize that crime rates differ by community. Even Bill Clinton recently criticized the Black Lives Matter campaigners for effectively campaigning in favour of black criminals whose victims are mainly black. It seems the grand liberals do realize that the anti-racist thing involves them in logical contortions, including what amounts to the abetting of serious crime against black victims.

Enter the transgender thing. This is possibly the worst of all possible political causes. Whereas there are inoffensive and intelligent black people who may face generalized assumptions among the white community that are negative, albeit based on the behaviour of black ne’er-do-wells–in other words, anti-racism does attempt to tackle a real problem–the transgender issue is entirely devoid of merit. It requires us all to mouth absurdities, and to agree to regard a man confused enough to want to hack off healthy organs as really a woman.

But for the liberals, this is a positive. The collision of the issue with reality means they have identified an issue that is absurd enough to be resisted by the troglodyte working class, and thus one that appropriately allows them to create a class division along supposedly moral lines. Furthermore, and unlike the black issue, the real-life consequences of transgender boosterism are minimal. There aren’t enough transsexuals or wannabe trannies around for the issue to have truly negative implications. It’s not like looking the other way while rape and murder occur to excuse black behaviour. The very maximum involved in transgenderism is the peeving of people who are forced to pretend that these men are women and should be allowed to use the ladies’ loos.

The fact that there are libertarian arguments for allowing the mutilations also adds to the confusion. We should be clear that the state should not fund sex-change operations. Birth certificates–legal documents–should not be tampered with. Companies should not be allowed to propagandize their staff on the issue. Free speech on the issue must be defended. We are confronted with the latest, and most ridiculous, phase in the culture wars. The right to mutilate should not confuse the issue that the state is trying to ram through an absurdity that prevents free discussion. The “how dare you say that mob?” must be faced down.

In my view, the next thing to look out for would be Muslim opposition to transgenderism. A Pakistani attack on a transsexual would provide the opportunity for liberals to reorder their victim hierarchy in a way that puts the transsexuals on top. Could we introduce transgender quotas for the positions of imams in mosques? Ultimately, although the issue is nonsense, the awkward juxtaposition of liberal positions on sex, race, sexual orientation and now transsexual mutilation are worth emphasizing and exacerbating where possible. If we, and the liberals, have to choose, we should choose the national question as the most important. Who knows? We could end up halting immigration by pointing to opposition among incoming cultural groups towards transgender individuals. It’s a contradiction worth exploiting, if we get the chance.

3 thoughts on “The new victims

  1. This is basically the approach of Pegida UK and the EDL; they claim that the “liberal” achievements of feminism, LGBT liberation, multiculturalism, and so forth are all uniquely under threat because of Muslim immigration. Is this argument perfect? No. But, as David argues above, it may be worth exploiting the contradictions of the Left’s support for immigration from less tolerant communities.

    Incidentally, this is also a variant of the argument against immigration as made by Mark Steyn. One of my naughtier friends is Jack Buckby and he is currently writing a book (‘The Paradoxical Alliance’) which elaborates on this exact theme.

    Even so, I prefer Hoppe’s argument against Open Borders, i.e. that immigration in the modern sense is tantamount to trespass and that immigration ought to be controlled strictly in order to approximate an “invite only” situation.

    • Yes, this is a tactical, rather than strategic, way of arguing against immigration. One of the problems with tactical approaches is that you accept your opponents’ framework of reference.

  2. I think peak racism was around 1990. The emergence of the label Political Correctness [PC] at about that time cut the intolerance of the anti-racists in half and they have never got back to their intolerance of before then since for fear of being called PC! Odd this magic of mere labels.

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