Libertarian Voices on “Brexit” [Hangout]

Some line drops. Around 21:10 I mention Farage and Iran. A couple of other line drops I can’t remember, but they should be obvious enough. KM.

4 thoughts on “Libertarian Voices on “Brexit” [Hangout]

  1. I liked the point about joining the US. I too think this could be a good move, if we ever got the chance. We would need to insist that the US constitution is properly implemented and supreme court justices could not override it.

  2. If Brexit does happen, one of the next priorities will be to leave NATO and move out of America’s sphere of influence.

    I hate even the idea of becoming the fifty-first state, but I don’t think it could happen anyway. There would be considerable opposition to this from other states in the Union, as Britain (or England, if each constituent nation becomes a state) would be the largest state by population, and by a significant margin.

  3. If “Whaaat about ma Jorb?” is what concerns the average person then we are all fucked. Most of them will lose their job when the economic shit hits the fan anyway.

    As Stephen Molyneux observes action must be taken against evils. If the call was “Not a single slave can be freed until there is a detailed plan to show how and who will do all the work now being done by slaves” the slaves would still be picking cotton.

    Also mass immigration from Europe will soon consist of our dear bearded friends once issued papers by the Germans.

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