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Sean Gabb

I regret to announce that I am presently unwell. Last Thursday the 2nd June, I felt a pain on my left shin. It was as if I’d knocked against the metal bar of a desk. Within a few hours, the whole shin bone felt broken, and I had an uncontrollable fever. I woke next morning with a stiff and swollen left leg. My doctor prescribed oral antibiotics. By Sunday evening, the condition was continuing to worsen, and my wife took me to the local hospital, where blood tests were taken and I was given an injection of antibiotics. I was told that I had been about to go into a terminal decline from blood poisoning.

On Monday the 5th June and Tuesday the 6th June, I was given progressively larger injections of antibiotics. These seem to have stabilised matters, and I have now been fitted with an antibiotic pump and sent home. My wife is now worried that my leg has started to swell again, and that the antibiotics may have stopped working. I feel very weak, and am in pain, and am going off to lie down. If she still doesn’t like how things look, she will take me back to the hospital at midnight.

I suspect – or hope – that I am actually past the worst. It is simply a matter of resting and waiting. However, I have been at death’s door for several days, and would be more alarmed if I were more my usual self. On the other hand, I have lost more than a stone, and look forward to trying on some of my older suits.

This explains why I have been so inactive during the past week, and may explain a continued silence for the next few days at least. I hope to write at greater length when I am recovered. It would be helpful if my various friends were to wait on further announcements rather than calling me.





  • I’m sorry to hear your news. But your wife sounds fabulously solicitous. It’s alarming to think what appeared a little thing can spiral, but hopefully the experts are on your case now.

  • Having your wife by your side must help. I wish her well and a speedy recovery for you.

  • This is simply horrible, Sean. How did you get blood poisoning and why the leg? Don’t dare talk about things terminal. Keep your LA family here posted. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • Just take it easy and enjoy the break, sure you will be back to normal before to long.

  • Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • Get well soon Sean.

  • For what must be the third time this week, I’ll put your health in my nightly prayers. Oh, and Joakim Fagerstrom from Mises Sweden sends his wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Jakub Jankowski

    My best wishes for a hasty recovery.

  • That sounds like a pretty rubbish week you’ve had. I’m glad to hear you’re in good hands though, and I hope you’re on the mend soon.

  • Please don’t die. We need your vote on the 23rd. June. At the very least, use your postal vote now.

  • Late to respond (as usual), I hope, Sean, that you’re already recovered from these troubles by now. May your health get better with every minute.

  • Sean, please take time to recover and heal as the world will be a smaller place without you ‘pithy’ comments

  • I’d like you to know that at least one libertarian Marxist is sending you his best wishes. Get well soon, Dr Gabb. You owe us at least forty more years of your peerless political commentary.

  • Sean, get well, rest up. We’ll all be waiting for your post-referendum thoughts pretty soon.

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