Sean Health Update

I nearly died last week from blood poisoning. An alarming announcement – but there could have been worse.

I drafted a gloating obituary last night of the infection that nearly carried me off. Having just looked at it, however, I see no good purpose in sharing this with the world. I am not yet entirely free of infection. I have no idea how long the pain will continue, nor if there will be any long term effects. Also, my essay says nothing original or interesting. Septicaemia hurts and can kill. I would regard my sudden death as a calamity. NHS doctors can be very helpful when presented with a calm middle class patient who appears not to be wasting their time – though I might have remembered in time that I had Bupa health insurance. My women were most supportive. So too my friends. Antibiotic pumps can be a nuisance.

And that’s it. I’m unlikely to die now – not, that is, from what I had and still just about have. But even I accept that I shall need to rest for a while, and that is what I propose to do for the next few days.

Best wishes to all.



  • I have not checked the site in several days so only just heard. Hope you are soon well.

    As soon as you are better please let us know how it happened as it could be a danger others can avoid in their lives.

  • Kill those buggers dead Sean! 🙂

    Unfortunately, unless we really start making some breakthroughs in genetic engineering (or some such) in the next ten years or so we’re likely to start getting hit with “superbugs” that we have no defense against (Actually, there’s one such out there at the moment but it hasn’t spread much yet. And we’ve had various MRSAs for a while now, so my fears may not be completely grounded.

    – MJM
    P.S. In terms of “killing the buggers dead” anyone who hasn’t already read it should try to get a copy of Norman Spinrad’s “The Carcinoma Angels” (first appeared in Dangerous Visions close to fifty years ago). It appears to be legally available for online reading at several sites, but I’d recommend getting the full “Dangerous Visions” instead: it’s long been one of my very favorite intriguing short-story collections!

  • Get some rest!

  • Good news that you have survived, Sean.

  • Didn’t know you were ill!

    Glad that you are on the mend now.

    Don’t work too hard.

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