Shamelessly Exploiting Another Atrocity

Shamelessly Exploiting Another Atrocity
Keir Martland
(12th June 2016)

Upwards of 50 gay men have been murdered by a Muslim claiming allegiance to ISIS in Orlando. I am getting sick and tired of responding to these atrocities, and my reaction is no longer one of shock, but I do so on principle; I maintain that there is nothing crude or improper in making a political point out of these occurrences. However, the problem is that I have made the same political points twice at length now. The Paris Atrocity and the Brussels Atrocity have roughly the same causes as the Orlando Atrocity, and following earlier atrocities I elaborated on these causes in two essays, Paris: A Few Political Points to Make (14th November 2015) and Brussels: Déjà vu (22nd March 2016).

To summarise the main causes on which I touch in the aforementioned essays:

  1. For too long now, the US and its satellites have been both indirectly funding and arming ISIS and also conducting airstrikes in Syria which I do not for a moment believe have done any serious damage to ISIS. Indeed, in Autumn 2013, the purpose of British intervention in the Syrian Civil War was to be to remove President Assad by supporting the “rebels”, from whom ISIS have grown. Further to this, when Russia began bombing ISIS, the US was quick to denounce her. Western intervention in the Middle East has fuelled the rise of Islamist scumbags.
  2. At the same time, Paris, Belgium, and the United States, do not have sensible immigration policies. The kind of immigration policy that allows someone entry into your country who is capable of killing 50 homosexuals in a nightclub is perhaps overdue a tightening. Or are we going to carry on with the tired mantra “Oh, but America is a nation of immigrants!”? An Open Border is not a requirement of libertarian theory, see the work of Hans-Hermann Hoppe on this thorny question for more detail. For those who do believe in Open Borders on principle, surely it is a luxury ill-suited to a 2016 when the United States and its allies are not exactly popular with the citizens of Iraq, Syria, Libya, ad infinitum.
  3. Not only has the West been invading the world and then inviting the world, but it has been disarming its citizens. This has progressed further in Europe than in the United States, but the US is catching us up. As citizens become progressively disarmed, they will become progressively defenceless against lunatic Islamist mercenaries who have just returned from their little holiday in Syria or from “home-grown” Islamists who have seen their homeland bombed out of existence on Russia Today or Al-Jazeera.

I will therefore repeat my policy recommendations of a few months ago as I made them to the French and Belgian Governments:

  1. Get the hell out of the Middle East.
  2. Shut the borders.
  3. Arm your citizens, or rather stop disarming them.

This is, in my view, a rather minimalist manifesto. If the American Government was to follow it, I suspect we would see fewer such atrocities as we saw in Orlando today. Yet, I have had a very good record at predicting whether governments will follow these plans in the past; I predicted that France and Belgium would instead do nothing and I was right. It would be sad to see the American Government do the same.

11 thoughts on “Shamelessly Exploiting Another Atrocity

  1. Good article, Keir. I’m fed of hearing of how these people aren’t really Muslims! They’re fundamentalist or literalist Muslims who follow the 7th-century examples to the letter, and not all Muslims do that — but they clearly are Muslims par excellence.

    • The perpetrator was a Muslim, but I make no pronouncements on whether he was a “good” or “bad” Muslim. Not letting him into the US in the first place would have prevented today’s atrocity, but then again a more moderate foreign policy might have done the same. It is only because we are at such an advanced stage that I recommend both.

      • He was born in the USA, of reportedly Afghan parents. Check the available facts before spouting.

        Get the hell out of the Middle East, yes. Arm the citizenry, yes. But as to the latter you might note that getting paperwork to carry a firearm in Orlando Fla is not that hard to do. Why the denizens of Pulse didn’t, I don’t know, but let’s hope they and others like them won’t be so naive in future.

        Seems to me the choice quote of the day goes to the perp’s dad, who allowed as how “This has nothing to do with religion.” Yea, bro.

      • The perpetrator was, apparently, ethnically Moslem. Whether he was religiously Moslem or philosophically Islamic, I have no clue. I don’t know enough about him, or for that matter, quite enough about Moslems or Islam. What I can say is that whether his actions were ‘Islamic’ depends on how you want to interpret the belief system (or faith, if you want to call it that).

        Islam is a Western religion. It has its roots in the West, but it doesn’t belong in Europe because Europe has over the centuries developed in a very different way to the countries from which Islam has emanated. Islam and its practices don’t cohere well with our culture, the way we do things, etc. It represents a different and distinct, but very important, line of human development, and needs to be respected – in both senses of the word ‘respected’, in that it should be both revered for its antiquity as a human intellectual and cultural document and living experience, but also feared in that its ideological potency represents a threat to European genetic and cultural continuity.

        I tend towards the view that Moslems are being scapegoated. Most of them, as individuals, will not have truly wanted to come here. It’s not an invasion, even if the result resembles one. It’s just a slave system. The Left, as usual, are right when they talk about empathy – even if their reasons for being right are wrong. We must look more closely at the fundamentals and understand the ways in which we share the same struggles and challenges with our fellow human beings.

        Thinking about it, Moslems are being used as tools for the agenda of others. They are a biological weapon against the racial integrity of ethno-Europeans. If I had a choice, I would stand with Moslems against the true cause of this, but that would be on the condition they respect my genetic continuity (in the racial sense), just as I will respect theirs.

  2. Very fine essay. I agree with every word. Now, a word to our gay brethren. Who is the greatest practical danger to sexual diversity:

    1. Someone called Caleb, who has a Confederate Flag on his truck and likes to quote the relevant passages from Leviticus and 1st Corinthians; or

    2. Someone called Omar, who watches naughty videos on YouTube and likes to quote certain Koranic passages?

    The first mostly wants to be left alone. The second may think it his duty not to leave others alone.

  3. I will respond in a similar way to how I responded previously to Keir’s policy recommendations:

    [quote]”1. Get the hell out of the Middle East.
    “2. Shut the borders.
    “3. Arm your citizens, or rather stop disarming them.”[unquote]

    None of these things will happen. It’s not that the American (and British and other European) governments are failing to do these things or not doing these things, rather it’s that these things are not in the interests of those governments and the people they represent.

    This is not a matter of negligence or incompetence. These people are very clever, and what they are doing is deliberate and intended to bring about a specific result, which is the continuation of their own power and influential at the expense of everybody else.

    For instance, it is in the ‘British’ interest to intervene extensively in the Middle East. Whether it is in the real British interest – i.e. the ‘national-socialist’ interest of native British industry, British workers and so on – is another matter. But when it comes to the apostrophised ‘British’ interest, it most assuredly is beneficial to maintain intervention in the Middle East.

    The same applies to shutting the borders and arming citizens. These things ARE in your and my interest, i.e. in the ‘national-socialist’ interest, that being the interest of ordinary people and a healthy society. These things are not, however, in the interests of a cosmopolitan/internationalist ‘British’ elite.

    The real issue here is that, whereas we used to have, and are supposed to have, a national owning class that is in symbiosis with a national working class, the owning class has instead slowly evolved into an ‘elite’ or what we might call an ‘international owning class’. Its loyalties and interests are now elsewhere. I personally think this is a natural result of relatively ‘free’ (i.e. liberal) capitalism, but it also reflects other factors, such as vested interest groups that are powerful and influential in society and who lack national loyalty and have steered our country in a certain direction.

    This is not to say the ‘British’ elite are bad or wicked people. I don’t believe they are. They are just doing exactly what you or I would do in the same situation, and in some cases I think that they will even manage to convince themselves they are doing good. That’s what all the pseudo-positivist language about ‘equality’, ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ is partly there for. It’s a salve for their own consciences as much as anything else.

    In essence, what i am saying is that your plaintive policy prescriptions are redundant. Nobody is listening. Nobody with the necessary influence will heed you because it is not in their interests to do so, and nobody acts against their own interests.

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