I Changed My Mind, But Voted Leave Anyway!



  • Changing your mind is one of the costs of being an intelligent/thoughtful person. In this case, I think your decision is right, but your reasons are wrong. Once we have left the EU, the ruling class in this country will have nowhere to hide. The ‘fig leaf’ will be gone. I agree that things will continue to get worse for quite a time, there is a long struggle ahead, but Brexit will be the beginning of the end for them.

    If the public do vote Leave, then it will have to happen. I know the result cannot be binding as we have parliamentary sovereignty, but I think a recusant Parliament is inconceivable.

    • If it’s Leave at 7am tomorrow, Cameron’s position as PM will be untenable.

      • And then it might be BoJo/Gove

        • It’s good to know that KM’s demented babblings are having some influence on the nature of the discussions on the Blog

  • Whatever happens, er has happened, with the Referendum, I think we must redouble our efforts to persuade our fellows and fellow travellers of the source of illibertarianism and the malevolence of our own ruling class. This would be easier if we leave, since they will not be able to continue blaming it on the EU, but as you know this has been my own focus for a long time anyway. Heck, I didn’t think we’d ever even actually get a referendum.

    I will be honest. As a younger man I was a Europhile. This was because I believed that Europe had a liberalising influence. I don’t think I’ve ever really doubted that the loss of liberty in Britain has had any other source than our own illiberal elite. I am desperate for a “Leave” vote tonight, though pessimistic, partly because I am a patriot (which maybe isn’t very Libertarian, at least according to the anarchists) and partly because people need to see the true source of authoritarianism/statism in this country.

    Whatever happens, the fight for Liberty goes on.

    • The fight goes on indeed. Mind you, I’d not have pressed for a referendum if I’d been anyone of influence. But we’ll see if our side can pull it off.

      • I was against it as a strategy because I was certain that Remain would win. I hope to be proved wrong in the next few hours.

        • We may be in for that pleasant surprise

          • I’m seriously at this moment wondering if we’re going to squeak a Leave.

            • I’ve stayed up specially, and I have to say, I’m greatly enjoying things so far. The squirming and dissembling of the high-profile Remainders is worth it, whichever way it goes.

              • LOL. Dimbledunce has just handed over to that imbecile, Jeremy Vince, asking him: “Jeremy, how are things going?” and he paused for a few pregnant seconds, and it almost seemed as if he wanted to reply: “Not very well”.

                It’s wonderful to see the tortured agony on their faces. They know they’ve lost. Leave voters have risen to the occasion. And the best thing about it is that it is working class Labour-voting northerners who have knifed them in the back. They thought they had bought these people off with benefits and public sector jobs, and they thought that their “Oh, the austerity!” nonsense would be an effective diversionary, but it hasn’t worked.

                And they know this is about immigration. That’s the most hurtful thing about it for them. Their narrative is falling apart, but we still have this very conspicuous denial by omission of what is going. They are like East German Politb├╝ro members hurriedly shuffling on to the Deutscher Fernsehfunk to parrot the party line.

                • We haven’t won yet. I’m not celebrating until it’s called.

                  By the way, feel free to join the Disqus thread here-


                  • Yes. We’re now getting the London results in and that will put Remain in the lead for a couple of hours, but I still think this is going to be Leave and I think the BBC people know this too. You can tell from the figures. Remain just haven’t quite cut it.

  • Just a thought – I think some of the Remainers will secretly be pleased if this does go for Leave. This may even include Cameron himself.

    Conversely, I think a lot of those in the Leave camp do not fully understand the implications of a Brexit vote. This is a vote against the ‘Agenda’ and especially against mass immigration.

  • On the BBC, Isabel Nobody and That Jewish Woman have just been discussing what might have motivated voters. They agonised over it and That Jewish Woman wondered aloud if these northern English peasants can really be trusted to vote based on their views about Europe without bringing anything else into it. Isabel Nobody reassured her that all her posh friends – eh, wot – in West Poshshire are absolutely on-message and only voting based on Europe and nothing else.

  • John McDonnell saying “We need to listen”.

    David Dimbledunce: “So why haven’t you been listening?”

    John McDozy: “But we are listening.”

    David Dummybore: “How can you be listening and say you need to listen.”

    John Duncewell – “I need stronger coffee and a bacon sandwich” is what he should have said at this point, instead he dissembled and said: “We have been listening and we need to listen more.”

    They are all just cunts. Left. Right. Centre. They’ve lost and they need to accept it.

    For once, I agree with John Mann, who is on now and to give him his dues, he does sometimes talk plain Yorkshire sense and he has rightly told Dimbledummy to wake up and stop being so stupid, that he should accept it’s Leave and that they’ve lost.

  • Leave are pulling away and they are tacitly conceding defeat now. The well-heeled arch-traitor, Hilary Benn, who by the way represents one of the most impoverished ethnically white areas in western Europe, is now on and has all-but admitted defeat.

  • The BBC has officially called it for Leave!

    I am in a state of numbed and delighted shock!

  • Yes, at 4.44 a.m., the BBC formally declared what has been plainly obvious (and tacitly conceded) for several hours: the vote of the British public is for LEAVE.

    The Eurocrats are all hunkering down in their glass buildings and all the white traitors and non-white Fifth Columnists are looking very worried indeed. They know what this vote really signifies.

    It’s glorious to see the looks on their stupid faces.

    I hope to see them suffer more humiliating reversals and set-backs – but we have a long struggle ahead. This is the ‘end of the beginning’.

  • Sorry but the filthy, crafty, conniving traitors are now publicly mooting (all journalistic fair comment of course, nod, wink) the possibility of a ‘second referendum’. What is being suggested is that if the predicted economic fallout does happen, that might provide a pretext for a vote on the article 50 settlement.

    Who could have predicted this?

    What has become clear to me over the last few hours just watching the BBC is just how contemptuous the elite are towards the native white British of this country. They are spitting on us.

  • I told you you were a miserablist Ian.

    • It makes the good things feel so much better!

  • Just one more observation – I am delighted to see Neil Hamilton back in the game and rehabilitated. He is on the BBC now and he is rightfully gloating – good for him. He has his faults, and he is not a very likeable person, but I think he was treated abominably by the liberal media (especially the Guardian) back in the 1990s. I was left-wing/Labour at the time, but I recall being very uneasy with his treatment. This is a happy ending. It’s all very satisfactory to see.

  • I am ecstatic – and very, very surprised. I genuinely thought the bastards would find a way of fixing the result. I bet they tried, but I suspect the leave result was too great even for them to fiddle. What a victory! This was our very last chance to save ourselves, well done the people of England – for it was them wot done it.

    • For once, we seem to be in agreement

      • I agree with you more than you might imagine, Sean. But when I disagree with something I am never slow, or afraid, to say so.

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