I got it Wrong -Mea Culpa

Graphic says it all. Embarrassed – pleased, however.



  • And I was right. But the majority is not good enough. With 72*52=37%, they can claim the result is not clear, and therefore it is entirely possible that we will just have another renegotiation. Since the leave vote was narrower than I anticipated, it may not give the momentum to Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. Perhaps Cameron will be able to stay in place for a few months, only to then hand over power to an anointed, unopposed successor. Perhaps Theresa May, who has remained neutral throughout. Perhaps Nicky Morgan, who is an exact clone of DC, but with tits. Perhaps Stephen Crabb, whose meteoric rise resembles that of John Major in 1989/90. Nothing is as certain as I thought it would be. No wonder the markets are on their arse.

  • Oh, looks like I was right also about Cameron. He is leaving by October, as I thought he would.

  • Mandelson is on the BBC now, predictably sticking the knife into Corbyn. Listening to the oily Fifth Column traitor, another thought occurred to me: I think Mandelson actually has a point in his own way. A serious question has to be asked about Corbyn and the possibility that he deliberately threw/sabotaged the referendum, which I suspect is what Mandelson thinks Corbyn and other left-wing Labour people have done.

    Corbyn doesn’t strike me as being particularly bright, but he is surely sufficiently aware to realise his own ideological inconsistently in supporting Remain. His natural position is Lexit, surely.

    As for ‘getting it wrong’, I think no mea culpa is necessary as the vote was very close and nobody could have predicted it. The Leave campaign was amateurish – but that might have worked in their favour in the end. You can be too slick and Remain have tied themselves to everything off-putting about the Establishment agenda. I also suspect that Remain’s attempt to crudely exploit the Jo Cox incident also worked in Leave’s favour. The public are brighter than they are given credit and have probably become fatigued by politicians and the media and all the nonsense.

  • I didn’t think this referendum could be won, and I thought it certainly lost after that MP got shot. So, I was wrong too.

  • I agree that no ‘mea culpa’ is necessary. Meanwhile, Sean can enjoy both the referendum result and the nutritive properties of his headgear. (Which, I presume, is either a porkpie hat or a mushroom hat).

  • We’d have to leave sooner or later. If not now, when?

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